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Find for professional dance studio floors and portable dance flooring options including ballet, tap, jazz and more. We offer dance studio flooring options that include marley dance floors for professional studios and touring groups. Our event and portable dance floors are used by hotels and banquet centers and touring groups. Find stage and theatrical floors for venues, schools and theater dates.

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  • Rosco Adagio Full Roll

    7 Reviews On Sale $2.77 per SF $1,479.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Rosco Adagio marley dance flooring for all dance types in professional dance studio floors.
  • Rosco Adagio Touring Full Roll

    3 Reviews On Sale $2.34 per SF $1,251.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Portable tap dance floor is designed for portability for touring and stage installations.
  • Rosco Reversible Dance Floor Full Roll

    On Sale $2.30 per SF $1,585.00 per Roll Ships out 1-3 Days Ballet dance floor and soft shoe professional dance studio flooring.
  • Portable Dance Floor Tile

    On Sale $4.70 per SF $4.79 per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Portable dance floor tiles for banquets, events and outdoor tents.
  • Dance Sprung Floor DIY Customize

    On Sale $5.63 per SF $69.00 per Tile Ships out 11-14 Days Professional dance sprung flooring system at less cost, DIY installation.
  • Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel

    On Sale $12.16 per SF $149.00 per Tile In Stock Ships out 11-14 Days Sprung dance flooring, pre-built and portable no soft spot sprung floor.
  • Dance Studio Subfloor Elite

    On Sale $4.49per SF In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Two part dance studio subfloor system is an economical solution for home and professional dance floors.
  • Sport Plus Foam Tile

    27 Reviews On Sale $1.57 per SF $6.29 per Tile In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Interlocking high density durable foam sport tile
  • Dance and Stage Pro Full Roll

    1 Reviews On Sale $3.49 per SF $1,256.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Stage flooring is durable high quality marley dance floor vinyl.
  • Event High Gloss Show Floor Full Roll

    On Sale $3.66 per SF $1,319.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 4-6 Days High gloss event and runway show vinyl flooring roll.
  • Wood Performa Full Bolt

    On Sale $7.13 per SF $2,566.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Commercial padded athletic sheet vinyl flooring with wood grain look.
  • Tap Dance Floor Kit 9 Tiles

    6 Reviews On Sale $12.11 per SF $109.00 per Pack In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Tap dance floor kit for home, 9 tiles, borders and corners, replaces a tap board.
  • Vinyl Dance Floor Tape

    On Sale In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Vinyl dance floor tape for Rosco marley dance floors of all kinds.
  • Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile

    5 Reviews On Sale $2.77 per SF $29.95 per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Commercial aerobic flooring foam tiles for professional studio floors.
  • Elite Exercise Gym Foam Tile

    6 Reviews On Sale $2.58 per SF $6.89 per Tile In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Elite designer look home aerobic interlocking exercise foam floor tile.
  • Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Gallon

    In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days 1 Gallon of heavy duty floor cleaner for all Rosco marley dance flooring material.
  • Plyometric Roll 8mm 4x10 ft Black

    10 Reviews On Sale $3.22 per SF $128.98 per Roll In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days 4x10 ft x 8 mm rubber roll for home plyometric and aerobic training.
  • Gym Mats All Sizes

    $5.21 per SF $125.00 per Mat Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Gym mats folding all sizes, made to order in any color, for home and school gymnastics.
  • Inclines Wedge Mats All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Inclines are the most functional and versatile progressive skill-builders for gymnastics and cheer.
  • Octagons All Sizes

    Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Octagon mats are available in 6 sizes and its shape is perfect for training forward rolls and more.

Displaying 1-36 of 36 Products
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Current list of some of our professional dance studio dance floor customers.

Greatmats has professional dance flooring customer service ready to assist with material selections and room designs. Use our online floor plan designer to layout your professional dance studio floor. We offer free design assistance and advice on the best dance floor and sub-flooring options for your studio.

For tap and other hard shoe dance types we recommend that you opt for a black marley. Regardless of how careful you are, tap shoes will scuff your dance floor surface and leave black marks that may not be removable. Black marley is the best option for this style of dance because it hides these marks the best.

Dance floors for ballet are offered in a reversible marley vinyl material in black/white and black/gray combinations. This reversible dance floor option is an excellent choice for touring groups and as a portable dance floor. Marley flooring can be rolled up and transported. Install with vinyl dance floor tape.

Greatmats has a complete line of dance floor solutions and has professional sales associates ready to assist you with questions, sample requests, and volume pricing. Utilize our easy-to-use online floor planner to layout your floor in order to determine the amount of dance flooring you may need for your project.

If you are looking for a highly portable dance floor for your touring group, we recommend the Adagio Tour. This dance floor is for sale as a durable and lightweight product specifically designed for any dance type and shoe. Adagio Tour is also an excellent solution for temporary theatrical applications. It is designed to lay flat quickly and is an excellent tap floor. This surface is also excellent for all other dance forms including ballet, modern, Irish and jazz.

Adagio Tour weighs only 1.6 lbs. per linear foot and provides a matte, non-reflective surface that is ideal in all performance venues. Adagio Tour is very flexible, assuring years of carefree rolling and re-rolling. Please note that Adagio Touring floors are built for temporary usage. This particular product is not thick enough for the demands of a tap floor on a daily basis in a dance studio.

''Marley'' is a sheet vinyl product. This is the product most commonly found in professional dance studios and touring groups. Vinyl dance flooring can either be purchased in full roll lengths at a discount cost or in pre-cut lengths specific to your room size. Cut lengths of vinyl dance flooring material are easier to handle and install as full size rolls can weigh as much as 270 lbs. or more. Depending on stock quantities, marley is available in black, gray, and white. Tap studios will usually opt for black as this is the best color for reducing oxidation marks left by tap shoes on the marley floor.

In professional dance studios, most customers will install their marley dance floors themselves using a tape down method of installation using no glue or heat welding of seams. Simply apply Rosco single sided vinyl tape on top of the Rosco dance floor to cover the seams. In a tape down installation, double sided tape is also used around the perimeter to adhere the vinyl to the subfloor.

If you have a special event coming up and would like a great looking and easy-to-install portable dance floor, we recommend our snap together dance floor tiles. This high quality portable floor product provides a great hardwood appearance in a convenient snap together tile. Choose from several different wood grain looks or two stone appearances. These dance tiles are made of a commercial grade plastic with a 3 mm vinyl top. It can handle all types of dance types and is extremely rugged.

This portable floor is designed for repeated installations and heavy traffic usage. Ideal for DJ's or other entertainment companies, it can be used over and over for years and weddings and similar events that require a tough dance floor. The durable loop and tab locking system hooks your floor together tightly when connected but allows for quick and easy disassembly when the party is over. This connection type is far more durable than most portable dance flooring products on the market today.

For soft shoe dance types including ballet and modern, many of our customers will choose a gray marley dance flooring material. Soft shoe and bare foot dance types can utilize a softer and more supple vinyl dance flooring material that can also be used as a portable event dance floor when needed.

Shipping of our dance flooring is generally via freight delivery on pallets. Ground service is occasionally available for smaller projects or for home deliveries. Portable dance floor tiles are packaged in easy-to-handle 1x2 ft sized cardboard cartons with 26 floor tiles per carton. Larger projects will ship via freight delivery on pallets.

Our marley vinyl dance floor should be cleaned with Rosco brand floor cleaner which is available in standard and heavy duty strength. In most professional dance studios, cleaning vinyl dance floors twice a week is recommended. A regular cleaning maintenance schedule will help you to keep your flooring in top condition for many years of use.

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