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Greatmats offers a wide plethora of , plastic patio tiles and artificial turf tiles for patios to provide you with the ultimate patio experience. Comfortable, durable and stylish, our patio tiles will help convert your outdoor space into the go-to place for gatherings of friends, family and colleagues. With a large variety of designs and colors to choose from, you'll find just the patio tiles you need to complete your project in a timely fashion. To top it off, all of our tiles are simple to install, carry a manufacturer warranty, and most are made with recycled materials.

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Displaying 1-48 of 52 Products
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Greatmats outdoor patio tiles are popular, because of their soft, safe and aestheic surfaces, as well as their consistency and durability to last for years.

Rubber Patio Tiles
Greatmats' large line of outdoor rubber patio tiles, rooftop tiles and rubber deck tiles are designed to lay over most patio surfaces, transforming a deck or patio surface into recreational space families will love.

Sterling rubber patio tiles offer you the opportunity to create an interlocking rubber deck tile surface that will last for both ground level or rooftop patios. The tiles are heavy enough to keep from lifting in strong winds and interlock together to avoid shifting and separation under heavy traffic. Sterling rubber patio tiles, available in 1.25 or 2 inch thicknesses, also feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Rubber patio pavers add a comfortable layer of safety to an outdoor recreational home area. The textured surface of the rubber patio tile provide a non-slip area that will not freeze or crack when exposed to extreme temperature changes. They also are equipped with grooves that channel water off the surface of the tiles. Made completely of recycled material and UV treated, the rubber patio tiles carry a 5 year warranty.

Many of our rubber patio tiles can be used as deck coverings, and also as safe playground surfaces. The thicker the rubber tile the more protection it offers against falls.

Our outdoor rubber flooring looks nice when installed, and is meant to last for long periods of time with longterm warranties - such as the limited lifetime warranty on Sterling tiles. Some rubber deck tiles are even rated for fall heights of up to eight feet, providing a safe environment for young and old alike. While these tiles will work well for patios, they are generally identified as playground tiles.

Use rubber tiles to serve multiple purposes for things such as playgrounds or sport courts. They are safe, comfortable and resilient to extreme weather conditions. Rubber varieties range from 1 to 3.5 inches thick and can offer fall height ratings of 8 feet and more, depending on the tile..

Plastic Patio Tiles
In locations where heavy rainfall occurs regularly perforated patio tiles are an excellent way to combat standing water.

StayLock perforated interlocking patio tiles are a great fit, as they allow water to flow freely through them with the use of a perforated surface design. The perforated tiles are made of a soft PVC plastic that feels good to the touch and is comfortable to play or stand on. Staylock tiles offer the rare ability to be laid directly on the ground without the standard requirement of a subsurface. The interlocking design keeps the outdoor patio tiles in place without separating over time. Staylock perforated tiles feature a 5 year limited warranty.

Our standard Patio Outdoor Tile is also made of PVC and has a perforated surface. It is UV stable, comfortable on the feet and ideal for areas around pools or hot tubs. This patio tile carries a 1 year limited warranty.

Some of our perforated plastic tiles can double for both patio and athletic surfaces such as tennis or basketball courts.

Ergo Matta Perforated OutdoorTiles and Staylock Perforated Tiles also offer limited fall height protection. The Ergo Matta version is offered in a unique rectangular design that is .83 feet by 1.67 feet in size.

Plastic varieties are either 1/2 or 9/16 inch thick. Many also offer ramped border strips.

Artificial Turf Tiles For Patios
The softest of all patio tile options, artificial turf tiles in 1x1 and 2x2 foot sizes can make a great place of leisure for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors - without the maintenance.

For a more plush patio surface, consider our artificial grass turf tile, which much like perforated tiles, allows water to flow or seep its surface, preventing water from pooling on top. Made of polypropylene plastic, these 1x1 foot tiles snap together easily to cover spaces of all shapes and sizes. Artificial turf tiles will enhance the comfort and natural appearance of your outdoor patio. Artificial grass turf tiles carry a 1 year limited warranty.

Our Outdoor Deck Turf Tiles ramp things up to the next level of comfort and durability. The extra thick grass surface is comfortable on bare feet and guaranteed for 5 years while the flexible wooden slat base carries at 35-year warranty and can be installed over flat or uneven surfaces. The plush synthetic grass is unmatched in comfort and makes going barefoot on your patio a luxury of its own.

Roof Patio Tiles
For those outdoor tiles designed to be used on rubber membrane rooftops, a floating system allows tiles to be installed onto roofs without the use of glue. Several colors are available. Rubber deck tiles are a popular solution for customers who would like to convert their rooftop into an outdoor recreational area.

If you know the dimensions of an area needing to be covered, our online Room Designer Tool can help you narrow down tile choices. This tool is helpful in determining the amount of tiles an installation requires. It can also show customers the layout of the tiles within specified dimensions.

Contact Greatmats professional customer service team at 877-822-6622 for answers to questions regarding products and freight rates.

Greatmats is proud to say that a large number of its outdoor tiles are made in the USA. Our tiles are available in solid or flecked colors with textured, grooved or perforated surfaces to ensure you have all the design possibilities you could hope for when planning your outdoor patio.

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