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    The Best Professional Puzzle Mats on the Market

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    Kids Soft and Safe Floors, Home Exercise Gyms and More

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  • Gym Floor Mats Rubber Gym Flooring

    Professional quality at the best prices possible. Find rubber flooring in interlocking tiles and rolled rubber for home and pro gym floors.

  • Martial Arts Mats Martial Arts Mats

    Interlocking professional quality martial arts mats for studios and home for Karate, MMA and more.

  • Dance Flooring Dance Flooring

    Find dance flooring for professional dance studio floors and portable dance floor tiles.

  • MAX Tile Raised Basement Tile Playground Flooring

    Outdoor rubber flooring tiles for playground surfaces with fall height ratings in commercial quality colors at affordable prices.

  • Foam Flooring Basement Flooring

    Shop a variety of basement flooring surface options for kids play rooms, exercise floors and family rooms.

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll 1/2 Inch
Fantastic product! Exactly what we needed to protect our knees during our workouts. Cutting the mat to size was more difficult than we expected, but is a testament to the high quality of the rubber.

Purchasing from GreatMats was easy and left us very satisfied.
Rockville, MD
5 Stars - Plyometric Roll 8mm 4x10 ft Black
Bought two rolls for our garage which we put under our heavy bag. My wife and I workout boxing and kick-boxing. The mats don't move even on bare concrete. We also jump rope without a problem. We unroll and roll them back up after each use. They are heavy enough with enough cushion for working out. But light enough to roll-up and put away after each use. We are redoing out exercise room soon and intend to but several at that time.

Order # 1435135
coral springs, fl
5 Stars - Wood Grain Reversible Foam Floor
Looks great. Easy to assemble and to take down at the end of the show. And we can buy a matching section when we expand.
Williamston, MI
4 Stars - Adagio Touring - Full Bolt
I am very pleased with how the rolls cut and with how the rolls were easy to commute, lay out, roll back up, and store.
5 Stars - Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 2 inch 4V 18oz
great mat for everybody and for every activity
Elkton, FL
5 Stars - Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium
Excellent as always. Good shipping as well
Charlotteville, VA
4 Stars - Plyometric Roll 8mm 4x10 ft Black
We really like the plyometric mats. A lot of time was spent figuring out where to get them and how thick they should be. Price was a big concern because these mats can get costly. The thicker they are obviously the more expensive they will be especially if they are being delivered through a shipping company. These mats were not inexpensive to that point. But when it comes to proper cushioning of feet and legs during exercise a few dollars is just that over the long run. We unroll and roll-up these mats a couple of times a week in our garage. We use them under a heavy bag and my wife and I put them to the test with twisting and turning as we train and exercise. Rarely do we have to tap them back together because of shifting. So the weight and thickness is good for what we do. The one did come with a defect though. A six inch rip or tear about a foot from the end of one of the mats. I didn't contact the company because I felt it would be a hassle to fight this or have to ship it back. So the concern was will this get worse? So I got rubber cement and smeared it over that whole area. So far so good and it seems to have solved the concern we had. But only time will tell.
Coral Springs, FL
5 Stars - Ground Protection Mats 4x8 ft Black
I have used these mats two weeks now. If your a contractor and rains got you down...These Mats are Worth the Investment!! I purchased them bc we have had record rains in Oklahoma this spring, making my jobs sites inaccessible. So far I have had trucks dropping off 40k lb excavators, loaded down ten wheel dump trucks, steel track machines, etc. over them and they take it like a champ.
I layed them down in straight mud and they spread apart, so I bought the links. Problem fixed.
Also a cheap Hay Hook from your local feed store makes it a lot easier for one guy to move around.
Norman, OK
5 Stars - Geneva Rubber Tile 3/8 Inch 10% Color
The product was great! It looks great. It came quickly.
Charlotte, NC
4 Stars - Karate Mats Pro Martial Arts Floor 1 Inch
Looks great and enhances the image of our dojo.
Great feel for daily karate training.
Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars - Home Sport and Play Mat 7/8 Inch
We like the floor product.
Marblehead, MA
5 Stars - Rosco Adagio Cut Lengths per LF Black
Excellent Flooring!
Highland Village, TX
5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll 3/8 Inch
Think there excellent for plyometrics training jumping back and forth. Thought I would need double sided tape to hold it down but it's heavy enough to not even move. Lovin it.
Schuylkill Haven, PA
4 Stars - Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium
They were easy to install, and are a wonderful floor. They do scuff rather easily from furniture. But if you aren't putting furniture on them then they don't scuff. They are easy to clean with a simple vacuum (no roller), and a wet washcloth gets any sticky stuff off. My children are hard on things, and this floor is no exception. We love the floor though. We love the great colors, and the fact that we can clean up a wet floor in the laundry room very easily.
Brookston, IN
5 Stars - Cheer Mats 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch Poly Flexible Roll
Love the mats!
Anacortes, WA
5 Stars - Home Tatami Sport Tile 7/8 Inch
My whole family is very satisfied with this product. We train in Karate (Tang Soo Do) and these mats performs very well. Now the sure positives include the outstanding quality, ease of installation, looks, and water resistance (a slight issue in my garage in rainy season). I truly believe these mats are going to last a long time. My only complaint is that the surface is slightly slick due to it being water resistant, which is noticed on certain forward stances. However, this is not enough to remove a star as you must simply pay mind to keep your stance secure as you train, which I view as a positive bonus. Lastly, I'm extremely satisfied with doing business with greatmats.com. The ordering experience was excellent and I got my mats right on time. I will definitely be coming back here when I decide to do the other half of my garage!
Bartlesville, OK
5 Stars - Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium
Love the Premium 5/8 Foam Floor Mats for my children's playroom. It's soft enough for all day play and firm enough for toy cars and trains. The installation was fast and easy - I'm a 32 year old female and I did the room (11x15 with a closet and built-in drawers) in less than an hour by myself. I would recommend these tiles to any family with toddlers. The selection of colors is great - I am thinking of doing my daughters bedroom next!

Thanks Greatmats for a great product, fast shipping, and excellent customer service! You have a return customer!
Cleveland, OH
4 Stars - Sterling Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Gray
New York, NY
5 Stars - Folding Mat 6x12 ft x 2 inch V4 - 18 oz
We are enjoying our Mat greatly. Shipping was faster than anticipated. Great product
Plymouth, WI
4 Stars - Foam Tiles Wood Grain
I love my floor! I have had it for 3 years and use in my art show booth on weekends during the season in Florida, October to May. I can't count the number of comments I get about it and have told countless people where they can purchase it.
I have had one or two problems with it. For some reason about a third of my tiles went ''dull''. Perhaps it was the heat here or maybe humidity. It occurred all at once. They just gave up the ghost some to speak. Granted, I had them for two years.
Went I went to replace them the price, shipping terms, and minimum order had changes. But after I complained the customer service at Great Mats was terrific and agreed to all my requests. So now my floor is lovely again.
4 Stars - Grappling MMA Mats 1-5/8 Inch
The mats are very nice.
Las Vegas, NV
5 Stars - Rubber Flooring Rolls 3/8 Inch 25 Ft Black Stocked
It actually was really smooth after laying the first 10 rolls. We got on a roll (no pun intended). I'm so glad I went with Greatmats!
Seattle, WA
5 Stars - Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack
I ordered these mats to use in my basement to practice obedience training with small dogs. They are working out just fine. I probably would not use them for larger, heavier dogs when I get to the open and/or utility level, but they should work just fine for the smaller dogs for a long period of time. The fact that they are movable, washable and can be vacuumed meets my needs.
Carla W.
South Yarmouth, MA
5 Stars - Rubber Flooring Rolls 3/8 Inch 10% Color Geneva
I needed to cut up sheets before hauling upstairs. Even with that it weighed 80 + pounds. I suggest rolling it up before hauling to a diferent room.
Chicago, IL
5 Stars - Pro Sport 7/8 Inch Foam Tile
Outstanding product. My second purchase from this company and they have been everything you could hope for, kind and friendly with a great product to boot. I have every amount of confidence you will share my same views of Greatmats, you have nothing to loose.
Jeffrey Louis
Houston, TX
5 Stars - Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile
Thank you for your help with completing the studio. Everyone loves the floor!
Hazel Park, MI
5 Stars - Rubber Patio Paver Tile
This is a great product for outdoors, install over any hard flat surface like concrete or asphalt.
5 Stars - HiddenLock Coin Floor Tile Gray
quick and easy to install and it looks great!
Spring, TX
5 Stars - Patio Outdoor Tile
Excellent. Product was easy to install and now the risk of customers falling has been reduced by the great mats product.
4 Stars - StayLock Orange Peel Colors
much improvement over bump top.
Indianapolis, IN
Product Showcase

  • Greatmats Commitment to Customers

    Our company's main priority is to handle customer's needs through outstanding customer service. Through each sale, we will provide competitive prices, and the highest quality products. We guarantee the utmost sincere service with every purchase.

    Greatmats has provided excellency through our dependable products for more than fifteen years. We've gained a wide range of customers in many market segments. Our experience working with commercial, residential and government customers worldwide has led to numerous positive customer reviews. Our company is proud to share our A+BBB rating, which demonstrates our commitment to consistent customer satisfaction.

    Our easy to navigate website features an industry-leading online floor plan designer. This is a user friendly tool that helps customers determine how much material is needed for an installation. The floor planner is great for planning complex room layouts and designs, selecting product colors, and requesting a quote or order online.

    Many of our foam tiles and rubber flooring products are kept in stock and ready to ship within just one to two business days. Located in Milltown, WI, our Midwestern location makes it easy to ship products quickly to most anywhere in the Lower 48.

  • Rubber Flooring Rolls

    Rubber Flooring: Rubber flooring, rolls, tiles and mats are available in a wide selection. For commercial fitness areas, rubber flooring rolls are a great fit. These are available in black, regrind, and fleck colors. Rolled rubber is kept in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Rubber mats come in 4x6ft sizes, made to fit weight rooms, horse stalls, and more. No glue is needed to set the interlocking rubber tiles. This product is also offered in a variety of color options.

    Martial Arts Mats

    Martial Arts Mats: Our complete line of martial arts mats is great for a number of athletic uses, such as BJJ, Judo, or Taekwondo. We can provide mats for MMA and Grappling floors in multiple designs, including flexible roll out mats, folding crash pads, and interlocking puzzle mats. Pole and wall pads can be custom made to fit your facility. Martial arts mats for in-home use can be bought in 2x2 ft. interlocking tiles, ideal for easy ground shipping to your front door.

    Dance Flooring

    Dance Flooring: Marley dance floors are a popular choice for customers who spend time in theaters, stage floors, and professional dance studios. This is both an indoor/outdoor portable flooring material, commonly used in hotels, banquet halls, and event rental facilities.

    Rooftop Floors

    Rooftop Floors: Rooftops, decks and patios can be transformed into a comfortable space by choosing rubber rooftop outdoor tiles, or modular perforated outdoor patio tiles, which are portable and easy to install. Outdoor deck and patio surfacing can help to build a more practical living space for homes or commercial locations.

    Home Gym Floors

    Home Gym Floors: We hold a complete line of foam tiles, interlocking rubber gym flooring, and foldable gymnastics mats. We also have modular cushion flooring material, like the Staylock Orange Peel Floor Tile. Staylock floor tiles add durability and cushioned support over any surface. For home gym floors and plyometric training surfaces, rolled rubber flooring can be shipped by ground delivery in convenient 4x10ft size.

    Kids Play Mats

    Kids Play Mats: Play areas require comfort, color, and safety, which comes guaranteed by our kids rugs and interlocking foam floors. Interlocking foam mats are waterproof, easy to install and clean, and designed to last years. By choosing our materials, hard home surfaces, like basement floor can be transformed into child friendly play areas.

    Exercise Flooring

    Exercise Flooring: Exercise mats provide a safe and comfortable surface for athletics and workout routines in studios or physical therapy facilities. Personal exercise mats are a great option for home and professional floor exercises. Interlocking foam floors are a popular option for large exercise rooms.

    Playground Flooring

    Playground Flooring: Rubber playground tiles are available for school, church and commercial areas in need of an outdoor fall height rated surfacing. Our tiles can ship from various locations nationwide, in numerous color options. Playground mats are designed to provide safe padding under playground equipment, like slides and swing sets. The material features no-glue installation for rooftop surfaces.