Customer Reviews for: Rubber Flooring Roll Greatmats 1/4 Inch Colors 10 LF

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


It’s perfect for what I needed


Kansas City, MO

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I just finish to use this product. great flexibility and easy to work with. strongly recommended this Rubber Floors Thanks


Colorado Springs, CO

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great product, fast shipping reasonable price. would defintley recommened to anyone planning on building a garage gym.


reno, NV

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Absolutely in love with our home gym mats with blue flecks. Easy to roll out. Laid out perfectly for us without having to wait. Double sided tapped it and it looks amazing! Easy to clean, sleek, very happy! Will order again to finish the job!



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Looking good! These roll out mats for my home gym were easy to install and the blue specks look good - exactly what I was looking for!


Elk Grove, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We love our gym mats!


Ashburn, VA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


These mats are very sturdy and durable. I purchased this mat for my own garage which I have converted into a boxing gym. I have been boxing and training boxers for over 36 years. I am a certified USA Boxing Coach, a Rock Steady Boxing Coach and an Advanced Boxing Fitness Coach. I train many boxers during the week. I also volunteer 3 days a week working with people with Parkinson's Disease at a Rock Steady Boxing Gym in Virginia Beach, VA. At our gym in Virginia Beach, the whole surface of the gym is layered with Greatmats. The mats provide traction and stability for our Parkinson Boxers, who often have difficulty with balance and equilibrium. The mats also allow for pivoting and footwork required in boxing. We even had one boxer loose his balance falling without hurting himself. The mats provided enough cushion to break his fall. I've bought a lot of mats, over my years of training, and these Greatmats are by far the best mats on the market!


Carrollton, VA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Works perfectly in my new basement “gym”. The included ship for free was the deal breaker. I checked other sites and the shipping costs were equal to or greater than my purchase. The mats were delivered even quicker than planned so that made my purchase even that much better! Cut open the wrapping, roll them out, and your good to go.


Stratham, NH

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


Not bad. ordered 3 1/4 inch thick 10x4 foot segments. they were a little over 10.5 but the end cuts were not straight or even so they all had to be re-cut and squared at both ends by hand; a little extra work. the price looked good but then shipping made it about the same as everybody else. The advert said they would lie flat and even next to each other (''seamless''). Not the case but not too bad...nothing that a little double-sided carpet tape didn't fix. Laid them over foam and it makes for a cushion-y durable floor. Horse mats (i.e. same stuff) 3/4 inch 4x6 squares would have cost the same or less at the local tractor supply. shipping took a little longer then expected. BTW 10 feet of 1/4 inch is about as much of a roll as I would want to handle without help. Rubber is heavy!


Corpus Christi, TX

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


Good product for the exception of sporadic white flecks.


seattle, WA

Customer Rating: 3 Stars


The product quality itself it good, although the mat I received was clearly cut uneven.


Kent, WA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars




Jacksonville, AL

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Excellent service and prompt delivery! Highly recommended this company.


Sierra Madre, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great high quality mat for my home gym since who knows when gyms will be open again. I bought two put them on top of 3 inch carpet foam padding and used high strength duck tape on the bottom side and can’t even notice.


Center valley, PA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I love this mat. We installed this in our garage for a little work out area, and it's amazing. Doesn't slide at all, and provides great traction. We're currently using it to run our dog inside when it's raining, and it's still holding up amazing. (Order #: 1519527)


Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Love your product. Thanks for the quick delivery. Just what I wanted.

Nancy Ott

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Nice product excellent to work with fast shipping.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Product came in time and was exactly as advertised.

Gowan, Mark

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


using for flooring in the back of my service/work van looks awesome!


Pine City, NY

Customer Rating: 3 Stars


Very slow to ship. Took a week for a stock item.

Mike Mahoney