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Find a variety of that will transform your basement into an inviting workout room, kids or family area. We offer interlocking rubber and foam tiles for basement floors that are durable and long lasting. Greatmats offers a variety of flooring products for basement gym floors, family rooms and kids play areas. Basement flooring is available in rolls, tiles, and mats in a variety of flooring materials. Some basement flooring products are non water absorbent while others are raised flooring tiles that allow for air flow.

  • MAX Tile Basement Floor Tile

    $4.79 81 Reviews

    Waterproof floor tile allows air to breathe underneath. Easy snap together laminate flooring in designer wood grain look. In Stock, ships in 1-5 working days.

  • Premium Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Inch for basement flooring

    $5.56 350 Reviews

    15 brilliant colors to choose from, our best selling foam flooring. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Royal Basement Carpet Tile

    $10.76 63 Reviews

    Soft and plush waterproof carpet top with foam backing, great for basement floors. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Eco Interlocking Carpet Tiles

    $5.99 1 Reviews

    Economical basement carpet floor option, easy to install. In stock, ships out in 1-2 working days.

  • StayLock Orange Peel Tile

    $3.69 4 Reviews

    More cushion than rubber and almost as durable, great for home gym floors in basements. In Stock, ships in 1-5 working days.

  • HiddenLock Floor Tile Slate


    Durable PVC floor tile with slate look in designer colors. In Stock, ships in 1-2 working days.

  • Rolled Rubber Flooring

    $1.35 SF and up

    Any color, any thickness, 4 ft wide rubber rolls cut to length. Ships in 2-14 working days.

  • Elite Exercise Foam Tiles

    $6.89 6 Reviews

    Durable commercial grade top surface texture and wood grain design. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Wood Grain Foam Tile

    $6.76 78 Reviews

    Wood grain look foam tiles with soft cushion bottom. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tile

    $7.92 31 Reviews

    Durable wooden grain look on one side and traditional foam texture on the other. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Greatmats Interlocking Rubber Tile

    $8.40 2 Reviews

    2x2 ft x 8 mm durable interlocking rubber floor tile. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • 4x10 Ft Rubber Roll

    $99.98 20 Reviews

    Ships ground to your door, durable for home gyms this 4x10 ft roll of rubber has 4 colors to choose. In Stock, Ships out in 2-5 working days.

  • Pebble Mat 3/4 inch Gym Flooring

    $6.96 74 Reviews

    High density and super thick foam floor tile for home exercise and weight rooms. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Home Sport & Play 7/8 inch Foam Tile

    $7.56 229 Reviews

    The ultimate in safe floors and sports mats, 7/8 inch thick interlocking foam floor. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Tatami Sport Foam Tile 7/8 Inch

    $7.49 8 Reviews

    Great for home martial arts, PX or exercise floors. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Home gym flooring tiles are easy to install exercise floors

    $6.79 1 Reviews

    Home gym flooring tiles are easy to install exercise floor option, high density foam material. In stock, ships in 1-2 working days.

  • Kids foam playmats, basement foam flooring tiles, double sided double color

    $3.96 4 Reviews

    Home kids playmats for basement soft flooring, double sided double color. In stock, ships out in 1-2 working days.

  • Home Athletic Tile 1 Inch

    $8.96 10 Reviews

    Super thick 1 inch home athletic and sports flooring for basements. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • Geneva Gym Floor Tile

    $24.30 1 Reviews

    Commercial quality, 3x3 ft interlocking rubber tiles. In stock in select colors, ships in 2-3 working days.

  • Staylock Bump Top Tile

    $3.69 4 Reviews

    More cushion than rubber and almost as durable, raised modular floor tiles with bump top. In Stock, ships in 1-5 working days.

  • Weight Strength Gym Flooring

    $21.95 1 Reviews

    Full color options, 1 inch durable commercial grade rubber tile. Ships in 1-3 weeks.

  • CarpetFlex Basement Floor Tile

    $4.98 11 Reviews

    Carpet top raised snap together floor tile is a great for damp basement floors. In Stock, ships in 1-5 working days.

  • TileFlex Basement Floor

    $5.29 15 Reviews

    Raised vinyl top floor tile. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

  • Economy Foam Puzzle Mat 1/2 Inch

    $3.96 87 Reviews

    Economical 1/2 inch thick interlocking foam puzzle tile. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

  • HiddenLock Coin Top Tile

    $3.98 1 Reviews

    Easy installation, modern coin top industrial look in basement floors. In Stock, ships in 1-3 working days.

  • Perfection Slate Top Tiles

    $59.69 6 tiles 8 Reviews

    Hidden interlock design with slate top texture. Ships in 1-3 weeks.

  • Ergo Gym Floor

    $11.38 4 Reviews

    Soft and supportive modular gym floor tiles. In Stock, ships in 2-3 working days.

  • Artificial Grass Turf Padded Tile

    $3.69 4 Reviews

    Indoor artificial grass turf tile with padded backing, as an interlocking tile. In Stock, ships in 1 working day.

The right basement flooring can create an attractive and functional living area in your basement. Floor products can add warmth, color and comfort to areas that need a finished flooring surface. Many flooring products can be used in basements with in-floor heat. Most of our basement flooring products are designed for use directly over concrete or any hard flat surface. To determine what type of basement flooring is best for your home, ask yourself a few questions. How will the space be used; for a home gym, kids play area or family room or for a variety of uses? Knowing your needs will help to choose the right flooring that best fits your application.

A popular basement flooring solution that is both economical and great for kids and exercise rooms are foam flooring tiles. Foam tiles come in a variety of thicknesses, colors and surface textures. Foam is safe and soft and easy to install. Foam tiles are warm and comfortable under foot and can add color and design to any home basement. Foam mats are non water absorbent, EVA foam mats can turn any hard cold concrete floor into a safe and soft kids play area.

Rubber flooring is available in both interlocking rubber tiles and rubber rolls. Rubber material is hard and durable and is an excellent choice for under exercise equipment and for home weight room floors and free weight areas. Rubber flooring material is available from 1/4 inch thickness up to one inch thick material. We offer full color rubber tiles, all black and black with colored fleck in the mix. Interlocking rubber tiles are easy to handle and require no tape or glue for installation. Rolled rubber flooring can be more economical especially for larger areas, and is available in roll lengths from 10 ft and longer.

Interlocking rubber flooring is a great option for a home gym in basements. The tiles are simple to install and protect both the concrete and exercise equipment. Because they are interlocking they require no adhesive to install and can be easily taken up and moved. Rubber is the primary flooring choice for most residential home gym floors.

Rolled rubber is the least expensive rubber flooring option in many cases. Like rubber tiles, it also protects floors and exercise equipment. Rolled rubber flooring is often found in larger installations such as commercial gyms, and can also be installed in home basement floors. Rolled rubber ships via freight delivery, except for our 4x10 ft x 1/4 inch thick rolls. As a precautionary measure, we recommend a tape down installation with this product. Adhesive is also an option for permanent installations, especially in larger areas.

Carpeted basement flooring options include a modular snap together carpet tile and an interlocking carpet top, foam backed floor tile. Both of these options offer a carpeted and comfortable flooring surface. Snap together raised carpet tiles are a good option for damp basement floors. Interlocking carpet tiles with foam backing offer instant cushion and comfort, both carpet tile options are easy to install.

The Royal interlocking carpet tile product provides a soft and warm flooring solution for your basement and are non water absorbent. A thick, foam bottom provides excellent comfort and fatigue relief on hard basement floors. Similar to foam flooring tiles, if these carpet tiles get wet, they are easy to remove, dry out and re-install. Carpet top foam tiles provide warmth, comfort, great appearance and are available in several designer colors.

For basement floors with moisture issues, consider a flooring product that resists moisture and is non water absorbent. Raised floor tiles feature a base system that elevates the tile off the floor, this allows for air to move under the finished flooring surface. Elevated flooring options are great for damp floors that will benefit for free air flow.

A raised flooring tile solution that looks great and provides excellent durability is our Max Tile. These tiles easily snap together to create a permanent or temporary flooring solution. This flooring option can be cut to fit for a wall to wall installation. Max Tiles are available in several popular designs including wood grain and stone looks. You can choose from light oak, dark oak, maple plank, cherry plank, walnut plank, slate, or stone. Max Tile is a very popular, higher end basement flooring solution that is durable for furniture use, and will last for many years.

A great carpeted raised flooring option is our CarpetFlex floor tile. This flooring option features an interlocking durable plastic base with a carpeted top surface. The raised nature of this tile allows air to flow beneath the tiles.

When creating an island installation inside of a larger room, consider a flooring product for your basement with a border option. Many of our flooring options include ramped or straight edge borders that provide for a finished look to your floor. When installing flooring wall to wall, you may start the installation in one corner of the room that shares two longer walls, or start in the center of the room and cut the tiles to fit wall to wall.

Installation of basement flooring is generally an easy, do-it-yourself project. Interlocking and snap together tiles are quick to install and easy to take up if needed. Cleaning of basement flooring is similar to other household residential floors. Always use a neutral Ph floor cleaner when cleaning rubber flooring material.

Basement flooring from Greatmats can turn any hard basement floor into a comfortable, soft and fun space. We offer a variety of basement flooring solutions in rubber, foam, carpet, PVC and vinyl surfaces. For any questions about our flooring options, please contact customer service for more information. We will assist with questions, volume price quotes and product samples. Please view specific basement flooring product pages on our site to read customer product reviews. Reviews can assist in learning about the various features of different flooring products.

The Greatmats online Pro floor plan designer is a convenient and easy way to create a basement flooring room layout to scale. With the Pro floor planner, simply enter your room dimensions to build your room, choose products and flooring colors, create a floor design if desired, and get flooring product quantities needed for your project. From there, either add product to your cart, calculate shipping or request a quote from customer service.

Basement flooring products are shipped via ground and freight delivery. Smaller orders and most foam tile jobs are delivered via UPS or FedEx ground service. Rubber flooring tiles and rolls and other heavier or larger orders may require a freight delivery. For any questions about delivery, please contact customer service.

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