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Rolled Rubber Flooring 4 ft wide

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is an economical flooring option for home and professional rubber flooring installations. Find rolled rubber flooring in all thickness and color options available at the best prices anywhere. We offer great shipping rates with rolled rubber shipping from points nationwide. Rolled rubber in 4 ft widths is a stocked product for immediate shipment in 25 and 50 ft roll lengths x 8 mm and 3/8 inch thickness in black and various common colors with 10% color fleck. Custom cut rolled rubber is also available with 1 to 2 week shipping lead times. Greatmats has professional and knowledgeable sales staff ready to assist with questions, volume discount quotes and samples.

Rolled Rubber Gym Floors, Weight Room Rolled Rubber Floors, Industrial Rolled Rubber, Rooftop Rubber Walkways

In Stock Rubber Rolls, Shipping Points Nationwide, Durable Rubber Material, Custom Cut Lengths

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4x10 Ft x 1/4"Rubber Rolls with Free Shipping

4x10 Ft x 1/4" Rubber Plyometric Rolls with Free Shipping

Rolls of Rubber Remnants with Free Shipping

Rolled rubber flooring is a popular option in homes and schools for gym floors and weight room areas. Our rolls of rubber for gyms are available in thicknesses from 1/4 to 1/2 inch, in 100% black and with color flecks of various percentages up to 90 percent for custom orders. Custom colors and mixes are available with minimum log runs.

Rolled rubber is a great product for protecting floors from free weights and exercise equipment such as tread mills. Available in 4 foot widths, these rolls are available in standard cut lengths of 25 and 50 linear feet. Custom cut lengths are also available.

Rolls of rubber flooring is a lower cost rubber flooring option than interlocking tiles. Found in commercial and home gyms, it acts as a sound dampener as well as a floor protector. Rubber rolls are relatively easy to install. Lay rolled rubber over concrete, ceramic tile, or any smooth, hard, flat surface. For a wall to wall installation, simply unroll the rubber material out and cut to fit with a straightedge and a utility knife. Rolls are factory cut with precision so they will lay side-by-side with no gaps between rolls. The ends of the rolls are not cut square and will require trimming during installation.

Choose either double sided tape or adhesive to attach the rubber to a clean, hard floor surface. Rubber rolls can also be dry laid but they should be taped at the perimeter and seams to keep them from overlapping or sliding. For small home installations tape down installation may not be required.

Rubber flooring rolls are available in standard black or with color fleck options from 10 and 20 percent and custom jobs up to 90 percent. Natural or confetti products are available as reground rubber material products. Natural rolled rubber contain whitewalls from recycled tires in the rubber mix. Confetti includes various colored materials of varying types from previoius runs. These color mixes vary from roll to roll. These are the least expensive rolled rubber options available.

Rolled rubber flooring will arrive via freight delivery for rolls larger than 10 ft long.

Please note: rolled rubber is not a fatigue relief flooring product. It is hard like a car tire and will not provide cushion for aerobic activities. For those activities, please see our Aerobics Flooring category page.

All of the rubber rolls that Greatmats carry are made in the USA.

Made in the USA Recycled Content


  • Weight Rooms
  • Storage Rooms
  • Ammunition Rooms
  • Industrial Applications

Avoid getting this rolled rubber product wet. Although very non-porous, this rubber material will absorb water over time when submerged repeatedly or power washed on a regular basis. To dry this rubber material, it is best to elevate the material off the ground or hand-dry.


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  • Material: Recycled Rubber
  • Material Density: 60 Shore A
  • Type: Roll
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Roll Size: 4 Ft Wide
  • Thickness: 1/4 to 1/2 inch
  • Connection: None
  • Universal Interlocks: N/A
  • Tiles per Carton: N/A
  • Ordering Minimum: 25 LF
  • UV Treated: No
  • Stocked: Some Types
  • Ships Out From Warehouse: in 1-2 Weeks
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Border Strips: Non
  • Installation: Hard Flat Surface
  • Special Adhesives: Chemrex 941 for Glue Down Installation
  • Top Texture: Flat Smooth
  • Loss Per Tile: N/A

Size and Dimensions:

  • Thicknesses: 1/4" - 8 mm - 3/8" - 1/2"
  • Sizes: Rolls are 4 Ft wide
  • Custom Roll Length Available: 25 Linear Feet per Roll or longer
  • 1/4" - 1.5 lbs per SF
  • 8 mm - 1.85 lbs per SF
  • 3/8" - 2.1 lbs per SF
  • 1/2" - 3.0 lbs per SF


  • Recycle Tire Tread Rubber Material
  • Hard Rubber Similar to a Car Tire
  • Durable Resilient Surface
  • Low Odor
  • Non Slip
  • Waterproof Resistent
  • Installation: Glue Down, Tape Down or Dry Lay for Small Areas
  • Color flecks are distributed throughout product & will not wear away.
Custom Color Minimums / Increments Chart
1/4" 1400 SF
3/8" 900 SF
1/2" 640 SF

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Pricing for Rolled Rubber Flooring 4 Ft Wide
1/4" Eco Regrind Black $1.23 per SF
1/4" 100% Black $1.59 per SF Sale Price: $1.35 per SF
1/4" Regrind 10% Confetti $1.35 per SF Sale Price: $1.05 per SF
1/4" 10% Color Fleck $1.89 per SF Sale Price: $1.61 per SF
1/4" 20% Color Fleck $2.19 per SF Sale Price: $1.86 per SF
1/4" Custom Colors Call for Quote
8 mm Eco Regrind Black $1.70 per SF Sale Price: $1.45 per SF
8mm Black $2.15 per SF Sale Price: $1.82 per SF
8mm 10% Color Fleck $2.29 per SF Sale Price: $1.73 per SF
8mm 17% Color Fleck $2.39 per SF Sale Price: $2.03 per SF
3/8" Regrind 10% Confetti $1.89 per SF Sale Price: $1.59 per SF
3/8" Econo Regrind Black $1.99 per SF Sale Price: $1.69 per SF
3/8" 100% Black $2.29 per SF Sale Price: $1.95 per SF
3/8" 10% Color Fleck $2.49 per SF Sale Price: $2.12 per SF
3/8" 20% Color Fleck $2.79 per SF Sale Price: $2.37 per SF
3/8" Custom Colors Call for Quote
1/2" Eco Regrind Black $2.69 per SF
1/2" 100% Black $2.92 per SF Sale Price: $2.49 per SF
1/2" 10% Color Flec $2.99 per SF Sale Price: $2.55 per SF
1/2" 20% Color Flec $3.59 per SF Sale Price: $3.05 per SF
1/2" Custom Call for Quote
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Black Rolls
  • Rubber Mat 4x6 Ft Natural
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Blue Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Brown Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Tan Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Gold Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Green Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Light Gray Rolls
    Light Gray
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Lipstick Rolls
    Lipstick Red
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Orange Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Purple Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Raspberry Rolls
    Raspberry Red
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Red Rolls
    Brick Red
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Turquoise Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Eggshell/White Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Yellow Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Confetti Rolls
    Confetti Regrind

    Color Percentage Swatches

  • Rolled Rubber Flooring 10% color
    10% Color Fleck
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring 20% color
    20% Color Fleck
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring 50% color
    50% Color Fleck
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring 90% color
    90% Color Fleck

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