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Dance Subfloor System

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Introducing an affordable and professional dance studio This underlayment provides a cushioned floor for dancers. It also provides a firm surface on which to lay your marley vinyl flooring.

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This cushion dance flooring system consists of a two layer system. The bottom layer is our 1/2 inch thick interlocking high density foam mats that will provide cushion when needed. The top layer of this system is a modular 1x1 foot snap together hard plastic floor tile that will allow for any type of marley vinyl to be installed as the finished flooring surface.

This system is an easy and affordable dance studio subflooring system that requires no glue or special tools to install and no adhesive. Both layers of this professional dance studio subfloor system are free floating and can be un-installed and moved if needed.

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Pricing for High Density Foam Cushion Floor
2 Part System 4.29 per SF
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