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Whether it's for obedience, sport dogs, flyball, agility or Schutzhund, is a big consideration if you are going to spend any significant time training your dogs indoors. Greatmats offers dog floors for all occasions, ranging from rubber rolls, to foam or plastic tiles. Some of the world's top trainers use our flooring, and for good reason.

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Displaying 1-48 of 115 Products
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Foam dog training flooring
The most popular dog training flooring for professional trainers is our foam interlocking dog agility mats. Made of a durable EVA foam, these dog floors provide superior cushion, traction and shock absorption without the risk of damaging the animals foot, bones, joints or toenails. Our dog agility mats come in 3.3x3.3 foot reversible puzzle squares. Easy to install over a hard, flat surface, they are non-absorbent and easy to clean. World renowned trainers have used Greatmats dog agility mats for years without the need to replace any tiles or utilize the reversible properties, despite heavy daily use. Note: Dog toenails will puncture this foam material, but it will not affect its function.

Rubber dog training flooring
For larger installations, rolls of rubber flooring are quality, durable and economical options. The rubber is gentle on the pads of the dogs' feet and also provides a non-slip surface that will not scuff, mar or puncture. It offers very few seams and is easy to clean and will last for years with proper care. An added benefit of Greatmats rubber flooring rolls is that is is made of 100-percent recycled materials and can qualify for lead points. This flooring is also reversible, but much more difficult to flip as the rubber sheets are large and heavy. Rolled rubber flooring can be seam sealed and glued down for a water tight installation.
Greatmats also offers number other rubber dog flooring options in varying sizes and thickness, including straight edged and puzzle style mats.

Outdoor dog training floors

Artificial grass
For outdoor dog play areas, consider Greatmats' artificial grass turf tiles. Its plush surface is comfortable and gentle on feet. The tiles are designed to allow water to flow through them and not puddle on top, allowing you to have a dry, comfortable surface for your dogs to play or train on at all times. Made of polypropylene plastic, these 1x1 foot tiles can be installed on balconies, terraces, back yards, patios, decks and rooftops (as long is it is not installed over a rubber roofing membranes). No glue is needed for installation as the tiles easily snap together for dry lay installation.

Dog bone pavers For more decorative dog flooring installations, we offer dog bone outdoor paving tiles which are also made from recycled tire rubber. They are slip resistant even when wet and provide excellent shock absorption and longevity.

You'll want to check Greatmats first and last when deciding which dog floor is right for your installation. If you have any questions, our national flooring experts are happy to help. We not only offer quality products and service, but you'll find that Greatmats' dog flooring pricing is the most competitive in the industry, and we back it with a price match guarantee.

Contests and promotions
Get an added bonus when you purchase dog training flooring from Greatmats. Once you've received and installed your flooring, send us a picture of it in use along with a review to enter our monthly customer photo contest. The winner receives a gift card. Visit us on Facebook to find out about other contests, sales and promotions.

Greatmats will kick off its 2nd Annual Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year Contest in October 2016. At that time it will be accepting nominations for the prestigious award that honors dog trainers who demonstrate superior quality, integrity and service in their training and in their communities. Check back here in October to learn how to nominate an exceptional dog trainer for this award. The winner will be named at the end of the year.

Found out more about Greatmats 2015 winner of the National Dog Trainer of the Year Award,Jeremy Joseph Brown of The Complete Canine.

Nominate a dog trainer for the annual National Dog Trainer of the Year Award each October and vote for the winner each November.