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Find quality professional grade at Greatmats. With more than 15 years of experience as a direct importer of interlocking puzzle mats and roll out mats, Greatmats is a leading supplier of quality martial arts mats and flooring products.

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  • Home MMA BJJ Mats 1-5/8 Inch

    Star Rating Image 67 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.39 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Easy to install, interlocking Home MMA, BJJ, grappling mats.
  • Skill Cushion Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Skill cushions mats in many sizes and thicknesses, custom made to order.
  • Home Sport and Play Mat 7/8 Inch

    Star Rating Image 241 Reviews On Sale In Stock $1.99 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Durable like rubber top texture for play mats, home exercise and kids play rooms.
  • Home Tatami Sport Tile 7/8 Inch

    Star Rating Image 14 Reviews On Sale In Stock $1.98 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Interlocking foam tatami surface flooring 2x2 ft tile size.
  • Competition Landing Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Competition landing mats for gymnastic training at schools and gyms.
  • Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 1.25 Inch

    Star Rating Image 3 Reviews On Sale $1.33 per SF Ships out 11-14 Days Polyethylene sports flooring foam rolls for martial arts, gymnastic floors and events.
  • Gym Wall Padding All Sizes

    In Stock $5.56 per SF Ships out 11-14 Days Custom wall padding for gyms and basketball courts in all sizes with Class A fire options.
  • Roll Out Mats 1-5/8 inch per SF

    Star Rating Image 1 Reviews On Sale $4.85per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Professional quality roll out mats for martial arts floors and school wrestling floors.
  • Gym Mats 4x10 Ft x 2 inch 4V 18 oz

    Star Rating Image 37 Reviews On Sale In Stock $4.20 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Great for home and school gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading.
  • Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 1.5 inch 4V 18 oz

    Star Rating Image 46 Reviews On Sale In Stock $4.34 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Quality gym mats for sale 4x8 ft x 1.5 inch.
  • Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 2 inch 4V 18 oz

    Star Rating Image 32 Reviews On Sale In Stock $4.97 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days 4x8 ft x 2 inch super thick tumbling gym mat.
  • Gym Mats All Sizes Custom

    Star Rating Image 1 Reviews Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Gym mats folding all sizes, made to order in any color, for home and school gymnastics.

Displaying 1-32 of 32 Products
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Greatmats is able to offer a large range of flooring and wall padding for dojo, dojangs, gyms and martial arts academies and studios.

We stand behind all of the martial arts mats we sell, which is why each one comes with a warranty. Our foam puzzle mats are used by state, national and world champion fighters as well as numerous professional martial arts studios across the country.

Greatmats presents some of the best interlocking puzzle martial arts mats in the industry at competitive prices. We stock mats specifically designed for Karate, Taekwondo, MMA, Grappling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Kenpo and more. We are confident that you will find martial arts mats to rave about.

Contact our professional customer service team for recommendations, samples and price quotes. Greatmats typically has more than 60,000 square feet of martial arts flooring in stock at all times, ready to ship out next business day.

For more than 15 years, Greatmats has supplied quality martial arts floors to dojos and dojangs across the USA and Canada. Our list of loyal and repeat customers speaks volumes about our quality martial arts mats. Click on any of the product and scroll to the bottom to see what our customers have to say about each product in their online reviews.

The type of martial arts mats you select should be based on the art you practice. Karate mats feature a smooth, faster surface and can be a little thinner as a striking art typically has less body-to-ground impact. Our professional karate mats are 1 inch thick and are made of high density EVA foam, providing the ideal amount of cushion, traction and comfort for striking arts.

For grappling arts, where take downs and throws are commonplace, we recommend our 1-5/8 inch grappling MMA mats. The thickest of our interlocking foam martial arts mats, these Grappling MMA mats are excellent for BJJ, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and other martial arts where a soft, padded surface is required. See our home MMA BJJ mats for residential or smaller commercial facilities. The smaller tiles enable you to waste less product when cutting to fit in a wall-to-wall application. Aside from the size and color of the 2x2 foot tiles, these mats are identical to the professional 3.3x3.3 foot Grappling MMA mats.

Grappling mats offer a no-burn tatami-style surface that protects skin from mat burns. This is ideal for mixed martial arts where a good deal of the competition will take place on the ground. MMA mats also provide a denser, thicker foam for throws and takedowns. At 1 5/8 inch thick our home and professional grappling mats offer a 4 foot ASTM fall height rating.

An thinner alternative to our 1 5/8 thick MMA mats is the 1.25 inch thick Judo Mats Lite. These mats also feature the no-burn tatami-style surface texture and are commonly used for judo and BJJ training. Additional padding is recommended for hard throwing.

Greatmats carries professional-caliber martial arts mats for both residential and commercial use. Convenient 2x2 sized tiles are great for residential use as they can be shipped via ground delivery. The same high quality, high density EVA foam is used in this smaller version of our mats.

For larger, commercial installations, we recommend our 1x1 meter mats. Larger mats create fewer seams in your floor. However, for smaller areas, you may find that you will waste more material with the larger mats to fit them in a wall-to-wall installation. 2x2 foot mats tend to be more efficient for smaller areas. Both residential and commercial options are available in various thicknesses.

The thinnest interlocking foam puzzle mat we offer for martial arts is 7/8 inch. We have a few different options in that thickness, including the Pro Sport, Home Sport and Play, and Home Tatami Sport foam tiles.

The home sport and play tiles are the residential version of our Pro Sport tiles which are intended for Taekwondo. Both of these options feature a scuff resistant thatch surface texture that is resistant to damage from shoes and boots. The Home Tatami Sport tiles feature the same no-burn tatami-style surface as our thicker Grappling mats and make a great multipurpose martial arts flooring surface.

The softest of our interlocking martial arts mats is the home athletic sport floor tile. This 1 inch thick tile provides more give than any of our other options and is excellent in providing a soft surface on which children can train. It's leather surface finish is similar to our 1 inch karate mats.

Installation of martial arts mats is a snap with our interlocking mats. Simply lay out the mats on the floor and interlock the martial arts mats together for a virtually seamless fit. We recommend allowing our interlocking mats to acclimate for 24 to 48 hours in your studio environment prior to cutting the mats to fit for wall-to-wall installations. Always keep direct sunlight off of the martial arts mats as heat and increased humidity can cause the EVA foam in the martial arts interlocking mats to expand over time. A temperature and climate-controlled environment will allow the mats to maintain a stable size for years of enjoyment.

Professional martial arts mats are available in interlocking mats for Karate, TKD, MMA, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, grappling, BJJ and boxing gyms. Our martial arts mats are offered in various thicknesses and mat hardness for each particular martial arts type. Hardness relates to how hard or soft the mats will feel to the touch. For example our one inch Karate and TKD mats are 55-60 shore C hardness and our MMA mats are 35-40 shore C hardness. Density of the mats relate to how much material per weight is contained within a cubic measurement, normally expressed in kilograms per cubic meter.

If extra cushion is desired for any of your martial arts floors, consider using our 1.25 or 2 inch thick foam rolls as an underlayment. This foam comes in 6x42 foot rolls and can be easily cut to fit your space. They are made of prime polyethylene foam and proved superior shock absorption.

If you're not sure which product is best for your application, please contact us and we can help you. You can also check our Quick Guide to Martial Arts flooring at

Greatmats has a solid base of professional customers from coast to coast. We have also sold mats into Canada, Mexico and South America. Our current customer list shows a mix of customers and links to their business web sites. It is only a fraction of the businesses to which we have sold martial arts mats, however. Feel free to contact any of them from their web sites for questions or comments. We provide progressive discounts to our customers based on past and current volume and quantity purchases.

Protect yourself and your training partners from other injury hazards by using our gym wall pads, pole pads or post padding. These pads will help prevent injuries or concussions in case you lose track of your surroundings when training.

An alternative to interlocking puzzle mats for martial arts training is roll-out mats. Available in any length, roll out mats are an excellent choice for MMA, BJJ, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, grappling, Karate and Taekwondo (TKD). Full-size roll out mats are 6 feet wide. We also offer roll out mats at a 5 foot width. They can be cut to any length over 18 linear feet. Roll out mats are made in the USA and available in either a Tatami no-burn surface or a smooth surface. Top vinyl on these mats is a durable, commercial grade 24 oz thick and built for years of abuse. Roll out mats are available in 1.25 to 2 inch thicknesses. Multiple roll out mats can be connected using vinyl tape, to create a larger training surface.

You may also want to consider folding mats or competition landing mats for martial arts training that involves throws for extra cushion and shock absorption.

Shipping our professional martial arts mats is via common carrier freight delivery for our larger 1x1 meter mats and our roll out mats. Our smaller home style 2x2 ft home martial arts mats can ship via ground delivery to your door, saving you time and money. Greatmats' professional sales team will work to find the best shipping rates for you to meet delivery deadlines. Because we stock thousands of interlocking mats in our 20,000 square foot Wisconsin facility, we can better control inventory and delivery times to meet customer deadlines. Our martial arts roll out mats are often custom made to order and are shipped with a 1-3 week production lead time depending on custom logos and graphic designs.

Cleaning martial arts mats can be accomplished with a damp clean mop, basic household cleaner, and hot water on a regular basis. For best results, sweep and or mop your martial arts floor mats on a daily basis. Vinyl top roll out mats can be cleaned in a similar fashion. Always use our special vinyl tape to cover the seams in the roll out floor during cleaning and normal daily use.

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