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Gym Wall Padding

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High-quality is available with digital image capabilities. This wall pad option for gymnasiums features both direct screw-on or Z-Clip installation methods. Custom designs are standard procedure for our professional staff. ASTM rated foam padding is available. Class A fire rated vinyl is standard and Class A fire rated foam is available. All vinyl is 16 oz and 6P compliant phthalate free material.

Use Types:
Gym Wall Pads, Basketball Court Wall Pads, Fitness Facilities Pads

16 Oz. Phthalate Free Vinyl is Standard, ASTM foam padding, Class A Fire Option, Digital Logo Creation

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Made in the USA of the highest quality material and craftsmanship, this wall pad option is available at competitive pricing. This gym wall pad option features standard ASTM rated 2-inch thick PE foam of 60% or more recycled content. Choose Class A fire rated option to receive a vinyl covering with your pads to meet Class A fire requirements.

Installation methods are available in two options: Lip-top and bottom or Z-Clip. Lip top and bottom pads feature a one-inch lip at the top and bottom of each wall pad that allows for a direct screw-on connection to a wall or a 1x2 inch furring strip that is first attached to the wall. Z-Clip installation features a channel type connection method where one channel is connected to the pad and a receiving channel is connected to the wall. This method allows for easy removal the wall pads as needed.

Z-Clip installation note: Z-Clips are to be attached to the back of the wall pad panels during installation. The wall pads are NOT shipped with the Z-Clips attached. Z-Clips are provided with screws for attachment. Z-Clips are pre-cut to length and the panels are pre-drilled to receive the channeling.

Made in the USA

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  • Material: PE Foam with 6P Compliant Vinyl Cover
  • Material Density: 80 Shore A
  • Type: Wall Pad
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Standad Size: 6 feet x 2 feet
  • Thickness: 2 inch
  • Weight per: 20 pounds per
  • Ordering Minimum: 3 pads
  • UV Resistant Vinyl: Yes
  • Antifungal and Antibacterial: Yes
  • Stocked: No
  • Non Absorbent: Partial
  • Ships Out From Warehouse: 1-3 weeks
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Installation: Direct or Z-Clip
  • Special Adhesives: No
  • Top Texture: Smooth Flat

Vinyl Characteristics:

  • 16 oz Vinyl Cover Weight
  • Flame Retardant Vinyl Covering
  • All Vinyl Meets NFPA 701 CSFM Fire Testing, Achieves a Alass A fire rating
  • Vinyl is 6P Compliant, Phalate Free - Meets CA Clean Water Act
  • Treated with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Vinyl has UV resistant pigments

Additional Features:

  • 4 Color Custom Digital Logo Creation
  • 2 inch Thick PE Foam: 1.8 lbs density x 60lb IFD
  • Over 60% Recycled Material in Foam Material
  • Wood Backing: 7/16 inch OSB
  • 110-4 Model is ASTM F2440 Compliant
  • 110-8 Model is Class Fire Rated, Test Method ASTM E-84

Architectural Specifications PDF

Installation Instructions With Lip Top and Bottom Pads PDF

Installation Instructions With Z-Clips Pads PDF

Gym Wall Pads
Basic Soft Pads 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Lip TB $63.00
Basic Soft Pads 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Z-Clip $74.00
ASTM Impact 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Lip TB $63.00
ASTM Impact 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Z-Clip $74.00
Class A Fire 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Lip TB $126.00
Class A Fire 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Z-Clip $138.00
Wall Pad Cutouts $55.00

Standard Fonts Lettering 1 Color $85.00
Custom 4 Color Logos per SF $103.00
ASTM & Class A Fire 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Lip TB $145.00
ASTM & Class A Fire 2x6 Ft x 2 Inch Z-Clip $155.00

Available Colors

  • Wall Pad White
  • Wall Pad Yellow
  • Wall Pad Camel
  • Wall Pad Orange
  • Wall Pad Flair Red
    Flair Red
  • Wall Pad Rich Red
    Rich Red
  • Wall Pad Dark Maroon
    Dark Maroon
  • Wall Pad Kelly Green
    Kelly Green
  • Wall Pad Forest Green
    Forest Green
  • Wall Pad Sky Blue
    Sky Blue
  • Wall Pad Champion Blue
    Champion Blue
  • Wall Pad Royal Blue
    Royal Blue
  • Wall Pad Navy
  • Wall Pad Purple
  • Wall Pad Galaxy Gray
    Galaxy Gray
  • Wall Pad Black

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