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Competition Landing Mat Bi-Fold 8x12 Ft. x 12 cm
Competition Landing Mats are ideal matting for all of your throwing and falling training. Versatile landing mats for gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading and Beam training.
Competition Landing Mat Quad-Fold 8x18 Ft. x 20 cm
Competition Landing crash mats are great for judo, aerial and gymnastics gyms and schools. Landing mats are available in many sizes and provide cushion for added safety.
Competition Landing Mat Bi-Fold 7.5x12 Ft. x 12 cm
Competition Landing Mats for Judo practice are available in many sizes. Shock absorption and mat performance for years of safe landings.
Home Flooring for Gym, Kids, Basement, Garage & Patio
Find flooring for home use, including basement, kids room, garages & outdoor pool, deck and patio floors. Shop our interlocking, rubber & carpet products now.
Gymnastics Mats - Kids, Home & School, Tumbling & Cheer
Get professional grade gymnastics mats, including those with durable vinyl and foam. Perfect for schools and home tumbling for kids training.
What Is Laminate Roll Flooring?
Greatmats answers the question what is laminate roll flooring and what types of flooring are available.
Folding Gym Mats
Browse our selection of Folding Gym Mats for home and school use, in a variety of colors. Great for cheerleading, tumbling, home floor exercises and kids play areas.
Foam Mats - Puzzle, Roll Out & Folding
Explore our vast collection of Foam Mats for exercise, kids, home gyms, basements. EVA foam floor mats in many sizes, styles and color options. Shop Now!
Floor Mats & Matting - All Styles
Browse all floor mats for residential, athletic, and commercial mats for gyms, office, retail, industrial, kitchens, martial arts, anti fatigue and more!
Crash Pads & Mats for Safety & Skills Training
Crash mats and safety pads used for everything from gymnastics to aerial silks, judo, and rock climbing wall for kids and adults.
What is the Benefit of Laminated Flooring
Greatmats discusses what are the positives of having laminate flooring in your space with four examples.
Gymnastics Landing Mats for Competition
Your training facility won't be complete without competition landing mats for gymnastics and more!
What's The Best Method For Peel And Stick Tile Removal?
Greatmats discusses what the best method is for removing vinyl peel and stick tiles, it can be a slow and tedious process.
What Is The Best Discount Flooring For A DIY Project?
Discount flooring for DIY projects comes in hardwood, floor tile, laminate, vinyl, wood, mat, and carpet tile.
Sports & Athletic Mats
Athletic sports & fitness gym mats for sale. Use for home, school, and commercial athletic facilities.
School Gym Mats
Find the best school gym mats for physical education, sports, and recreational activities. Great for elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as colleges and universities
BJJ Mats for Home Training
Our BJJ mats for home options have fall protection and a no-burn tatami surface to keep athletes safe during ground-based workouts.
Karate Mats - Also for Taekwondo - Krav Maga - Muay Thai
Find quality karate mats & taekwondo striking mats for professional dojo flooring installations. View our selection of karate, taekwondo, krav maga, and muay thai mats.
What Flooring Products Are The Warmest?
Greatmats discusses warm flooring and what products will best provide warmth for your floors in a basement, bathroom or bedroom.
The Best Distressed Wood Flooring Options
Distressed wood flooring offers a reclaimed look, delivering character and a unique design in vinyl laminate, wide plank, engineered hardwood, and peel and stick flooring.
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring?
Engineered hardwood flooring vs. laminate vs. LVP. You can find our the pros and cons and colors at Greatmats.Choose from oak, hickory, maple, and more.
Judo Mats for Home and Pro
Best Judo mats for sale from direct importer, tatami surface puzzle Judo mats for pro martial arts studio flooring. Mats for Judo floors in stock with best pricing.
How to Keep Floor Warm in Winter
Greatmats identifies products that will help keep a floor warm in winter without heat including foam tiles and raised tiles.
What is the Best Living Room Flooring?
Greatmats identifies products that make the best living room flooring, from products with the look of wood, the cozy appeal of carpet, or the price of laminate.
Workout Mats
Looking for the right workout mat for your athletic studio or home gym? Greatmats has a wide selection of padded surfaces for any hard floor. Shop now.
What Are The Best Vinyl Basement Flooring Ideas: Tiles and Rolls
Vinyl basement flooring is perfect for finishing or remodeling your basement. Vinyl and laminate is easy to install over concrete and is waterproof.
What's The Best Resilient Vinyl Flooring?
Resilient vinyl flooring is great for high traffic areas. Greatmats vinyl flooring comes in durable vinyl rolls, planks, tiles and more. oak,
Trending Modern Wood Flooring Styles
Modern wood flooring can be found at a great price for your living room, bedroom, and dining room at
Quality Reclaimed Flooring Products
Find out what reclaimed flooring is and the top products that Greatmats offers in this category for your home or commercial setting.
What Are The Best Types Of Flooring To Install Over Tile?
If you have porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, or cork flooring tile that you are looking to update without removing it, there are great solutions to install over it.
What Kind Of Flooring Is Easy To Install In An Attic?
Greatmats answers the question of what kind of flooring is easy to install in an attic and what product options are available.
What Kind of Flooring Can You Install Over Asbestos Tile?
Greatmats discusses what kind of flooring you can install over asbestos tiles that are safe to use.
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Faux Wood Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the pros and cons of faux wood flooring, from cost effectiveness to required maintenance.
What Is The Most Pet Friendly Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what types of flooring are the most pet friendly products that are eco-friendly and animal safe.
Home Dance Flooring Testimonial - Leona and Gen Sangalang
Home Dance Studio Flooring system enable dance phenom to continue practicing with a padded marley system over her laminate living room floor.
The Best Flooring For Salsa Dance
Salsa dance flooring for dance studios can be found at
The Best Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood
Vinyl flooring that looks like wood can be found in a variety of colors and styles at
Greatmats Glossary Guide to Specialty Flooring Terminology
Learn the specialty flooring lingo, what the terms mean and how they can guide you to the right specialty flooring
Best Laundry Room Flooring and Utility Room Flooring
Laundry room flooring and utility room flooring can be found at Greatmats in multiple styles and textures.
Massage Room Flooring and More - Soft Wood Grain Reversible Tiles
Wood Grain Reversible Foam Floor Tiles are versatile soft interlocking mats used for massage rooms, trade shows booths, home music studios and more.