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is designed for professional dance studios and home dance floors. Rosco has been a national and international leader in dance flooring for more than 70 years and we are one of the largest Rosco flooring dealers. Find affordable Rosco dance floors of all types for your professional dance studio or for the young or mature dancer in your home. We offer Roscoe flooring for all dance types including: Modern, Tap, Ballet, Irish, Hip-Hop and Ballroom. We stock a large number of dance floors in our warehouse in the Midwest. This allows us to ship anywhere in the lower 48 as quickly as possible.

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  • Rosco Adagio Full Roll

    7 Reviews On Sale $2.77 per SF $1,479.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Rosco Adagio marley dance flooring for all dance types in professional dance studio floors.
  • Rosco Adagio Touring Full Roll

    3 Reviews On Sale $2.34 per SF $1,251.00 per Roll Ships out 1-3 Days Portable tap dance floor is designed for portability for touring and stage installations.
  • Rosco Dance Floor Reversible Full Roll

    On Sale $2.30 per SF $1,585.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Ballet dance floor and soft shoe professional dance studio flooring.
  • Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 1 Liter

    Ships out 1-3 Days 1 Liter of heavy duty floor cleaner for all Rosco marley dance flooring material.
  • Chroma Floor Blue/Green 131 ft

    On Sale $2.25 per SF $1,551.00 per Roll In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Chromakey and green screen TV studio flooring in vinyl rolls.
  • Sprung Dance Floor DIY Customize

    On Sale $5.63 per SF $69.00 per Tile Ships out 11-14 Days Professional dance sprung flooring system at less cost, DIY installation.
  • Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel

    On Sale $12.16 per SF $149.00 per Tile In Stock Ships out 11-14 Days Sprung dance flooring, pre-built and portable no soft spot sprung floor.
  • Dance Studio Subfloor Elite

    On Sale $4.49per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Two part dance studio subfloor system is an economical solution for home and professional dance floors.
  • Sport Plus Foam Tile

    27 Reviews On Sale $1.57 per SF $6.29 per Tile In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Interlocking high density durable foam sport tile

Displaying 1-9 of 9 Products
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At Greatmats, we offer a number of different Rosco dance floor options from Rosco, a leader in marley dance floors and professional dance subfloors. Rosco dance floors can be found in professional studios around the country and around the world. Choosing the right Rosco flooring for your application is a simple process but a number of different variables factor into the decision-making process.

The first thing to decide is what type of activity or dance will be performed on the flooring. Some dance types such as tap can be particularly hard on your dance surface. You want to be sure that you have the right Rosco subfloor and Rosco dance floor for this. Other types of dance, such as ballet and pointe, require a surface that isn't too fast. An overly slippery surface will not work well with these types of dance. At Greatmats, our customer service representatives can help you to select the right surface for the type of dance you specialize in at your studio.

Once you've established what types of dance you'll be performing (or practicing) on your Rosco flooring, the next question to ask is, ''will there be other activities taking place on this floor?'' Some people use their studios for activities other than dance. Studios are often used for meeting rooms, yoga centers, and classrooms. If your studio will be used for activities other than dance, be sure to mention this to your customer service representative.

How often will your floor be used? This is another important factor to consider. Some floors are designed to be used daily while others are made for touring and less frequent usage.

How will you install your Rosco dance floor? Is this a permanent application or a temporary install for a particular event? Will you want to move your dance floor later?

Will your dance floor be installed in a dance studio? A television studio? A theatre or multi-purpose room? How about a stage for theatrical performances? These are also variables to mention to your service representative so they can help you select the perfect Rosco flooring for your needs.

What types of equipment or scenery will be placed on the floor? If your floor is to be used in theatrical performances or television applications, chances are high that you'll want to place various props and equipment on your Rosco flooring. Wheeling cameras, lighting or other types of equipment across your floor can damage Rosco dance flooring that's not designed for that type of usage. Even casters can be destructive to the wrong dance floor surfacing. This is also true of folding chairs and tables. However, some Rosco floors are specifically designed for this type of application.

Please note that Rosco flooring cannot be used directly on concrete or carpeting. You will want to install a Rosco subfloor. Greatmats offers three different types of sub floors and sprung floors for professional and home dance floors. Rosco sub floor is a pre-built panelized subfloor system that can be installed as an island in a larger room or wall to wall as a professional dance floor.