Sprung Dance Floors, Pre-built Panels and Affordable Dance Sub-floor Options

Sprung floors for home and professional dance studios are available in a variety of price levels. Select from top of the line Rosco sprung floors that are a pre-built panelized system, the best on the market! Or choose the Cushion Elite Floor, which features an easy to install foam tile cushion underlayment with a modular snap together flat tile that is the finished surface to install your marley. For advanced ballet select our Econo Sprung Floor for Ballet, a low density roll or rubber in 3/8 or 1/2 inch thickness which provides fast response for pointe. Greatmats has a variety of dance sprung floor and dance underlayment sub-floor options to match your budget and your dance type requirements.

  • Spring Floor

    Pre-abuilt panelized professional grade sprung dance floor system ready to install.

  • Dance Floor Cushion Elite

    Single layer of foam tiles with a modular durable snap together tile on top for a two layer dance subfloor system.

  • Dance Cushion Tile

    Economical dance floor underlay solution, one single layer of high density foam tile.

  • Plyometrics Mat

    One layer of 3/8 or 1/2 inch low density rubber cushion underlayment for advanced ballet and pointe.

Greatmats offers dance sprung floor systems designed to match a variety of dance studio types and budgets. We feature the Rosco sprung floor system for professional dance studios as our premier offering, suitable for the most demanding of dancers. Sprung floor by Rosco is the top dance floor sprung floor system on the market. Used nationwide in professional ballet and dance studios, universities and troupes.

For a high quality, pre-built panelized system that features overlapping panels that eliminate any hard or soft spots in the floor, select the Rosco Sprung Floor system. A major benefit the the Rosco Sprung Floor is that the panels can be assembled and disassembled as needed and taken with when your studio moves locations. The sprung floor panels can be taken up and moved while still maintaining the integrity and value of your floor. This pre-built panelized sprung dance floor system simply fits together during installation and can be installed with customizing panels for a wall to wall fit. For an economical option using the Rosco sprung floor choose the single layer customizing panels and installed the finished layer yourself using BCX plywood or better. This option will save money.

For an economical solution to the need for separation from hard concrete or wood floors we offer a variety of cushioned underlayment dance floor systems in foam and rubber at affordable prices. These dance sub-floor options are suitable for ballet, tap, modern, and other dance types as an alternative to more expensive panelized sprung floors.

Choose the Econo Sprung Floor for Ballet that features 3/8 or 1/2 inch rubber rolled material that is suitable for advanced ballet and pointe. This option offers ballet dancers fast response and rebound needed when exiting pointe.

Our most simple dance floor underlayment option features a single layer of 3/8 inch high density foam tiles that interlock together, this surface is ready to receive a rigid marley such as Rosco Adagio and is prefered for many recreational and home dancers. Install on any hard flat surface with no glue, cut the foam tiles to fit using a utility knife.

Dance Floor Cushion Elite features a single layer of 1/2 inch foam tiles topped with a rigid modular floor tile that will accept any marley vinyl finished surface. This option is a great solution for many dance studios on a budget that teach varied dance types and require a subfloor sprung floor option. The rigid middle layer will perform well for tap and ballet alike. This system is easy and quick to install with no glue on any hard flat surface.

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