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Entrance Mats, Rugs and Runners

are available for a variety of commercial locations. We have mats for indoor and outdoor use. Find entry mats for doorways and walkways in various carpet top and rubber bottom configurations. They are available in many sizes to match your requirements.

We provide entrance mats are in six basic designs: The 3-part system, Indoor mats, Outdoor mats, Premium indoor mats, Recycled tire tiles, and Entrance tiles linear.

3-D entrance mat systems consist of Brush Loop Mats, the Brush and Clean Mat, and the Clean Loop Mat. Each of these designs is available in nine different sizes from a small 2x3 to a 4x60 runner.

Brush Loop Mats are great for particularly messy areas. They are the best mat for scraping excess snow or mud from shoes and boots.

Brush and Clean Mats feature a dual fiber construction that makes them great for lobbies and foyers.

The Clean Loop Mats are an excellent choice for areas where water is excessive. Fine, Olifin fibers are great for water absorption.

We have eight different styles of indoor entrance mats and entry rugs: Anchor runners are transparent and lightly textured. They provide traction while protecting the carpeting. Recycled tire tiles/rugs are incredibly durable and great for areas where grit and heavy traffic is an issue.

Ribbed Mats are available in three different types and ten different sizes. These mats are also great for high traffic area entrances. Olifin mats are available in three different types as well. Each of those also comes in ten different sizes.

Ten different outdoor entry mats are available. Choose from a variety of different products including our Cocoa Brush Mat which is made of 100% natural cocoa fibers fused into a rugged vinyl backing. Megaloop unbacked mats are designed for wet and barefoot areas. They provide excellent drainage. Looper mats are specifically made for harsh weather climates where extreme snow and rain is common.

Clean Grip mats are available in four different sizes. These are a great choice when you need additional traction for your guests.

Our Premium indoor mats are some of the best entry mats you can find. Virtually indestructible, these mats are designed for extra heavy-duty indoor use. The care put into gluing and stitching these mats is second to none.

Entrance tiles linear are an interlocking tile system designed to cover large entryway areas. The carpeted top of these tiles allow your guests to easily scrape snow, salt and sand from their shoes and boots rather than tracking it into your facility. Made in America, these rugged tiles are 1x1 foot and 1/2 inch thick. They provide excellent drainage and are made from recycled materials.

Installation and care of our entrance mats and entry rugs is best accomplished with daily vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning.

Volume discounts on entrance mats are offered for quantity purchases.

Shipping of Greatmats entrance mats is most often via ground service direct to your door.