Exercise Mats, Foam Exercise Mats, Thick Exercise Matting

Find a large variety of home and pro . We offer these workout mats for personal use, many feature foam with thick material. These mats are great for floor exercises. We offer the commercial line of Airex fitness and physical therapy mats. Foam exercise mats offer a safe and soft, yet durable, matting solution for exercise studios. Rubber exercise mats are durable enough to lay beneath equipment in home and professional surfaces.

Roll up mats can be easily stored. Roll up mats are a great option when you need a mat to lay directly over carpeting. The foam on the bottom on this mat is compatible with carpet and will keep your mat from sliding around. Workout options include personal mats or full-flooring solutions for exercise areas. Available in foam, rubber, and soft plastic or modular vinyl top tiles.  Greatmats has a variety of thick exercise mats. Fitness mats feature the right length and anti-slip, ribbed surface texture for shoes or bare feet. Choose from a large variety of mats from our Airex line. Installation of our fitness mats is an easy DIY project in most cases. Care and regular maintenance of these mats is as easy as sweeping and mopping with common household flooring cleaner.

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