Rubber Gym Flooring and Gym Floor Mats for Home and Pro

is offered in rubber for home gyms and professional athletic rubber floors. Gym rubber flooring is available as interlocking rubber gym tiles, 4x6 ft rubber gym floor mats and rolled rubber flooring. Choose gym rubber flooring for commercial weight rooms and home gym floors, or where a tough and very durable rubber gym flooring surface is needed. Rubber gym floors are an excellent option for athletic or sports floors, exercise rooms and under exercise equipment.

A popular thickness for rubber gym flooring is 3/8 inch although 8mm, which is just slightly thinner, is gaining popularity. If you are not doing extremely heavy lifting and there is no risk of heavy dumbells or barbells being dropped from height, this is usually the ideal thickness for most home or commercial gyms. It is thick enough to accomodate extremely heavy equipment and is less expensive than thicker rubber options.

A new plyometric rubber gym mat roll product for home gyms is now available in 4x10 ft x 8 mm rolls. Plyometric rolled rubber flooring material is soft and provides greater cushion than standard rolled rubber for gym floors. Use plyometric rubber rolls for aerobic X type of floor exercises, plyometric exercise training and repeatitive movements. Plyometric rubber rolls are available in 4 ft wide roll widths and can be cut to fit any roll length to fit your room size.

With the increase in crossfit gyms around the country the need for the proper gym flooring surface has increased. Many commercial gyms that focus on crossfit training require rubber flooring that is durable and will withstand repeated dropping of heavy weights such as dumb bells. Greatmats offers various solutions for gym flooring in this type of demanding environment for home and professional locations.

Rubber gym flooring is excellent for multi-purpose athletic sport floors and weight rooms. It is great for under exercise equipment such as treadmills or weight benches. Rubber is the most popular gym flooring material because it is relatively inexpensive and is a great material for protecting floors and equipment.

A very popular gym flooring rubber material that is affordable is our new 4x6 ft x 3/4 inch Punter Top rubber gym tiles. Designed for installations that need a durable interlocking rubber gym tiles for larger installations with good ventilation. This rubber gym flooring option is now popular with crossfit gym floors.

Our StayLock tiles are a great alternative to gym floor mats because they do provide excellent cushion for commercial aerobic activities. If your room will be used for a combination of activities including aerobics and weights (for example) this product can meet your needs. Unlike rubber, it is also waterproof which makes it a great option for damp basements that may have occasional water problems.

High density EVA foam, our Pebble Mats are also waterproof. They are designed as a lightweight gym floor mat that can be easily moved and easily installed. These mats are surprisingly durable and are also used as a portable horse stall mat. High density EVA floor mats can support heavy equipment such as weight benches or elliptical machines but the equipment may leave indentations in the foam.

Straight-edge rubber gym flooring and interlocking rubber gym tiles are an easy-to-install and economical option for many home gyms and athletic floors. Interlocking tiles feature a virtually seamless flooring solution after installation. Many of our interlocking tiles are waterjet-cut which makes the edging precise and the mats fit together tightly. Seams will begin to “mend” as the flooring is used. Larger interlocking rubber tiles and rolls of rubber gym flooring are often found in larger commercial installations.

For those of you with a small workout area, we offer our 4x10 rubber rolls. 4x10’s are available in 1/4 inch rubber for under treadmills and other equipment. Our 4x10 plyometric rolls are great for aerobic and plyometric training activities at home. Both 4x10 ft rubber gym flooring options are available with free shipping directly to your door via ground shipping.

The colors available for your gym floor mats will vary by product. 4x6 straight-edge gym floor mats are available in standard black as well as natural. Natural rubber is made from recycled tires and includes white flecks randomly appearing throughout the material from white sidewalls. Rolled rubber comes in standard black, natural, various color flecked options, and confetti. Confetti is created when the scraps from color rolls are reground into the material creating a random mix of colors that can appear anywhere in the product. Interlocking tiles are available in standard black and, depending on tile size, available in a variety of color fleck options. The thickness options are also dependant on the product you opt for. We have rubber gym flooring options that range from 2 mm to 1 inch thickness.

Gym floor mats can be purchased as straight edge rubber tiles for an easy to install and economical option. Interlocking tiles feature a virtually seamless flooring solution after installation, while rolls of rubber gym flooring is preferred for larger commercial installations. Rubber gym flooring is used in home and commercial gym floors under exercise equipment or where free weights are used.

Consider a new one inch product called DuraMax that is available in all black, 2x2 ft tiles that simply push together for an excellent home or professional gym flooring installation. This new rubber floor tile is super durable and at one inch thickness this type of gym flooring will provide the cushion and protection needed. The flooring tiles will stand up to all type of exercise equipment and heavy weights can be dropped on this flooring over time without and deterioration to the tile. This one inch thick rubber gym flooring is also very affordable at under 4.00 per SF. The installation of this floor tile is very easy as the tiles are only 2x2 ft in size, so the easy of transport up or down stairs is not a problem.

Installation of our gym flooring can be accomplished by the end user in many cases. Interlocking tiles do not require any glue. We typically recommend a glue-down or tape-down installation for rolled rubber gym flooring. This is especially true in commercial settings where the gym floor will be used with more frequency. Interlocking gym floor mats in foam, PVC, or rubber can easily be cut using a sharp utility knife for wall-to-wall installations.

Cleaning of gym flooring is easy. with neutral Ph floor cleaners whether interlocking rubber tiles or rolls of rubber. Foam gym floor mats can be cleaned using common household floor cleaners. Whether you have foam or rubber gym flooring its important to keep the floors clean and free of dirt and soil to insure a long lift span for your gym floor.

Delivery of our gym flooring is most often via freight delivery. For smaller orders, ground delivery such as FedEx or UPS may be available. Ground service deliveries to your door will generally save on shipping costs over freight deliveries. Freight deliveries will require the receiving party to meet the freight truck at the time of delivery. Also, unless you get a lift gate, you will be responsible for unloading the material from the truck.

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Rubber gym flooring and gym floor mats are presented here for informational purposes, we recommend our customers request samples of rubber gym flooring.