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Foam Floor Basketball Court Options - Dribble Test

Date Published: 10-05 - 2021

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If you’ve ever wondered if basketballs can be dribbled over EVA foam tiles, we’re here to test exactly that. At Greatmats, we tested out 10 different EVA puzzle mats over varying thicknesses and densities.
At a ⅜ inch thickness, we tested the Sport Plus Designer Foam Tile and Home Gym Flooring Pebble Tile
At 7/16 inch thick is the Wood Grain Foam Tile.
At ½ inch thick are Economy Foam Mats.
At ⅝ inch thick, are Premium Foam Kids and Gym Mats and carpet-topped Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles.
At ¾ inch thick are the Home Sport and Play Mat and Gym Floor Workout Fitness Pebble Tile
At 1 inch thick is the home karate mat
And finally, at 1.5 inch thick is the home BJJ mat
We found that the basketball dribbles fairly well across all of these foam tile options. The densest tiles such as the two pebble top options had a little less spring to the bounce than the less dense tiles and carpet topped tiles provided a significant reduction in noise when compared to all of the other options. Foam tiles are not the ideal choice for basketball use. For the best performance, you will want a hard sports court tile.
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