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Playground Rubber Safety Surfaces

Greatmats outdoor options are available in rubber and soft PVC material. Foam material is also available for indoor playground surfaces to help create a safe play environment for children.

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  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Brown

    On Sale $6.68 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days Very high end professional quality indoor athletic tile for weight rooms and gyms. When you want to very best this is the rubber floor tile for you.
  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Gray

    1 Reviews On Sale $6.68 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days High quality indoor and outdoor 1.25 inch rubber tile for gym floors, decks, rooftops and patios.
  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Green

    On Sale $6.48 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days High quality indoor and outdoor 1.25 inch rubber tile for gym floors, decks, rooftops and patios.
  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Terra Cotta

    On Sale $6.23 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days High quality indoor and outdoor 1.25 inch rubber tile for gym floors, decks, rooftops and patios.

Displaying 1-47 of 47 Products
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Our outdoor tile options include straight and interlocking edges. Some can be installed without the use of adhesives while others may need to be glued down. Read our product descriptions to better understand what is required for each playground surface installation, as they do vary.

Choosing the best type of playground surface depends on how the product will be used. Will the surface material be used indoors or outdoors?

Rubber Playground Surfaces
For outdoor playground equipment taller than 20 inches, a rubber playground surface is needed. Rubber mats offer a safe playground surface this is durable and high quality. They offer a better alternative to wood, chips, sand or loose crumb surface products often as an attempt used to cut costs. Unlike rubber crumb, and loose fill options, rubber tiles are designed to maintain a reliable fall height rating. Playground surface tiles do not shift and therefore maintain the same thickness and composition throughout their useful life as they did the day they were installed. The material overall, allows more time for use and play, and less time raking up loose material.

At Greatmats, these tiles can be purchased with straight or interlocking edges, in various colors and thicknesses. Interlocking edges help keep the tiles in place with less need for adhesive. Straight edge mats are often used independently under areas such as swings or slides.

Our rubber playground surface tiles come in a variety of shades and colors. The colors in stock were made available because of their ability to resist fading under the effects of sunlight. Color options usually come in some sort of color fleck variation as most rubber playground surfaces are made from ground, recycled tires. Thicknesses also vary depending on the level of protection needed. As a general rule, thicker rubber playground surfaces offer better fall protection than thinner options.

For proper installation, rubber playground tiles need to be placed over a concrete or compacted gravel sub surface. Make sure to consult with a sales representative to determine if product warranty is affected by the sub surface that's going to be used. Some manufacturers allow a crushed gravel surface, while others require concrete for their product.

Greatmats' rubber playground surface tiles generally measure 2x2 feet in size. They are designed to maintain fall protection, as well as excellent water drainage. Certain playground surface solutions can also be used over decks and rooftops, or any exterior in need of a strong, protective rubber surfacing. Some of the tiles can be set using a glue-down application. Other tiles are interlocking, and require a small amount of adhesive. Contact a customer service representative for help with choosing the best option.

Unlike playground surface material like wood chips, sand, or rubber crumbs, rubber tiles require little maintenance and leveling to ensure consistent use and fall protection. In general, playground surfaces tend to become worn down in some areas more than others, such as beneath swings or slides. However, using interlocking tiles means replacement is easy. You can simply lift up and replace the affected tiles without the need for refill of loose playground surface fill.

Soft PVC Playground Surfaces
Our Staylock Perforated tiles are perfect for safe toddler play both indoors and out. The tiles, made from soft PCV are flexible, UV treated for long use, and can be laid dry lay and directly over dirt or grass. Staylock tiles have a fall height rating of 20 inches. They snap together for easy installation and are flexible enough to handle slightly uneven surfaces. These tiles feature a perforated surface and raised base to allow for maximum air floor and maintaining as a dry of a surface as possible, even in the wettest conditions.

Fall height protection and other safety features

In order to choose a playground surface tile with the correct thickness, determine the ''fall height'', or drop height for the designated play area. To find this, measure the height from the ground to the highest platform children use. Once these measurements are found, the correct rubber playground tile can be chosen.

Our most popular indoor and outdoor playground product is the 2.5 inch thickness tile. Best installed over asphalt or concrete, the material provides a fall height rating of six feet. For an eight feet or higher fall height rating, thicker playground rubber flooring tiles are required.

Given that our rubber playground surfaces provide a stable and solid surface, they are guarantee for wheelchair accessibility. Many of our safety outdoor rubber playground products include ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant edge ramps. Transition ramps are available in numerous thickness amounts, along with corner pieces. For further specific product questions, please contact our customer service line.

Indoor playground surfaces

If the installation is an indoor project, a foam product can work quite well. Our foam indoor floor tiles can guarantee a great option for safe indoor play with fall height ratings. Find foam indoor playground surface options on our category page.

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