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can be virtually any surface that allows for exercise or athletic activity and provides a certain degree of shock or impact absorption. They range from personal sized foam mats for individual workouts to interlocking foam or rubber exercise flooring tiles for larger workout room areas. Workout flooring is available in foam, rubber, carpet, plastic and vinyl types of material. Each different material type offers unique benefits during the workout. Greatmats offers personal professional customer service to assist with questions about our workout mat options. Use our online chat, watch videos, send an email or pick up the phone.

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  • On Sale In Stock $10.83 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Working Days Lightweight and portable personal exercise mat, for fitness on the go.

  • 4 Reviews On Sale In Stock $3.78 per SF Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Working Days Home 5x10 ft pro roll out mat with 1.25 inch foam super thick.

  • 1 Reviews Ships out 2-4 Weeks on Average Gym mats folding all sizes, made to order in any color, for home and school gymnastics.

  • 1 Reviews On Sale In Stock $13.43 per SF Ships out 1-3 Working Days Airex Hercules fitness mat offers versatility and comfort in commercial quality exercise mat.

Displaying 1-48 of 146 Products
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Personal Mats

Our personal workout mats are great for floor exercises and physical therapy. They are extremely lightweight and save space. Made of anti-microbial and waterproof materials, they can be used indoors and out. Some can even be used in water and feature non-slip surfaces and superb cushion.

Roll Out Mats

Roll out workout mats are typically 5-6 feet wide and are available in various lengths, with the most popular being 10 feet. They are offered in 1 1/4 inch to 2 inch thicknesses are made of a foam base and either vinyl or carpet tops. Vinyl topped rollout workout mats are popular for wrestling, grappling and other forms of martial arts training. A carpet-topped workout mat is generally used for cheerleading, stunting and some gymnastics. Both forms led well to use for aerobics.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats will be much firmer and heavier than the foam varieties, but provide superior durability. These mats are made from recycled tires and can have life spans of more than 20 years. Some have interlocking edges, allowing you to cover larger areas without the tiles pulling apart from each other. A straight edged rubber workout mat can be used alone or in combination with other mats of the same kind to cover larger areas. Rubber workout mats can support more weight and will not indent as easily as foam. They are most commonly used for weight rooms, under treadmills and other areas where heavy exercise equipment will be used.

Folding Mats

For more portable use with excellent cushion, consider our folding workout mats. These are foam mats, wrapped in vinyl, that can be used folded or unfolded. While folded, they are useful in training exercises that need ledges of varying heights. You can stack them on top of each other for even more height variation. Unfolded and laid flat, these mats offer workout areas of 4x6 feet to 6x12 feet from a single mat. If a larger area is needed, most of our folding workout mats can be attached to each other side by side with the attached hook and loop strips. This is common practice when used for grappling, wrestling or gymnastics training.

Interlocking Foam Mats

Interlocking foam workout mats provide another lightweight, portable, temporary or permanent option for a soft and comfortable workout space. The puzzle style tiles are available in numerous sizes, thicknesses, colors and surface textures and are one of the least expensive ways to cover floors of various sizes and shapes. With border strips, they can be used to create wall-to-wall and island installations. These the wide array of densities, surface textures and thicknesses are specially designed to meet the needs of several different workout routines - ranging from aerobics to karate to wrestling and much more.

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Greatmats also offers PVC plastic tiles that are made from recycled materials that provide excellent ergonomic and anti-fatigue benefits. They dampen sound and connect together to fit any size space. Some can even be used outdoors.

If you need added protection in your workout space, we also offer pole pads and wall mats.

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