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Rubber Tiles

are available for both gym floor applications as well as outdoor areas such as patios, rooftops, and playgrounds. Rubber tiles are a durable surface designed to protect floors from equipment and weights as well as children from playground falls. Rubber tiles are extremely resilient and, if used properly, will perform effectively for years.

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  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Blue

    On Sale $6.68 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days High quality indoor and outdoor 1.25 inch rubber tile for gym floors, decks, rooftops and patios.
  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Brown

    On Sale $6.68 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days Very high end professional quality indoor athletic tile for weight rooms and gyms. When you want to very best this is the rubber floor tile for you.
  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Gray

    1 Reviews On Sale $6.68 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days High quality indoor and outdoor 1.25 inch rubber tile for gym floors, decks, rooftops and patios.
  • Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Green

    On Sale $6.48 per SF Ships out 7-10 Days High quality indoor and outdoor 1.25 inch rubber tile for gym floors, decks, rooftops and patios.

Displaying 1-48 of 138 Products
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Rubber floor tiles for athletic and gym floors are offered in thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. Interlocking rubber tiles are available in recycled black content and color fleck options. DIY residential installers will appreciate interlocking rubber tiles for their convenience. Commercial installers and contractors will often choose rolls of rubber for value and because they usually leave fewer seams in the floor. Consider our BestGym rubber floor tile for a full-color look. Our Weight Strength rubber flooring tiles feature an easy connector pin installation method. They are available in several designer colors and create a professional weight room floor that is second to none. Weight Strength Tiles are a full one-inch in thickness which provides maximum floor protection from free weights and equipment.

Rubber floor tiles for sport flooring are most commonly 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 feet. Connection method will vary by product. The most common tiles feature an interlocking (puzzle) edge but straight-edge floor tiles are also available. Gym and athletic rubber tiles are offered in many colors including 100 percent recycled black, 10 and 20 percent color fleck and 100 percent full color rubber tiles. Custom tiles are available by request with minimum order quantities. For most installations, you will not need adhesive to install your indoor rubber flooring.

Outdoor rubber floor tiles consist of recycled rubber material. It is manufactured to withstand elements in all climates for years. These outdoor rubber tiles can withstand the extreme heat and prolonged sunshine of southern areas as well as bitter cold temperatures, ice, and snow of the northern climates. Rubber paver tiles are installed with either a pin connection system, tile clips, or a glue-down installation. Outdoor rubber tiles can generally be installed over any flat surface including crushed stone, concrete, wood and the like. They cannot, however, be installed directly over dirt or grass.

Patio rubber floor tiles are available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch thickness for patios, decks, and for outdoor sport areas. Rubber tiles and outdoor patio tiles are usually a straight-edge tile. However, some do feature interlocking tabs for an easy connection system. These are great for rooftop applications where a glue-down installation is not desired. Patio tiles can be an easy DIY installation for homeowners. This is especially true for tiles that use connector pins.

For outdoor rubber tiles in playground installations, Greatmats offers tiles with fall-height ratings up to 10 feet. Playground rubber tiles are designed for both outdoor and indoor installations. They require hard, flat surfaces and are designed to provide a clean and safe play surface for children. Choose these tiles for areas where kids will be playing on playground equipment or other places where falling is a concern. Install outdoor playground tiles over a landscape fabric for best results when installing over crushed stone. This will prevent weeds and grass from growing between the tiles.

To clean outdoor rubber floor tiles simply as spray them off with a garden hose or power washer. Shipping of rubber tiles is via common carrier freight truck. If you do not have a commercial dock and a way to unload the product from the back of the truck, we will provide a lift gate at delivery. The lift gate will lower pallets to the ground at your location. Be sure to cover this with your representative at time of order. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information.