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If you’re looking for a way to convert your hard, cold floor into a soft, forgiving surface, interlocking foam mats are a great solution. Whether you want to use your area for a kids play area, aerobic exercises, or other athletic activities like martial arts or wrestling, interlocking foam mats and floor tiles will work great for your home floor. Interlocking foam mats can be used on any hard, flat surface so they’re ideal for basements or rooms with hardwood or tile flooring. Simply piece them together and you’re done. Most foam flooring products come with border strips to create a finished edge for your area or island layout.

Interlocking foam mats are a great way to go for home and athletic sport floors. Use interlocking foam mats for kids playrooms, basement floors and exercise rooms.  Greatmats offers the largest variety of interlocking foam mats online at the best prices. Interlocking foam mats are great to easily create a durable, safe and soft floor over any hard flat surface.  Interlocking mats provide great shock absorption and fatigue relief so you can train in comfort at home or in professional facilities.

Lightweight and easy to clean and install, our mats can be easily moved and stored.  Just piece the foam tiles together like a puzzle over any hard surface and, in minutes, your room is safer and more colorful.  They’re even great for kids’ rooms and basement floors, we have interlocking foam mats specially designed for all types of exercise including martial arts and grappling. Foam mats are great for home workouts, dojos, or multi-use facilities like YMCA’s.

Interlocking foam mats are ideal for children’s play areas where children will be on the floors.  They are non-toxic as well as lead and latex free.  Interlocking foam mats are waterproof and feature tight seams, which will help, keep the dirt out and make a comfortable surface that’s easy to clean.  With bright, vivid colors, they add life and fun to your kid’s play area and provide a safer environment for children's play.  Not only do they protect your little ones from bumps and bruises, they protect your floors as well.

Foam mats can be used in basements as well since they are waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew.  Use them downstairs to make a softer floor that can be interlocked together directly on concrete; they are great for creating an exercise area or rec room.  We even have faux wood grain interlocking foam mats to create a temporary floor that resembles hardwood flooring.  Excellent for basement bars, they are comfortable to stand on, warmer than concrete or wood, and a breeze to install.  Interlocking foam mats act as an insulator similar to carpeting so your floor will be room temperature instead of cold like wood or concrete. Want to move them?  No problem.  Just pull them up and lay them where you want them.  You can’t do that with hardwood floors!

Try Interlocking foam mats for trade show booth flooring.  It will make those long hours of standing much easier on your joints and spine, which will increase your comfort and productivity.  They are lightweight and easy to move around.  We even carry cases to wheel them to your location with ease. We carry a number of different foam mats and interlocking foam carpeting.  Some even feature a carpeted top that will make your floor look professional.  These mats are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about potential customers spilling beverages on them and they’re inexpensive so you can replace any damaged tiles without breaking the bank.

Our interlocking foam mats can be used in any number of commercial installations.  We have foam tiles that are rugged enough to be used in weight rooms or aerobics facilities.  Designed to be abused for years, these foam tiles can withstand whatever your customers can throw at it.

Need flooring for a horse stall?  We’ve got you covered.  Our portable interlocking horse stall mats help to keep your animals and facility clean and dry.  Stalls with EVA high density foam flooring are much less messy than those with dirt floors and, because our mats interlock, they are easy to install and transport to temporary locations.  Spend less money on bedding while keeping your horses more comfortable and healthy.

Dog agility trainers also love our interlocking foam agility mats.  Much more comfortable than dirt or concrete, these mats will help keep you and your dogs cleaner and safer.  Felt surface makes for excellent traction so your dogs won’t be sliding all over the place.  The surface will indent and scratch from the dogs’ nails but the functionality of the mats will remain unaffected.

Many of our interlocking foam mats come with border strips so you can create a tight fit around the edges of your floor.  No adhesive is required for installation.  Just lay the tiles in place, piece them together, and you’re done.  At Greatmats, we have thousands of square feet of foam mats available on site for quick and easy shipment.  In the continental US, we can usually ship your order within 2-5 working days. Not sure what type of interlocking foam mats that are right for your application? Give us a call and request a sample.  If you’d like to determine how many square feet you need, try our easy to use online Floor Plan Designer or give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call Toll Free and we’ll help you find the perfect flooring to meet your needs.

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Interlocking foam mats are offered here for informational purposes, for color purposes we recommend our customers request samples of interlocking foam mats.