Rubber Gym Mats, Rubber Mats for Gym, Interlocking Gym Rubber Mats

Rubber gym mats are available in many shapes and sizes. Use rubber mats for a very durable and harder surface for free weights and for a very long lasting floor. Choose medium or high density foam gym mats for a softer floor in your gym at home or commercial installation. Rubber gym mats can also be had as a modular lock together floor tile such as our Staylock Floor Tiles. This option features a durable gym flooring option that offers some cushion and ergonomic benefit for aerobic type exercises and this tile is durable to drop hand weights onto and will carry the load of exercise equipment, all in one gym flooring option.

  • Rolled Rubber Flooring

    Starts at: $1.15 SF

    4 ft wide rolls in lengths cut to your needs. Ships from many points nationwide in 1-2 weeks. 4x25 ft rolls stocked for quick shipment.

  • 4x10 Ft Home Plyometric Rubber Roll

    $128.98 10 Reviews

    4x10 ft x 8 mm rubber roll for plyometric and aerobic training. In stock, ships next business day.

  • 4x10 Ft Rolled Rubber

    $99.98 20 Reviews

    4x10 ft rolled rubber for home use. In stock, ships next business day via ground service.

  • Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tile

    $8.40 2 Reviews

    2x2 Ft x 8 mm Durable Rubber Floor Tile.

  • Geneva Gym Floor Tile

    $24.30 1 Reviews

    3x3 ft interlocking rubber tiles. In stock in select colors, ships out in 2-3 working days.

  • 3/4 Inch Durable Weight Room Flooring

    $3.99 SF 2 Reviews

    Heavy duty, thick interlocking rubber gym flooring. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

  • Puzzle Tile Rubber Gym Floor

    $9.55 5 Reviews

    2x2 ft interlocking rubber tile with corners and borders. In stock, ships next business day.

  • Utility Tile Rubber Floor

    $13.99 5 Reviews

    Most economical, reground material 3x3 ft interlocking black rubber tile. In stock, ships out in 2-3 working days.

  • Zip Tile Gym Floor

    $13.85 2 Reviews

    28.5 x 28.5 inch, 3/8 or 8 mm interlocking rubber floor tile. In stock, various locations nationwide, ships in 2-10 working days.

  • 4x6 Ft Rubber Floor Mats

    Starts at: $41.95

    4x6 ft straight edge gym floor mats. Stocked nationwide for next day shipment.

  • Plyometric Flooring Rubber Rolls

    $1.69 8 Reviews

    Plyo and aerobic training gym flooring surface. 4 ft wide low density rubbber rolls. Ships in 1 week.

  • Custom Rubber Floor Tiles

    1 Reviews

    Interlocking rubber tiles made to order, in any color or thickness. Ships in 2-4 weeks.

  • Kids Mats Home Sport and Play

    $7.56 229 Reviews

    7/8 inch kids mats or home exercise room floor.

  • Gym Flooring Foam Pebble Mat 3/4

    $6.96 74 Reviews

    Super durable high density foam gym flooring for home weight and exercise rooms. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Home Foam Grappling-Judo Mats

    $8.76 53 Reviews

    Thick enough for take downs and throws for home grappling and MMA training. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Home Tatami Sport Foam 7/8 inch

    $7.49 9 Reviews

    Durable tatami martial arts floor look, in a sport foam floor. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • HiddenLock Slate Top


    Designer look slate top appeal in a durable modular floor tile with an upscale look and feel. In stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

  • StayLock Orange Peel Tile

    $3.69 4 Reviews

    Sport and gym cushion modular floor tile, place on any flat surface including carpeting. In stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

  • Staylock Bump Top Tiles

    $3.69 4 Reviews

    Indoor installations for ergonomic and athletic aerobic modular flooring, install on any flat surface. In stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

Excellent for home gyms, rubber gym mats are ideal for beneath exercise equipment because they protect both the floor and your equipment. These gym mats are durable and will last for years if properly cared for. Mats are available in different thicknesses as well as types. We also carry natural rubber in a variety of different thicknesses.

Interlocking rubber gym mats are ideal for residential applications such as home gyms. They are especially convenient for people who plan to relocate someday. This is because these rubber mats can be dry laid with no adhesive. Installation is easy. Simply piece the tiles together like a jigsaw puzzle and you’re done. For a wall-to-wall installation, the mats can be easily cut with a utility knife and a straightedge. Rubber mats are great for under treadmills and weight benches. Most people will opt for a standard 8mm or 3/8” thickness. In cases where heavy weights (100 lbs or more) will be dropped on a regular basis, a 1/2” thick rubber may be necessary for extra floor protection.   For areas where the risk of heavy objects being dropped on the rubber floor, such as aisles, many people will choose the 1/4” products.

Plyometric rubber flooring is designed for aerobics. Unlike most rubber flooring, plyometric is designed to provide fatigue relief for jumping, running, and other aerobic exercise. Where most rubber matting is hard, plyo provides a soft and forgiving surface. Plyometric rubber flooring protects the athlete as well as the floor and equipment.

The most economical rubber flooring option is rolled rubber. This is often found in commercial facilities. We also offer a pre-cut and pre-packaged roll of rubber that is 4x10 ft x 1/4 inch in size for residential applications. This type of rubber flooring can be installed with adhesive or with tape. It is great for weight rooms. However, rolled rubber is not as easily installed and transported as interlocking rubber floor tiles.

In large commercial facilities where large weights are dropped on a regular basis, we suggest our rubber gym mat in 3/4” thickness. This can withstand the most brutal abuse a commercial gym environment can dish out.

Rubber gym mats come in a variety of colors and styles. The most economical rubber option is confetti. This product is manufactured from recycled tires (as all of our rolled rubber products are). However, scraps of other rolls and whitewalls from tires are also added to the batch. This creates a random and indiscriminate hodgepodge of color throughout the roll. This is generally a great choice for areas where floor protection is required but aesthetics are not a concern.

Color fleck options are available for various rubber matting products. Choose from a wide variety of colors. Some products offer various percentages of color fleck options where some products (such as plyo rubber) are available only in black. Please click on the “colors” tab for the product you’re interested in to see the options available for that particular product.

Shipping of rubber mats depends on the specific product you order and the quanitity you need. Some will ship via ground service. Larger interlocking tiles, mats, and rolls ship via freight delivery. Some rubber gym mat material is in stock and ready to ship out in a few days. Other products, especially custom orders, will need several weeks for production time. Please consult with one of our professional rubber gym mats specialists for assistance.

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Rubber gym mats are presented here for informational purposes, we recommend that our customers request a free sample of rubber gym mats.