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Find a wide selection of and grappling mats. Made of quality EVA foam material designed for professional mixed martial arts studio use at affordable prices. Our puzzle grappling mats feature an ASTM 4-foot fall height rating for head injuries. These MMA martial arts mats are designed to be used by professionals in mixed martial arts studios for grappling, BJJ, Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

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  • Grappling MMA Mats 1-5/8 Inch

    101 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.87 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Professional quality MMA and grappling mats.
  • Home MMA BJJ Mats 1-5/8 Inch

    61 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.56 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Easy to install, interlocking Home MMA, BJJ, grappling mats.
  • Judo Mats Lite 1.25 Inch

    4 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.22 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Interlocking professional foam Judo flooring tiles in 1.25 inch thick.
  • Roll Out Mats 1.25 Inch per SF

    2 Reviews On Sale $4.55per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Roll out mats for martial arts floors and professional studios.
  • Gym Mats 5x10 Ft x 2 Inch 4V 18oz

    26 Reviews On Sale In Stock $4.38 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days Super thick large folding gym mat for tumbling and martial arts.
  • Workout Mat 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch Roll Out Mat

    44 Reviews On Sale In Stock $5.48 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 11-14 Days Workout mats for home and pro in 5x10 ft vinyl top.
  • Gym Wall Pads All Sizes

    $5.44 per SF Ships out 11-14 Days Quality gym wall padding with digital logos, ASTM impact and Class A fire rated foam options.
  • Gym Mats All Sizes Custom

    1 Reviews $5.50 per SF Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Gym mats folding all sizes, made to order in any color, for home and school gymnastics.

Displaying 1-21 of 21 Products
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Our interlocking MMA mats feature a no burn tatami surface that allows for easy foot and ground work, grappling and take downs. This no burn MMA surface is designed into the top texture of the mats, consisting of high quality EVA foam that is over 3 mm in thickness and designed for a long life span and durability for grappling, Judo, BJJ and MMA training.

Roll out MMA mats are offered in smooth or tatami surface in 6 ft widths that can be cut to any length to match the size of your MMA training facility. The MMA roll out mats are offered in three thicknesses, 1.25, 1-5/8 and 2 inch thickness to meet the demanding needs of MMA practice and training. Roll out MMA mats feature the ability to easily roll up or roll out the mats as needed and can be permanently installed using our special vinyl tape on the top seams to create a seamless MMA flooring system.

Interocking MMA mats offer an easy to install mixed martial arts flooring option. puzzle method of locking the MMA mats together for a perfect and tight fit every time. Choose our interlocking puzzle MMA mats for durability and longevity, designed for use with soft shoes and barefoot use. Practice Judo, BJJ and grappling on our interlocking puzzle mats that can handle take downs and full on throws. The thickness of the interlocking MMA mats is 39 mm, and is manufactured with a special technique that insures an even thickness MMA mat from side to side.

The top layer of vinyl on our MMA roll out mats is a durable commercial grade quality 22 oz material with anti-bacterial components manufactured into the vinyl MMA flooring surface that will provide protection against common bacterial based organisms. Our vinyl surface that is most popular is the smooth surface while some customers prefer the tatami MMA surface, both surface types are available in many popular colors. Design your MMA mat with your company logo or emblem to enhance the look and appearance of your MMA workout facility.

Consider a crash pad for MMA practice and training, we offer a complete line of 4 to 12 inch thick crash pads in no fold and single fold options. Our MMA crash pads can be ordered in sizes from 4x6 feet up to 6x12 feet. Our MMA crash pads can be used to practice over the shoulder throws and take downs, and will provide a safe and cushioned landing for beginning MMA practitioners.

Folding MMA mats are available in sizes from 4x6 to 6x12 feet and in thickness from 1.5 to 2.5 inch, in many popular colors featuring 18 oz durable vinyl covers that are commercial grade and designed for years of use in professional MMA facilities. Greatmats stocks 2 inch MMA folding mats in common colors in 5x10 and 6x12 ft sizes for immediate shipment. Our stocked MMA folding mats feature 18 oz vinyl covers and are sold at wholesales prices to our MMA customers.

Our MMA mats will always ship via freight delivery service to your location, please review our shipping disclaimer to learn about customer responsibilities for freight deliveries. Greatmats will provide a tracking number and a phone number to the truck company after the mats ship out, in order for our customers to contact the trucking company to coordinate delivery of their MMA mats.

Installation of our MMA mats is easy to accomplish in your facility, with no glue or adhesive required. Simply layout and interlock the MMA puzzle mats together and cut the mats to fit with a utility knife for a wall to wall installation. For our roll out MMA floors simply roll the mats out and cut to fit in the length direction and install the rolls one next to another, tape the top seams with our special vinyl tape and enjoy your MMA floor.

Cleaning of MMA mats is best accomplished on a daily or weekly basis with hot water and a mild floor cleaning solution such as PineSol® in a diluted mixture. Simply damp mop your MMA floor to keep it clean and free of dust and dirt. Keeping your MMA mats clean will ensure a long life span to your floor for many years of enjoyment, in addition a clean floor will ensure great customer satisfaction within your MMA facility.