Outdoor Playground Flooring - Outdoor Perforated Play Mats

is available in 2x2 foot solid surface and interlocking rubber play mats and outdoor playground flooring tiles that are perforated and allow water to flow through. These outdoor play mats are rated for fall heights from 2 to 10 feet so we have what you need for your home, church, or school playground flooring installation.

Outdoor playground flooring creates a safe and great looking playground area. Depending on the type of product you select, installation can be done with either a glue down, partial glue, or pin (no glue) installation. Outdoor playground flooring tiles are much easier to maintain than many other options. Tiles are UV treated for outdoor use and provide a consistent fall height protection for children.

Outdoor play mats are an excellent way to add safety and cushion for your playground. Unlike loose fill products such as wood chips, sand, or rubber crumbs, these tiles stay in place and provide a consistent fall-height rated surface without the need for regular maintenance. Tiles are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles including interlocking, pin-together, or glue down options. Choose from a variety of colors to and types.

Some of our outdoor playground flooring tiles are available in with ADA ramps great for wheelchair access. 

All of our outdoor play mats are ATSM rated with various fall-height ratings. To determine the fall height protection you need for your playground, measure the distance from the highest platform kids will be standing on to the ground. This number is your fall height. You will want to find a product that will provide a rating for this height or greater.

Playground floor mats are made from recycled tires and are, therefore, very environmentally friendly. They are manufactured in the United States.

Outdoor play mats allow water to drain freely between the tiles which keeps water from puddling on the surface of your playground flooring. Because they are not a loose-fill product, foreign objects such as broken glass and nails cannot hide in your playground surfacing. Unlike poured-in-place rubber products, these tiles will not crack over time. Years from now, if you find that one or two of your tiles have worn more than the rest of your playground surfacing (such as beneath the slide or swingset areas) you can simply replace those tiles. No need to replace the entire surface.

We will help you match your project requirements with the right outdoor mat at the most competitive prices available. Greatmats outdoor playground flooring is stocked nationwide so we can also help you save on shipping costs. Outdoor playground flooring types will ship via common carrier freight delivery in most cases. Please note that installation can be a contractor level project for outdoor rubber mat while our soft plastic, perforated tiles can be easily installed directly over any outdoor playground area. Cleaning and care of outdoor playground mats is easy. All you need is a garden hose and a broom. 

With the exception of our StayLock Perforated outdoor play mats, outdoor playground flooring requires a solid subsurface for installation. We typically recommend concrete although a crushed and compacted stone base will usually suffice. These tiles cannot be installed directly over sand, dirt, or grass. 

Shipping of outdoor playground flooring is almost always via a semi tractor truck. For more information on this, please read our shipping disclaimer.

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Outdoor playground flooring is provided here for information purposes, we recommend that our customers request samples of outdoor playground flooring.