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can transform any average concrete garage floor into a unique, stylish, safe and durable home garage floor surface. Greatmats is a national leader in garage floor coverings and provides numerous flooring options for garages at unbeatable prices. Many of our garage floor tiles are designed to handle in excess of 20,000 pounds of static load per square foot without breaking or deforming.

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  • Garage Floor Tile Coin

    On Sale In Stock $2.74 per SF Ships out 4-6 Days Modular garage floor tile for home and pro auto.
  • Garage Floor Tile Diamond

    Star Rating Image 3 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.74 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 4-6 Days Snap together garage floor tile for residential and heavy truck traffic
  • HiddenLock Coin Floor Tile Black

    On Sale In Stock $3.19 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Modular garage and warehouse floor tile, hidden interlocking design.
  • HiddenLock Coin Floor Tile Gray

    Star Rating Image 1 Reviews On Sale In Stock $3.39 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Modular warehouse and garage flooring tile, hidden interlocking design.

Displaying 1-40 of 40 Products
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The majority of Greatmats' garage floor tiles have snap-together or interlocking designs, made for simple and secure do-it-yourself installation. They are also fashioned to make it easy to keep the floors clean. Our snap-together tiles for garage floors are all rated at 15,000 pounds per square foot or more, and will accommodate cars and trucks in residential and commercial floor installations. These same tiles are proudly made in the USA from durable polypropylene material.

Most Greatmats garage flooring features 5 to 10 year warranties.

Cleaning of Greatmats' modular garage floors is as easy as any other flooring available. It can be accomplished by sweeping with a broom, shop vacuuming or a damp mopping using hot water and common household floor cleaner as needed. This garage flooring is non-absorbent and extremely durable.

When deciding which tiles to use for your garage floor, ask yourself which factors are most important?
1. Price?
2. Style?
3. Ease of installation?
4. Portability?
5. Water or chemical resistance?
6. How much weight will it bear?
7. What type of work will be done on this floor?
8. Comfort level?
9. Colors?
10. How much traffic will it receive, and what kind of traffic?
With that in mind, it will make the decision making much easier.

Raised Garage Flooring
Some of our durable garage floor coverings provide a raised surface that helps keep your vehicles and toys off the concrete. This raised modular flooring allows air and moisture to flow beneath the tiles. This will help combat floor condensation, which is common on concrete garage floors, as it will prevent moisture from becoming trapped beneath your garage floor. Should moisture form or accumulate underneath our raised garage flooring, simply pull up the tiles, clean or dry the concrete, and re-install the no-break polypropylene tiles.

PVC garage flooring
Greatmats' polyvinyl chloride (PVC) garage floor tiles provide a quieter and more comfortable flooring option than our modular, snap-together or hard polypropylene plastic floor tile alternatives. Some PVC garage flooring solutions offered by Greatmats carry warranties of up to 20 years and are oil and chemical resistant.

Interlocking PVC garage floor tiles are available in coin top, diamond top, leather and slate textured surfaces. Available in a variety of colors, these durable flooring options are designed to carry loads of more than 20,000 pounds per square foot without tile degradation. Because of its interlocking design, this PVC garage floor covering is easy to assemble and disassemble. Greatmats also offers PVC flooring that has a hidden interlocking design feature for a higher quality look and feel.

Note: All of our PVC garage tiles require a top coating sealant to prevent staining from car tires, as the rubber from some car tires can have an adverse effect on vinyl and PVC material.

If you are looking for garage flooring that can withstand the harshest of environments, you may want to consider our SupraTile 7 mm leather-textured floor tile. This heavy duty garage floor tile is common in areas such as loading docks, warehouses, airports and museums because it can 20,000 pounds per square foot without indentation.

SupraTile garage flooring is held together by hidden dovetail joint interlocks that can be seamed together using standard heat welding equipment. This type of installation ensures that the flooring will be waterproof and provides superior sound absorption. While the material is warm and comfortable on your feet, it is also resistant to mold, mildew and chemicals.

Surface Textures
Greatmats' garage floor tile options include solid tops in coin, diamond, leather and slate textures as well as perforated surfaces for extra protection against moisture. Perforated versions will prevent water, oil or chemicals from pooling on top of your flooring, by allowing them to flow through the tile. This will help ensure you have a dry place to stand or walk and reduce the risk of slips do to wet floors. All of our garage floor surface textures are designed for excellent grip, cleaning and style. Solid surfaces, especially on PVC tiles, may need to be sealed when used in automotive environments.

Some versions are also available with vinyl tops. Should you desire to clean your concrete underneath our perforated garage floor tiles, simply remove the snap-together modular tiles, clean and re-install. These tiles are designed to assemble and disassemble numerous times with ease and without risk of damage to the flooring.

Installation of Garage Flooring
Installation of most of our flooring can be an easy Do-it-Yourself home project because the modular garage floor tiles are lightweight, conveniently-sized, snap together quickly and can be cut to fit for wall-to-wall-installations.

Plastic versions of garage flooring tiles offered at Greatmats connect together using a variety of interlocking methods. Some lock together in a similar fashion to a jigsaw puzzle. Some have hidden interlocks and others clip together using a heavy duty hook and loop style assembly that will keep seams tight and will not separate over time. Some versions of interlocking tiles will connect together be simply pushing or standing on the seam areas. Others may require the use of a mallet. In most cases, no adhesives or tools are necessary.

Rubber Garage Flooring
In some cases, rubber flooring may be the best option for your garage. Rubber floors come in many different forms, including rolls, large mats and smaller, more manageable tiles. Rubber rolls are the most economical form of garage flooring, starting at less than $2 per square foot. They do, however, generally need more than one person to install as rubber rolls are large and heavy. Rubber mats and tiles generate less waste, however, in wall-to-wall installations. Keep in mind, rubber floors may trap moisture beneath the floor are generally much heavier than the plastic garage flooring alternatives.

Designing Garage Floors
If you need help designing your garage flooring, you can either use our Greatmats online floor planner or speak with a customer service representative. Both methods will help you determine the appropriate amount of flooring you'll need to cover your space with minimal waste. This includes the ordering of multiple colors of garage flooring for patterns or other designs of installations. With our numerous color options and the versatility of interlocking tiles, possibilities are endless and designing your new custom garage floors will be a snap! Some versions of PVC garage floor tile have as many as 15 color options. Our vinyl topped garage floor tiles are also available in a wide array of woodgrain or stone patterns.

Use the available border and corner transition edging to finish your garage floors at doorways.

Garage floor pricing, function and quality
The most economical garage flooring is rolled rubber, but it can be more difficult to install due to its weight and size. Greatmats' rolled rubber flooring, which starts at just over $1 per square foot, is partially nonabsorbent, easy to clean and helps protect your garage floor while providing sound buffering qualities. Many customers find this to be a valuable asset to their garages, especially when incorporating a home gym in their garage.

Rubber flooring rolls are available in all black as well as vary percentages of color flecks. This garage flooring material is made from recycle tires and is extremely durable. While non-absorbent, rubber rolls should not be power washed or soaked as water can permeate through the material over time or with extreme force.

Price conscience shoppers looking for the economical benefit of rubber and convenient installation of modular tiles may want to consider our Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm puzzle style rubber tiles. At just over $2 per square foot, this option can split the difference between the less expensive, but potentially cumbersome rubber flooring rolls and the high-end PVC modular garage flooring tiles which can run in upwards of $8.50 per square foot.

Find all of your garage flooring options at Greatmats, whether your looking for something as inexpensive and durable as possible to protect and liven up your garage floor, or something to add color, style and prestige to an automotive showroom. Either way, you can be assured you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Commitment to customers
Greatmats' is committed to having happy customers which is why we offer a price match guarantee and operate our business using the Golden Rule model. Ensuring our customers are satisfied with every order, Greatmats has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Greatmats also gives back to its community, donating 5 percent of profits every year to local non-profit organizations.

For product information, or to request a quote or a sample of one of these garage floors, please contact our friendly and professional customer service team at 877-822-6622. We are eager to serve you.

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