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Greatmats offers a large selection high quality . Deck tiles are commonly used to cover existing decks to provide a safer or more stylish decking surface. Our outdoor deck tiles are made of plastic, rubber or foam materials and can be installed using various methods. Plastic deck tiles are most commonly dry laid and utilize a snap together connection system. Rubber deck tiles vary greatly from dry laid with interlocking tiles to glued down, to glued together or a combination of the above. Foam deck tiles are typically glued down outside or use a peel-n-stick method indoors.

Displaying 1-38 of 38 Products

Displaying 1-38 of 38 Products

Most decks are elevated with either a wooden or concrete subsurface and are used four outdoor entertainment spaces at single family homes, apartment complexes and restaurants.

Wooden deck surfaces - made strictly of lumber - are inevitably going to feel the effects of sun, water, humidity and temperature fluctuation. Over time they will begin to fade, warp or splinter. With Greatmats Outdoor Deck Tiles, you can combat each of those elements and preserve your existing structure without needing to replace it entirely. Our plastic and rubber deck tiles require little-to-no maintenance and will last for years while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Concrete based decks often involve larger structures or public venues such as swimming pools, high rise apartment building, etc. For these areas, all three materials are viable options. Foam deck tiles work best over concrete for wet areas such as pools and waterparks. They provide excellent slip resistance and are comfortable on bare feet, offering cushion and consistent temperatures for the rigid concrete surface.

Plastic Deck Tiles
Plastic deck tiles are made of a soft and flexible PVC material and feature a perforated surface that allows water to drain through the tiles. They generally connect together using a snap-together tab and loop style interlocking system. Without water pooling on top of the flooring, the deck surface is able to keep your feet dry and helps prevent slipping and allows for maximum usage of your deck area, even shortly after rainfall.. These tiles are UV stable and comfortable for feet. The PVC material is also waterproof. These deck tiles are also one of the lightest weight deck flooring options and are easy to install by a single person. If necessary, the tiles can also be cut to fit. These 1x1 foot tiles snap together for easy installation.

PVC plastic is one of the most economical materials for deck surface tiles. Some of the highest end deck tiles, however, can also be made of this material. Take for example the GreatDeck Outdoor PVC Deck Tile. This top-level deck tile is slightly larger and simulates the look of wood slats, but will not harbor mold or mildew.

Some PVC deck tiles also offer limited critical fall height protection.

Rubber Deck Tiles
Rubber Deck Tiles are a much heavier duty deck surfacing solution and carry a longer warranty. Some even offer a limited lifetime guarantee where the plastic tiles are usually guaranteed for 1-5 years. Rubber deck tiles will not freeze or crack and are naturally slip resistant and they are manufactured from recycled truck tires. They are also much thicker than most other decking surfaces - generally ranging from 1.5 to 2.25 inches thick. With the increased thickness and comfort also comes a higher price tag and more weight.

Made of the same material and similar construction of many playground tiles, rubber decking tiles can also offer critical fall height ratings. The recycle rubber material also prevents mold and mildew ground and will not attract or harbor insects.

Foam Deck Tiles
Foam Deck Tiles are most often used as a stylish safety surface for swimming pool decks and waterparks. The unique material stays extremely slip resistant even in the wettest conditions and offers a temperature stable surface that is both soft and colorful. It also absorbs impact and can offer limited fall height protection.

Wooden Deck Tiles
The largest price range for deck tiles are those made of wood. We offer wooden deck tiles of various materials that can span a difference of about $23 per square foot. While the construction of the tiles are vary similar, the kind of wood used is the greatest cause for the price disparity.

At the lower end of the spectrum is the GreatDeck Outdoor Wood Deck Tile Green, which is guaranteed not to rot, decay, mildew or inhabit termites for 35 years. This deck tile is made of pressure treaded pine.

At the opposite end are GreatDeck Outdoor Hardwood Deck Tiles which carry a 25-year warranty against rot and decay. They are made from North American White Ash.

We also offer deck tiles with a 25-year rated treated lumber base and artificial grass turf surface for more comfort.

Deck tiles can be installed on roof tops, decks, balconies and other outdoor surfaces. In the cases of most of our PVC or slat style deck tiles, they can even be installed over uneven surfaces.

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