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is a unique, durable TV floor tile product that is 100% vinyl material and designed for professional commerical studio installations. This TV studio flooring tile is 3 x 3 feet in size. Installation can be either a full glue down method, or for non-permanent installations use a double sided floor tape from Rosco. Installation of this TV floor tile is quick and easy. Rosco Tiles are the most widely used TV flooring tile in the industry. Choose black, white or TV gray for colors. Improve the look and feel of your TV studio floor with the installation of durable floor tiles from Rosco. Use Rosco Tiles for your next TV studoio flooring upgrade.

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Originally designed for video production facilities, each 1/8" (3mm) thick, 12 pound tile is designed to lie flat for temporary, as well as permanent installations. While Rosco Tile is designed not to break or crack during typical use, the tile format makes for easy replacement should one or more tiles be gouged by a sharp object.

The tiles typically have a low luster sheen, but can be buffed to a high gloss using Rosco Silver Label Floor Finish. Available in white, Black and TV Gray.

All tiles should be stripped of their shipping coating with professional cleaning equipment and Rosco Blue Label Floor Cleanser and be protected with Rosco Silver Label Floor Finish. Rosco Green Label Cleanser is available for use in a regular cleaning schedule. For permanent installations, use Rosco adhesives.

Initial cleaning of the Rosco Tiles is required after installation, using Rosco's Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner. Please see the Support Docs tab for instructions. Heavy Duty Flooring Cleaner coverage at 3 cups per gallon of water mix, 2125 SF.

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For temporary installation, tiles lie flat on their own, although Rosco floor tape may be used to secure the edges. For permanent installation, a professional flooring contractor should be consulted.

Rosco Flooring Installation Manual

First Cleaning Instructions

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