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Temporary Roadway Mats

Find the largest selection of available. Greatmats mats offers temporary roadway mats in a large variety of sizes, colors and surface textures.

Displaying 1-33 of 33 Products

Displaying 1-33 of 33 Products

Our 1/2 inch thick recycled polyethylene portable roadway mats feature a bold cleat design for great traction and can support loads of 120 tons. These portable road mats can be locked together, forming a continuous black or white roadway. The temporary road mats range from 2 to 4 feet wide and are eight feet in length. We also offer clear temporary roadway mats that allow UV penetration for continued grass growth.

At Greatmats, you can also found Chevron textured portable roadway mats that can be used over soft of sensitive ground. These 1/2 inch thick polyethylene mats go by the name Liberty Ground Protection Mats and support 80 ton loads and also function well as outdoor event flooring. The patterned nub traction design facilitates mud dispersal from the mats.

We also offer super strong fiberglass temporary roadway mats that are 5/16 inch thick and can handle vehicle weight of up to 35,000 pounds (17.5 tons) in off road conditions. The mats spread the tire load over an are 15 times larger than the tire and do not conduct electricity.

A much thicker temporary roadway mat option is 1 7/8 thick and made of polyethylene plastic. These Heavy Duty Ground Protection Road Mats also have a chevron traction surface with a nub design for maximum traction and can be connected together. The nonconductive mats are perfect for transmission projects and support loads up to 200 tons.

Our thickest option is 3 1/2 inches thick and features a foam filled cellular core construction and are tested to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees celsius. They are static dissipative and feature 16 connector fixing points. At 13.4x6.7 feet in size, these temporary roadway mats weigh 770 pounds each.