Home Dance Flooring - Marley Dance Floor for Home

Find options including marley dance flooring and modular snap together dance floor tiles for your home dance studio. Use our rolls of marley dance floor for ballet and modern while our modular wood grain dance floor tiles are an excellent choice for home tap dancers, ballroom dancing, hip hop, or any dance type that requires shoes. Greatmats offers a variety of home dance floor sprung floor, subfloor and cushion underlayment systems that will provide a safe and cushioned dance flooring surface for your home dancers.

Greatmats offers a complete line of home dance floors for the young or adult dancer in your family. Choose our marley type of vinyl home dance flooring for ballet, modern, and professional dance types. Marley dance flooring is offered in rolls of sheet vinyl that provide a virtually seamless dance floor for home studios. Simply roll out and fit to your room. Tape the seams to complete your installation.

Choose one of our cushioned underlayment dance floor options in order to provide a suitable sub flooring when installing marley over hard surfaces like concrete. Sub floor options will provide a proper underlayment for a home dance floor. This is important to keep your ballet or modern dancer safe from injury.

Our modular home dance floor tiles are an excellent choice for tap dance, ballroom dancing, and hip hop. Choose this home dance floor option for your home studio with a rubber underlayment to provide a durable and long lasting, yet portable, dance floor. Improve the usability of your home dance studio floor with a wood-look LVT top dance floor that can be transported as needed. Greatmats modular portable home dance flooring is an easy-to-install flooring option that can be installed on any hard flat surface and will transform your basement concrete floor into a new home dance studio space.

Contact one of our professional home dance floor specialists with any questions. We are happy to assist you.

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Home dance floor options are shown here for informational purposes, we recommend customer request samples of dance floor home studios.