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Aerobic Mats and Flooring

and flooring is offered as floor tiles and interlocking modular tiles. Create a professional quality aerobic floor area with ease using Greatmats aerobic flooring options. All of our aerobics floors provide fatigue relief for exercises of all types. Modular aerobic mats look great and since they require no adhesive to install, you can move them around or expand your aerobics flooring as necessary.

  • StayLock Orange Peel Colors

    1 Reviews On Sale $4.99per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Aerobic and ergonomic floor tile with orange peel texture.
  • Tap Dance Board Kit

    6 Reviews On Sale $99.00per Tile In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Portable Tap Dance Board Kit for home or studio use.
  • Tile Flex

    15 Reviews On Sale $5.29 In Stock Ships out 4-6 Days Commercial or residential snap together basement floor tile.
  • Workout Mat 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch Roll Out Mat

    38 Reviews On Sale $247.94per Mat In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 4-6 Days Easy to store roll out home fitness and martial arts mat.
  • Max Tile Raised Modular Floor Tile

    80 Reviews On Sale $4.79per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Modular raised basement floor tile and portable dance floor tile.
  • Cushion Tile - Black - G

    3 Reviews On Sale $2.99 Offers unparalleled air cushioned comfort and form a strong floor surface with multiple applications.
  • Martial Arts Pro TKD 7/8

    43 Reviews On Sale $15.95per Tile In Stock Ships out 1-3 Days Thatch texture makes this a perfect and affordable Taekwondo mat.
  • Sport Plus Designer Foam Tile

    27 Reviews On Sale $7.16per Tile In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Interlocking high density durable foam sport tile
  • Home Sport and Play Mat 7/8 Inch

    220 Reviews On Sale $7.96per Tile In Stock Free Shipping Ships out 1-3 Days Durable like rubber top texture for play mats, home exercise and kids play rooms.

If you've tried to do aerobics or similar types of high energy exercise on a hard floor, you know firsthand how important a quality aerobics floor can be. Step, dance, and high impact workouts can wreak havoc on your spine and knees if you arent performing on an impact absorbing surface. Ceramic tiles, concrete, and hardwood can be some of the worst offenders. Fortunately, our specialty flooring options can help you create a perfect floor to get the most out of your aerobics workouts.

At Greatmats, we offer a number of different aerobics flooring options for you to choose from. Our complete line of flooring tiles and interlocking mats covers the three main categories for aerobics flooring: foam, plastic, and rubber. You can create a temporary or permanent athletic aerobic room with ease using aerobics flooring from Greatmats. All of our aerobics floors provide fatigue relief for exercise of all types and standing on these flooring types is much more comfortable than standing on hard surfaces. Modular aerobics tiles look great and, since they require no adhesive for installation, you can move them around and expand your aerobics floor as necessary.

Whether youre looking for a permanent wall to wall floor for a home gym or just an island of a few interlocking foam mats to exercise on, we have what youre looking for. You can even build a little center area in your room for workouts that you can quickly hide away when youre done using it. If you prefer, we have modular wood grain tiles that look fantastic in any setting, exercise or otherwise. Want to install a wall-to-wall floor but it sounds complicated? Rest easy. Our floors are simple to lay down and calculating the amount of aerobics flooring youll need is easy with our handy online Room Designer. Simply measure the lengths of your walls and plug those numbers in. The planner will do the calculations for you. If you have any difficulty, a friendly customer service representative is standing by to assist you.

Staying in shape can be difficult. Give yourself the best tools for the job. Aerobics mats from Greatmats will help your exercise regimen as well as your knees, hips, and ankles. Our aerobics floors are specifically designed for high impact aerobics, dance, and other forms of exercise and, with a small amount of maintenance, they will be a part of your home for years.

Interlocking foam tiles are a breeze to install wall to wall for aerobic floors. Simply lay out these foam tiles and interlock the edges, and cut them with a sharp utility knife and youre ready to go! This closed cell, EVA foam is lightweight so its easy to transport and store. Want to relocate? No problem! With our foam aerobics mats you can simply stack them up and bring them with you. Tight fitting seams ensure that your aerobic floor will stay snug and stable for years to come.

Modular StayLock Tiles are easy to install soft plastic tiles for aerobic flooring, with excellent cushion relief and durability. These tiles are available in many designer solid colors with a bump top or orange peel surface texture. These high cushion aerobic mats provide fatigue relief and are much more comfortable than hardwood or concrete. Install the Staylock on any flat surface including carpeting.

Max Tiles feature a durable commercial grade vinyl top surface for home basement floors. Use a 3mm rubber underlayment for use as an aerobics flooring surface. The Max Tile is available in a variety of designer wood grain looks. The commercial grade vinyl top surface of this flooring is scratch resistant and will look fantastic for years to come.

Cleaning of all types of aerobics flooring is quick and simple. In most cases, a quick once over with a damp mop should restore your floor to its original appearance. In cases where there is heavy dirt or mud, we recommend a basic floor cleaner with a low ph. Keeping your floor clean and maintained will add years to its lifespan and keep your workout area looking great.

Commercial installations of aerobic flooring will ship via freight delivery while home users can expect ground shipping for most items. Some of our modular aerobics tiles come with a ten-year limited warranty. Please consult with a Greatmats aerobic flooring specialist for questions, sample requests and volume quotes. We look forward to working with you. Our team of specialists is here to assist.

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