Portable Dance Floors for Banquets and Marley Portable Dance Flooring

is available in both interlocking tiles and sheet vinyl options. Both are a popular solution for touring dance troupes, event coordinators, hotels, dj's, and variety of customers who need a floor that can travel easily with them. Sheet vinyl (or marley) dance flooring is a shiny, professional surface designed for specific dance types. Tiles are an interlocking, commercial-grade, product that is available in a number of wood grain or stone looks. Vinyl is inlaid in a sturdy plastic tray.

Portable dance floor tiles are great for banquets, weddings, and other events. They are also great for touring dance troupes who are looking for a modular, easily transported dance floor. Portable dance floor tiles feature a durable, scratch-resistant, commercial-grade vinyl surface. Choose from a number of different wood-grain or stone looks for your next banquet or dance party. Our snap together portable dance floor tiles are ideal for rental and hotel venues.

Portable dance floor tiles are easily installed, snap together plastic trays with vinyl inlays on the top. They measure 1ft x 1ft. Unlike many tiles on the market, the interlocking tabs and loops on this product are designed for repeated installations. The surface texture of our portable dance floors are scratch resistant and nonabsorbent. These portable dance floor tiles will withstand years of repeated installations. Unlike some products, these dance tiles will not get loose over time even after repeatedly connecting and disconnecting them. This is because our loops are built of a superior plastic to many of our competitors products. These loops will not wear out and snap off over time. This ensures that your portable dance floor will look and perform to the standard you expect.

We carry a variety of tile colors to meet your style. Our snap together tiles feature a ramped border edging that provides a smooth transition from the surface of the dance floor. These portable floors are made of a rugged polypropylene base that is designed for repeated installations.

Some tiles on the market use a lattice type of plastic base. This does not provide an adequate surface to glue the vinyl to and, as a result, the vinyl begins to pull away from the plastic base over time. Our products feature a solid plastic base beneath the vinyl inlay. This creates an excellent bond between vinyl and plastic. It also keep foreign objects like dirt or carpet fibers from getting stuck in the glue between the vinyl and plastic tray.

The type of shipping for your portable dance flooring system will depend on the product you choose, the amount you need, and your location. Larger jobs will ship via freight delivery. Smaller jobs can often ship via ground delivery. We will always strive to find the lowest cost delivery option for your products.

Installing our modular portable dance floor is simple. Easily snap together these flooring tiles with our unique loop and peg interlocking design. A border and corner ramp edging system is available to complete our portable modular dance floors. These also simply snap onto the tiles to create a safe transition on and off the portable dance floor. No adhesive is needed for either the tiles or the borders and corners.

If you are interested in a marley portable dance flooring option, installation consists of simply rolling out the vinyl material and taping down the perimeter. Top tape any seams and you've created a fast and easy portable dance surface for ballet, tap and other classical dance forms. When your event is over, simply remove the tape and roll up the marley portable dance floor and store until your next event.

Our portable dance flooring options for professional dance such as ballet and tap are varied. We offer rigid portable flooring for tap and hard shoes and softer reversible portable flooring options for shoes shoes and bare feet for ballet and modern performances. Choose Greatmats for your next interior or outdoor portable dance event.

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Portable dance floor is presented here for informational purposes, we encourage our customers to request samples of portable dance floor.