TV and Stage Flooring Options

Professional or TV studio floor tiles will transform any tv or stage are into a the perfect performance location. These vinyl materials is available in both rolled sheets or as 3x3 foot tiles. Both options are available in standard colors. TV flooring is designed for years of use if properly cared for. Rolled vinyl is available in 6 foot widths that can be custom-cut to any length. We also carry full bolt rolls for cost savings.

Rosco Tiles are most popular for TV studio flooring applications and can be installed with a tape down or glue down method. These tiles are designed to be durable enough for repeated uses under TV camera dollies on television studio floors. After initial cleaning, simply buff for a high gloss look. No waxing required for this type of vinyl TV flooring.

For event runway and show floors consider our High Gloss sheet vinyl, available in popular colors in 6 ft x 60 ft roll sizes. Greatmats offers a variety of vinyl flooring for theaters and stage floors for performances, sets and dance troupes.

Shipping of stage flooring is via freight delivery. Greatmats is a national leader of stage flooring as well theater flooring. Please contact one of our customer service representatives if you have questions deciding which stage or studio flooring option is the most viable for your application.

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