Interlocking Flooring Mats and Tiles

are available in a number of different materials. They are a great substitute for rolled rubber because interlocking tiles and mats can be easily installed. We also carry interlocking floor options in rubber, carpet, foam, and plastic tiles. As a rule, interlocking mats and tiles require no adhesive for installation. Interlocking floors are available in various sizes and thicknesses and, depending on the product, various colors.

Interlocking floor mats are a great alternative to rolled flooring because they are so easy to install. Where rolls are generally heavy, interlocking floor mats are relatively lightweight and can be carried a few at a time. This makes installation easier, especially for people who do not have a great deal of help. Tiles are cut to have extremely tight seams and to hold their position until you decide to take the flooring up. Great for home or commercial gyms, interlocking rubber mats are usually a low-odor rubber. This allows you to use them in smaller locations where forced air and good insulation is in place.

Interlocking floor tiles are a popular option for a variety of commercial and home floors. The beauty of interlocking rubber mats is the ease of installation. Just lay down the mats and you're done. This allows you to bring your flooring with you if you decide to relocate or if you need interlocking rubber tiles that you can bring from place to place. Interlocking floor tiles are excellent for a wide variety of applications. Foam material is very water resistant and interlocking tiles made of carpet features a soft padded backing. Interlocking flooring tile are simple to install and will last for years.

Rubber interlocking floor mats are a great selection for commercial and residential gyms and weight rooms. Durable and easy to install, rubber interlocking floor mats are extremely popular. You will need no adhesive to install these mats. Simply interlock the pieces in place like a giant puzzle and cut the edges of the tiles to fit with a sharp utility knife.

Interlocking flooring are available in foam, rubber, plastic, carpet, and vinyl tiles. You can use interlocking flooring for home gyms, basement floors, kids rooms, and athletic installations. We carry interlocking products for garage and warehouse flooring as well as interlocking playground surface tiles. In most instances, interlocking floors can be installed on any hard flat surface. They can be installed in a very short period of time by almost anyone.

Our interlocking rubber mats are available in a variety of thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 2.5 inch and in many standard colors, some custom colors, and black. Our most popular color for interlocking rubber mats are 10% light gray which will match most any interior decor. We also carry some interlocking rubber tiles that are designed for outdoor use. These are commonly found on playgrounds because they provide a fall height rating which adds additional safety for children.

Interlocking floor tiles are a snap-together modular tile for garage floors, decks and rooftops, warehouse flooring, pool surrounds, or anywhere a durable and easy-to-clean plastic interlocking flooring is needed. Interlocking garage flooring tiles are made from durable polypropylene hard plastic material in a variety of colors and surface patterns from perforated to coin top or diamond top. Softer interlocking floors for wet areas or aerobic areas are made from a flexible, pliable PVC material.

Interlocking floors in foam material are available from 3/8 inch to 1-5/8 inch thickness and range in size from 2x2 foot to 1x1 meter. Interlocking foam flooring can be used for home or commercial exercise rooms, kids play areas, trade show booth flooring, martial arts training and competition, and many other useful applications. Choose Greatmats interlocking flooring for quality and value. Most of our interlocking foam mats are stocked in our warehouse and shipped out the next business day.  

Interlocking foam flooring is lightweight and waterproof which makes it ideal for a number of different applications. Foam provides excellent cushion and various densities are available to meet different requirements. We even have an interlocking floor tiles in foam that is durable enough for use as a portable horse stall mat.

Interlocking mats in carpet can be used for indoor basement floors where a soft, comfortable, and safe flooring is needed. They will not absorb moisture and provide a warm, padded surface. Greatmats interlocking carpet floors are soft to the touch and will last for years of family enjoyment. Interlocking carpet mats are also a very popular choice for trade show booth flooring and anti-fatigue commercial environments. They provide an anti fatigue-flooring surface that is portable when needed.

Interlocking vinyl floor mats are frequently used in basements and as portable dance floors, or in multi-purpose facilities where an upscale look is desired. We carry vinyl tiles in several different wood grain looks as well as slate and stone. These tiles are incredibly tough. They will stay interlocked tightly even after multiple assemblies and dis-assemblies. Connecting tabs are strong enough not to snap off after multiple uses. These tiles are also waterproof.

Cleaning interlocking floor mats is similar to other types of flooring. For foam and plastic, use a mild floor cleaner and for rubber interlocking tiles, always use a neutral Ph cleaner.

Shipping of interlocking foam and plastic tiles can go via either ground service or freight delivery. All of our interlocking rubber floor mats are shipped via freight delivery. Installation of interlocking floor tiles is easy. Simply lay the tiles in place, interlock the tiles together, and cut the tiles to fit for a wall-to-wall installation. 

Interlocking floor mats are presented for informational purposes, we recommend requesting a sample of interlocking floor mats.