Roofing Mats, Mats for Rooftop Access, Roofing and Walkway Access Mats

Rubber roofing mats, Rooftop walkway mats, Roofing mats for outdoor walkways


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Roofing Mats

Roofing Mats, Mats for Rooftop Access, Roofing and Walkway Access Mats
Rubber roofing mats, Rooftop walkway mats, Roofing mats for outdoor walkways

Greatmats offers a large variety of . We offer roofing access mats in various forms, including rolled rubber, 4x6 foot rubber mats and perforated plastic interlocking tiles. All of these mats are durable enough to handle patio furniture while adding comfort to your rooftop entertainment space.

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Displaying 1-37 of 37 Products

Rubber Roofing Mats
Find rubber roofing mats for walkways and access mats in rubber rolls and 4x6 ft tiles. Roofing mats are designed for an economical solution for roof access to equipment that is mounted on top of commercial roofing tops. Rubber versions of roofing mats provide sound and thermal insulation. Most rubber roofing rolls are made from recycled car and truck tires, which are durable and resistant to freezing and cracking.

Our rolled rubber roofing mats work well for rooftop walkways and areas in which a large area must be covered. Rolls are the most economical form or rubber roofing flooring or matting and will likely need to be glued down as they are often the thinnest form or rubber roof matting. Many of these roof flooring mats feature a 10 year warranty. Rubber rolls can be found ranging from just over $1 per square foot up to near $3 per square foot.

4x6 foot rubber roofing mats offer greater thickness than rolls of rubber and are much more manageable to install by 1 or 2 people. The 3/4 inch rubber roofing mats weigh in the neighborhood of 90 pounds each and are heavy enough to prevent them from being affected by strong winds. These mats often come with a 5 year warranty. Rubber 4x6 mats are available starting under $2 per square foot and rarely break the $3 mark for straight edge mats. We also offer interlocking rubber mats and tiles that fall between $3 and $4 per square foot.

Plastic Roofing Mats
If rubber isn't your thing, consider one of Greatmats perforated rooftop deck or patio tiles. Staylock Perforated tiles are a perfect solution for rooftop. The 1x1 foot PVC tiles interlock together for easy installation and are UV and water resistant. The perforated surface prevents water from pooling on top of the flooring surface and allows you to make the most of your outdoor space, even shortly after heavy rainfall. Staylock Perforated roofing mats also provide a 20 inch ASTM fall height rating and are made in the USA. Small and lightweight, these tiles are excellent for one-person installation. They snap together easily and can be cut to fit. These convenient and stylish roofing mats cost less than $5 per square foot and are offered in five color options, in addition to black.