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Gym Floor Mats

are an excellent option for gym flooring in homes, schools and professional athletic facilities. Find gym floor mats in rubber tile, interlocking foam tile, rolled foam, rubber mat and vinyl-covered folding gym mat forms. Our gym flooring mat options are specially designed to provide the perfect flooring unique needs for large or small installations. We offer gym floor mats for wrestling, martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, weight training, aerobic fitness and more.

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Displaying 1-48 of 167 Products
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Foam Gym Floor Mats
For sports where falls or throws are imminent, consider our folding gym mats or competition landing mats. These gym floor mats are easy to transport, easy to install and easy to store. They also provide cushioning for falls and can serve a dual purpose as a technique training tool. When folded, it can provide varying heights of training aids for gymnastics and other forms of fitness training. When laid flat, these gym floor mats are rugged yet soft enough for tumbling, grappling or martial arts where skin will be in contact with the floor.

We offer wrestling and martial arts gym floor mats with no-burn tatami surface textures. These are intended for activities where skin contact will be applied to the mats with force, and friction will be expected. The no-burn tatami surfaces offer the proper levels of traction and give to avoid floor burns without loosing the grip necessary for training and competition.

Some of our martial arts gym floor mats are intended for bare foot use while others are tough enough to handle shoes and/or boots. These mats are available in both roll-out and puzzle tile versions. Puzzle gym floor mats are generally made of EVA foam while roll out version typically feature a cross-linked polyethylene foam core and a vinyl surface.

Our foam puzzle-style gym floor mats are often used for aerobic exercises. We also offer lightweight personal fitness mats that offer quick and easy transportation and save space on storage.

Rubber Gym Floor Mats
For weight lifting and other activities where heavy items have the potential to drop, fall or be thrown, protect your floor with heavy duty and durable rubber gym floor mats. These mats are available in multiple thicknesses as dictated by their intended uses. They can come in the form of large rubber rolls, straight edge mats or much smaller puzzle or straight edge tiles.

Gym Floor Mat Colors
Most of our mats for gym flooring have multiple color options. Typically, the puzzle mats offer the most color selection, allowing you to use your modular tiles to design a custom floor to match your decor.

Most of our rubber mats for gym floors are made from recycled materials and are recyclable again at the end of their useful lives. The majority of our rubber flooring is predominately black with options for different percentages of color flecks.

Large Gym Floor Areas
For large installations, you'll want to consider our rubber flooring rolls. They are the most economical route and leave the fewest seams. These rolls are heavy, however, and you may need additional help for installation.

Small Areas
For smaller or irregularly-shaped areas, puzzle tiles or straight edge mats may be your best choice. They reduce the amount of wasted material and can be installed by a single person with the tiles coming in much more manageable sizes.

In addition to foam and rubber, we also offer mats for gym flooring that blend renewable cork with recycled rubber.

Our gym floor mats are made to last with high quality materials and craftsmanship. To find out which option is best for you, contact our friendly and knowledgable floor experts at 877-822-6622. Greatmats has been selling quality gym floor mats since 1999.

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Once you've ordered and received your mats for gym flooring from Greatmats, send us a picture of them in use, along with a review, and we'll enter you into our monthly customer photo contest for a chance to win a gift card from You'll have a chance to vote for the winning entry at the beginning of the following month on our Facebook page where we also host other contests and post current sales, promotions and product reviews.