Playground Mats and Playground Flooring, Rubber Mats & Tiles

Playground flooring adds an extra layer of protection for playground areas at schools, churches, and parks. mats provide fall height ratings in various thicknesses. Rubber playground mats for under swings and slides offer landing pads for kids at school. Playground floor tiles are available in straight edge and interlocking rubber tiles.

  • Kids Kushion Playground Rubber Tile

    $27.35 6 Reviews

    Fall height rated, 2x2 ft rubber playground tiles. Ships in 1-3 weeks from the West Coast.

  • Bounce Back Playground Surface

    $25.70 1 Reviews

    Fall height rated, 2x2 ft playground tiles. Ships in 1-3 weeks from the NorthWest.

  • Playground Mats

    $79.00 1 Reviews

    Swing mats and playground side mats, 3x3 ft playground equipment mats. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

  • Interlocking Playground Tile

    $25.70 1 Reviews

    Fall height rated, 2x2 ft interlocking rubber tiles feature no glue installation. Ships in 1-3 weeks from the NorthWest.

  • StayLock Perforated Floor Tile


    20 inch fall height rated outdoor playground tiles for easy installation on any outdoor surface type. In Stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

  • StayLock Indoor Playground Tile

    $3.49 1 Reviews

    20 inch fall height rated indoor playground surface floor tiles, easy installation, no glue. In Stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

  • Playground Safety Surface MAX


    Fall rated, quality 2x2 ft playground rubber tiles. Ships in 1-3 weeks from East Coast.

  • Indoor Playground Foam Tiles

    $31.95 86 Reviews

    Indoor playground mats with a 4 foot fall height rating, easy installation foam tiles. In Stock, ships in 1-2 working days.

  • Ergo Tile Playground Flooring

    $9.34 9 Reviews

    Soft modular outdoor playground tiles with 20 inch fall height rating, easy install. In Stock, ships in 2-3 working days.

  • Artificial Grass Turf Padded Tile

    $3.49 4 Reviews

    Indoor artificical grass turf tile with padded backing, as an interlocking tile. In Stock, ships in 1-2 working days.

  • Artificial Grass Turf Tile


    Snap together artifical turf tile for indoor and outdoors. In Stock, ships out in 1-3 working days.

  • Outdoor Play and Patio

    $19.80 2 Reviews

    1 inch thick, 2 ft fall height rating, 2x2 ft outdoor play surface rubber tiles. Ships in 1-3 weeks from the West Coast.

  • Tennis Court Tile MT2


    The Tennis Court Tile MT2 is the very best in design technology from the original U.S. manufacturer of modular sports floors.

  • Outdoor Court Tile XT3


    The Outdoor Court Tile XT3 tile features a high-density rib pattern for tremendous durability under the most demanding conditions.

Choose the ideal playground mat for your equipment height by matching our rubber tile thickness to your fall height requirement. Playground floors are also available in modular perforated tiles for an easier installation on any surface. Choose our 4 ft fall rated, 1-5/8 inch interlocking foam tiles for indoor playground surfaces.

Rubber playground mats are available in several bright or natural colors options. Forest green, red, and terracotta are the most popular playground mat colors.

Greatmats works with many rubber playground floor and mat manufacturers around the country. This allows us to select the best option for you to help reduce shipping costs when possible.

Playground rubber mats are an increasingly popular replacement for wood chips and rubber crumb materials. Playground rubber tiles will last for 20 years in most installations and are easy to keep clean and free of foreign objects or debris. They are also more convenient than "pour-in-place" playground flooring because replacing a couple worn tiles is an easier fix than repairing worn areas of poured rubber flooring.

Most installations of playground flooring are completed by professional landscape contractors. In residential applications, some homeowners can install playground mats on their own. We provide installation instructions and phone assistance for all of our playground rubber mats and playground rubber flooring options.

The type of installation you will perform depends on the product you purchase. Some playground mats can be connected together with a pin system. Others have interlocking tabs that are glued together. Neither of these options requires a full glue-down installation method which is ideal when installing them atop roofing membranes.

For most of our playground flooring options, we recommend a hard, flat surface such as compacted and leveled crushed stone as a base. Existing concrete or asphalt will work as well. Our modular flexible PVC playground tiles can be installed on any outdoor surface include grass, sand, dirt and stone.

Homeowners and pre-school or daycare locations will appreciate the easy installation of our Staylock Perforated Tiles. This product features a 20-inch fall height rating and is an excellent choice for any outdoor floor surface. Unlike all our other playground flooring, it does not require any special surface preparation prior to installation. These playground mats will easily and simply interlock together with tab and loop connectors. Border edge strips are also available.

Greatmats offers playground mats for indoor playground locations that provide a four-foot fall height rating. These are made of EVA foam material and are an easy-to-install interlocking foam mat. Indoor playground mats feature a durable tatami style top texture that is comfortable for bare feet or socks.

Three by three foot "swing mats" are available for protecting the ground from getting dug up in high traffic areas. Use these types of playground mats in places where your playground gets extra wear and tear such as slide landing zones or under swings.

Shipping of all 2x2 ft rubber playground tiles is via freight delivery. Our modular 1x1 ft playground flooring can ships via ground service for smaller installations.

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Playground flooring is presented here for informational purposes, we recommend our customers request samples of playground flooring mats.