Rubber Floor Mats 4x6 and 4x10 Ft

are used in commercial and home applications for athletic gym floors, equine horse stalls, rooftop walkways and industrial flooring. Greatmats offers 4x6 foot and other interlocking and straight edge rubber floor mats to fit your needs. Rubber mats are an excellent choice when a durable floor mat is needed that will withstand height weights, high traffic and repeated use. 4x6 ft straight edge mats are an economical option for a rubber flooring solution.

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  • Ring Mat 3x3 Ft for Equine

    Star Rating Image 1 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.09 per SF Ships out 1-3 Days 3x3 ft ring mat for indoors and outdoors in horse stalls and barn areas

Displaying 1-33 of 33 Products
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Use these floor mats in weight rooms and gyms. The 3/4 and 1/2 inch thickness options can take the punishment of heavy weights and will not break down over time. For weight lifting platforms and crossfit gyms choose the 3/4 inch thick 4x6 ft rubber floor mats. Most home users can use a 3/8 inch rubber flooring material for weights under 75 lbs. and for stationary exercise equipment.

Rubber mats are also a common solution for horse stalls. They are easy to clean and provide excellent cushion for animals. Rubber mats for horse stalls are generally 3/4 inch thick. We recommend our 4x6 ft straight or interlocking horse stall kits.

Our Fitness 4x6 ft black and colored rubber mats are made with a re-vulcanized manufacturing process and feature a very tight bond in the material making these mats waterproof and less porous on the surface. These rubber floor mats feature a diamond top surface texture pattern which is very wear and scuff resistant and easy to keep clean. The finish on this line of floor mats is very smooth and looks great.

The Fitness 4x6 mats are available in all black or with a 25% color fleck in the mix, offering several popular color options. The mats are offered as ''trued'', which means they are water-jet cut perfectly square so that when fitting many mats together on a larger floor the mats will fit very tightly together with minimal seams between the mats. For this type of installation, consider a staggered approach.

Our Gym and Eco line of rubber floor mats are made in a similar method to common rolled rubber material and feature a low smell rubber flooring option. These mats are offered in various thicknesses and colors including, Eco or natural, pure black, and 10% color fleck. The Natural color floor mats have small white or colored flecks in the mix of the material. The Eco natural colored mats are offered at a cost savings.

To clean your rubber floor mats we recommend a damp mop and hot water. Always use a neutral pH cleaner on rubber material. Greatmats will assist to help our customers find the best shipping options which means shipping product from the closest possible location to our customers.

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