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Greatmats' offers wide selection of industrial, outdoor and athletic . Options include interlocking mats, anti-fatigue rubber mat runners and rolled rubber matting. Greatmats also features a large line of outdoor rubber mats for rooftops, decks, patios and playground areas. We have small and large rubber mats ideal for commercial athletic rooms in schools, universities, parks, homes, businesses and institutions. Our company carries a complete line of rubber athletic flooring, including recycled rubber rolls and virgin interlocking high end rubber mats, for gym installations. Whether you are looking for a thin or thick rubber mat, we've got the one for you.

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Displaying 1-48 of 63 Products
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Large rubber mats have fewer seems and are great for large commercial or residential areas. Smaller rubber mats work best in smaller spaces, since less of the product will be cut and wasted during wall-to-wall applications. Our largest rubber mat option is rolled rubber which are four feet wide and come in rolls of up to 50 feet in length. Most of our non-rolled large rubber mats carry dimensions of around 4x6 feet.

Our thickest rubber mat is our our Blue Sky Slide mats which are 2.25 inches thick and 2x4 feet in size. This thick mat provides excellent cushion and prevent wear areas at the bases of slides. Another thick rubber mat is playground mats, measuring 3x3 feet in size with a 1.5 inch thickness. They are designed to be used at the bottom of slides or underneath see saws as well as under other playground equipment such as swings. Greatmats also offers various other thick rubber mats just under the 1 inch barrier.

Industrial large rubber mats provide comfort and fatigue relief for workers who need to stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Some of our industrial rubber mats can withstand wet areas and have the added benefit of grease and slip resistance. These thick rubber mats are perforated, which lets water flow beneath the surface of the mat. This keeps feet dry, while standing in areas where water and other liquids are prevalent. Greatmats also carries industrial rubber mats made for spaces where forklifts and other heavy machinery will be used. Some mats feature bright yellow edging for additional safety. Some of our anti-fatigue rubber/foam blended runners are as long as 60 feet.

Rubber mats should be considered for use by employees who stand frequently on hard surfaces and would benefit from anti-fatigue material. Non-slip and anti-fatigue rubber matting is commonly used in standing work environments within industrial and manufacturing facilities. Rubber matting provides a safe surface to work on, and can include safety colored edging in many lengths and thickness amounts. Explore our extensive collection of anti-fatigue mats to choose the best fit for your facility. Custom sizes for most rubber mat runners can be purchased. Kitchen employees will get great use out of our anti-slip, grease resistant rubber floor mats, designed for easy cleaning and removal. Our Hog Heaven anti fatigue mat is 7/8 inches thick and equipped to withstand welding sparks and slag up to 1800 degrees.

Athletic rubber mats are available in 4x6 foot mats with straight edges and are 1/4 to 1 inch thick. Also available is our Plyometric rubber, which provides protection and cushioning when using gym equipment.

Rubber mats for rooftops can come in straight edge or interlocking modular tiles. The mats are designed to be placed over rubber membranes on commercial roofs and outdoor patios. The tiles do not require a glue installation. Connecting pins or fork style connector clips make for an easy installation method for our outdoor mats. In addition to an easy cut-to-fit installation, rubber tiles intended for outdoor use can also provide a convenient fall height rating.

Large rubber mats for playgrounds are usually glued down for a more permanent and secure installation in large outdoor areas. Greatmats has a line of fall-height-rated rubber mats for playground areas. Customers can choose rubber mats with fall heights ranging from 6 to 10 feet. Some rubber pavers feature a fall height of 2 feet, which is great for younger children.

Rubber mats for indoor and outdoor entrance spaces are available in different designs and colors.

Our customer service team his happy to assist with questions and project needs. Customers can request a free quote online, and use our interactive online floor plan designer to lay out a space to scale, and better choose the product and colors for rubber matting designs.

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