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Kids rugs provide a fun place to climb down on the floors to play and learn. At Greatmats, we have boy rugs, girls rugs, and gender neutral kids carpet models, all in a neutral or bright color palette. They are sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Find commercial quality kids bedroom rugs set up for learning and play time. Choose from a large variety of types, colors, and sizes for commercial playroom rugs.

Benefits of Kids Play Rugs

Why select playroom rugs? Take a look at some of the benefits of adding these to the space:
  1. They instantly add vibrancy
  2. They can transform hardwood or cement into comfortable spaces
  3. They can facilitate identification of each letter or number
  4. Facilitate playtime with games

There are potentially endless ways to use these. Consider the following popular options:
  1. Playrooms
  2. Rooms for toddlers
  3. Treehouses
  4. Study areas
  5. Schools and preschools
  6. Church schools
  7. Reader spaces
  8. Storytime

Kids rugs bring the enjoyment down to a child's level. These are both attention grabbing and comfortable, perfect for interacting with the young ones by playing with toys or reading stories.

Some of these incorporate useful teaching tools, like numbers, letters, or colors. The toddlers aren't even aware that they're learning. We offer a variety of budget friendly and cheap kids rugs in a number of designs and hues.

Have a child who could use extra work with memorizing their numbers? We have plenty of options that incorporate digits and math. Or younger ones can pick out their ABCs and the names for different animals.

Unroll them in any location and roll them back up again if the floor space is needed for other activities. These stimulate the minds of youngsters and provide plenty of entertainment.

While exploring these, understand that many of our styles are available in multiple sizes to pick one that's appropriately sized for the space.

Let's delve into the multiple options.

ABCs Kids Rugs

Our most popular designs yield one of the earliest lessons toddlers will encounter in recognizing alphanumeric characters. These can make the task of teaching the alphabet easier, and are great additions to preschools, kindergartens, and home settings.

We carry additional units that cover key topics, such as conservation, healthy lifestyles, mathematics, spelling, and basic problem solving. The educational option yields a significant improvement over shag rug floor cover models.

They can discover the alphabet, digits, and languages, thanks to the vibrant design of these. Use them for a quiz or introduce a vibrant, visual aide. These are made of durable material. Choose among bright or muted color tones.

These give youth the opportunity to study through animals or feelings. The ABC Animal is a popular choice. Ask them to touch the bee, the duck, or the snail. Then touch on the corresponding first letter for each animal.

Our ABC Feelings product opens the door for important conversations about emotions and will help children figure out how to identify when someone is mad, sad, or happy. This is a critical social skill that they will use for the rest of their lives. This can also be an effective therapeutic tool for a youngster who may struggle with recognizing people’s emotions and their perspectives.

Educational Rugs for Classroom

Learning to read doesn't have to be a struggle at a desk with a book. These kids rugs can help. They can learn skills, such as their ABCs. Once they've mastered them, move on to phonics.

Being able to move them into a different setting will take the stress out of education, so they are happier, better focused, and more receptive to the lesson being taught.

Reading is enjoyable, thanks to our numerous model selections, including Phonics Fun, Reading Rocks, Read to Succeed, Lady Bug, Busy Bee, and ABC and 123 Mats.

Teach early math skills with Puddle Ducks, Numbers Rule, Count on Me and Teach-A-Tot. Or inform them of the environment and the importance of conservation with our Alpha Tree, Earthwork, and Tree of Life preschool rugs.

Educational rugs are a useful tool for teaching important basic lessons early on in life.

Identify shapes with our Shapes Galore mat. This colorful design helps with memorization skills and can assist them in identifying colors.

Take a trip to the farm with our Signs on the Farm. Study the name of the animal in English, Spanish, and in signing with the helpful guides. Learn to recognize other animals with our Frogs, Good Bugs, and Circus Elephant Parade. Or travel under the ocean waves with Sea Hunt child rugs.

For a toddler who loves nursery rhymes, we have a whole line of nursery rugs, which bring these rhymes alive. Hey Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, Mary's Little Lamb, and My Favorite Rhymes childrens rugs are an amusing trip down memory lane for the parents.

Sunday School Kids Rugs

We have units that will open doors to Bible stories for churches, daycares, private schools, and home. Try our Bible Blocks, Guardian Angel, or Noah's Ark children rugs.

These illustrate key religious lessons and are suitable for a wide range of ages. They're the perfect way to visually enhance storytime and to engage them at any age.

Exploring the World Playroom Rugs

These can open up worlds of knowledge for youth from the comfort of the home or right within the walls of a school. They’re available with numerous lesson ideas that give plenty of choices in the topics to cover with them.

The Compass gives children a sense of direction, and dinosaur artwork initiates conversations over prehistoric beasts. Creataville provides an entry level understanding of the rules of the road, and these will help them to identify the differences between various rooms in the house.

Our First Signs will facilitate the process of beginning communication even before they can speak. Show them basic sign language with our Hands that Teach Mats. Our Signs of Emotion allows them to share their emotions.

Develop an early worldview with our Flags of Canada or Flags of the World. Hands Across the World Mats are also great tools for youngsters to expand their worlds.

Sign of the Time yields an introduction to telling time, and there’s an introduction to music with our Noteworthy carpets. Introduce them to a second language with our Lengalink or Amigos products. Simple sports and other games can be taught with our Football Fun mat as well as our Musical Chairs carpeted selections.

At Greatmats, we want customers to be happy with the product and the shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model: Treat others as you want others to treat you.

Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good about buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

For questions about these products or for a quote or a sample of one of these, please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to aid in helping choose the right flooring for the project, and a few are eligible for free shipping.

FAQ Kids Rugs Q&A

Where can you buy kids room rugs?
We don’t want to sound like we’re bragging, but we have an extensive catalog of the best playroom rugs, helping customers find just the right design, level of quality, and price point. Shipping is via ground delivery, which ensures the best possible costs.

How do you clean the kids rugs?
All of our kids rugs are designed to be easy to clean. Typically, all they need for a long wear life is daily vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning. Ours are made in the USA from the highest quality carpeting fibers. Durable color dyeing methods are used to manufacture these. Stain resistant agents are used to lower the risk of staining.

How do you wash a childrens playing rug?
Some of these are machine washable rugs, if they are small enough. For larger items, a steam machine will work nicely, just as would be used with a permanent carpeting install. Avoid cleaners that have bleach or harsh chemicals.

What is the best size of kids rugs for playrooms?
It really depends on the size of the area and whether portability is important. For an easily portable option, dimensions up to 4x6 are appropriate. To visualize the size and whether it will fit, use masking tape to mark the projected dimensions. We carry a wide variety of sizes in our catalog. We even offer oval or round playroom rug models, should that shape fit better in a baby room. 

Where can you find round kids area rugs?
Rounded and oval shaped rugs for kids rooms are available at Greatmats. Because they’re sized in various dimensions, these also work in living room, kitchen dining, or den settings … basically, wherever mom and dad are working while wanting to keep an eye on the youngsters, these are appropriate.