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Protective are available in two types, roll out sheet vinyl and large carpet tiles. Both floor covering options are simple to use and install. Either protective flooring option will do a great job of guarding your hardwood gym floor. Vinyl gym floor covers are available in several thicknesses and in various color options. A convenient protective vinyl roll out application makes covering your large gym floor a simple process. Protective carpet tiles measure 1x2 meters and can be stored on carts.

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Displaying 1-34 of 34 Products
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School gym floor covers are designed to protect hardwood gym floors in high schools, universities and institutional applications. Our school gym floor coverings are available in carpet tiles that are easily laid down side by side and vinyl sheets good for roll out installations. Hanging racks are available for easy storage of the vinyl rolls.

Gym floor covers protect pricey flooring for gymnasiums which are an expensive investment. Most floors cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus installation and shipping. Resurfacing gym floors is costly as well. Most of our school gym floor coverings are available for under $1 per square foot, making them a worthwhile and relatively inexpensive investment that will save you money in the end. Because so many activities take place in gymnasiums, chances are yours isn't used specifically for sporting events, and you may benefit from a gym floor covering.

Homecoming dances, proms, pep rallies and other school functions often take place in the gym, not to mention all the outside events that are not sponsored by the school, like local church services or bake sales. These events place different stresses on your floor than just sporting events would and warrant some sort of protective floor covering.

People wear different shoes. There are more people on the floor. Oftentimes, there is food and drink spilled on the gym floor. None of these things are particularly good for your hardwood finish and decrease the life of your surface.

Protective floor covers are a great investment because they keep your floors looking great longer between resurfacing. Designed to protect hardwood gym floors in various institutions, our covers keep your finish looking like new by keeping shoe scuffs, spills and various dings and dents from hurting your gymnasium floor. This decreases the frequency that the floor needs to be resurfaced and ultimately saves your school money.

We offer 10 foot vinyl sheet rolled flooring that quickly and easily rolls out to protect your floor. For an average gym size, two people should easily be able to install this cover in 30 minutes. For larger areas, rolls of gym floor covering can be as long as 100 feet. Cleaning vinyl covers requires only a quick mopping. Various vinyl thicknesses are available, ranging from 10 to 32 ounces. Thinner vinyl gym floor cover rolls are also available in a 12 foot width. The thickness you choose for your particular installation should depend on the number of times you will be using your cover. (See product page for more information.) Fifteen different colors are available, so you should have no trouble finding the color that reflects your school spirit. Racks can be easily closeted or tucked away making them convenient and not intrusive.

The American-made 1x2 meter carpet tiles are easily installed and stored as well. Unlike vinyl, carpet will not tear or bunch even under strenuous situations. Carpet top gym floor tiles feature a non-slip backing and provide excellent traction. These large carpet tiles are available in blue or gray colors and carry a three year limited warranty. Carts are available for tile storage so you can wheel them where you need them rather than carrying them from one end of the gym to the other for installation and/or breakdown of your protective floor cover. To clean the carpet tiles, just vacuum the tiles and you're done. It's that simple.

Also available at Greatmats are floor cover runners in four or five foot widths and 50 foot lengths. These runners are made of 32 oz. vinyl and are ideal for sidelines or other heavy traffic areas.

Shipping of gym floor covering is via freight delivery for commercial locations. Installation of a gym floor protection is most often handled by on staff personnel.

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