Playground Surfacing - Poured vs. Tiles vs. Crumb Fill Rubber Surfaces

Poured Tiles vs. Crumb Fill vs. Tiles & Mats for Playground Surfacing

The days of loose fill safety are quickly disappearing. The more we learn about fall injuries and playground accidents, the more imperative a consistent fall-height rated surface is becoming.

In terms of rubber playground surfacing options, there are generally three:

1.) Crumb fill
This is a popular selection that is starting to slip in popularity. The reason for this is the crumbs need to be continually raked and leveled to maintain a consistent fall height protection. As children play, crumbs can be slid around exposing the hard ground beneath. This happens frequently under slides and swings, two areas where a dependable playground flooring is mandatory.

2.) Poured-in-place playground rubber
Another popular option, this surface will maintain a consistent fall height protection throughout your playground area. Unlike crumb, a pour in place rubber mat does not need constant maintenance. However, poured rubber flooring can crack and create tripping hazards as the pieces begin to separate over time. Replacing damaged areas in particularly high-traffic areas can be a challenge.

3.) Tile and Mat Playground Surfacing Options
Like Poured in Place Flooring, Playground Mats and Tiles provide a consistent safety surface. However, they are easily replaced in higher traffic areas. This allows you to maintain your area in the simplest and least expensive way.

When determining playground surfacing costs, its important to take into account not only the original purchase price, but the cost of installation, maintenance and replacement.
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