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Ground Protection Mats

Find are a must-have for customers who drive heavy equipment over lawns. These mats guarantee turf protection through a durable, high-density, polypropylene plastic material what will not break when bent. Ground protection mats are long lasting, and are used as road mats or temporary walkways, all easy to use and maintain. The mats are able to withstand the weight of extremely heavy equipment. Ground mats provide perfect traction while protecting lawns. This product is custom designed, and sold in kits. Please allow several weeks for manufacturing.

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    On Sale $3.55 per SF $3.55 per Tile Ships out 7-10 Days Portable outdoor tent and event floor can be installed on most outdoor surfaces.
  • Portable Outdoor Floor Tile Gray

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  • Ground Protection Mats 3x8 ft Clear

    On Sale $6.09 per SF $194.75 per Mat Ships out 11-14 Days 3x8 ft clear grass protection mats in black to protect grass and grade.

Displaying 1-16 of 16 Products
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Get ready to trade awkward, unreliable ply wood for a mat that instead provides traction and protection for your lawn. Ground protection mats protect grass and other sensitive land areas undergoing excavation jobs. Our ground mats have undergone meticulous testing, and have thus been guaranteed to withstand large amounts of weight from a variety of landscaping vehicles.

To use turf protection mats, simply place them down and drive over them in trucks, trailers, tractors, or any other large, heavy vehicle. The mats allow heavy machinery to be used on top of delicate landscapes without any damage caused. These incredibly durable mats are available in two styles, and are designed to link together to create a protective roadway for harder to reach locations. Turf protection mats can provide protective, temporary roadways, even in wet, soggy conditions.

Turf and ground protection mats can be used as road or walkways over sand, dirt, gravel and mud, and many other outdoor surfaces.

Choose from several size options, many of which feature cleats or smooth surfaces. These two surface options can even be included onto one mat. Ground floor mats are sold in black and clear colors. Clear mats let sunlight penetrate the protective surface, with is an extra benefit for grass. This is an option best used for temporary roadways intended to be left in place for a long time.

Portable roadway mats are designed for use over any outdoor surface, including grass, dirt and sand. This is a smart option for temporary roadways that need to be spread a large outdoor raw or dirt surface for heavy vehicle traffic. The mats are easy to transport, and easily put together, thanks to our connection pin or clip system. Round connectors are best used for standard applications and flat connectors for walkways and flat surfaces, like athletic sport tracks.

Greatmats ground protection mats are installed with link connectors, able to be used for walkways and over sensitive outdoor surfaces, such as running tracks, or existing finished surfaces. These mats can come in easy to transport kits that feature aluminum pallets and strapping.

Ground protection mats are shipped on pallets by freight delivery. Customers may want to consider a ground protection kit that includes a metal pallet, straps, and connector pins, which help make installations less of a hassle. Clear ground protection and portable roadway tiles can help keep grass cooler during hot summer days.

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