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Ergo Matta Perforated large holes

This can be installed easily by anyone on any outdoor surface including sand, dirt, grass and pavement. Simply interlock the playground tiles together and the playground surface is ready to use. These tiles features a 20 inch fall height rating based on ASTM 1292 industry standard fall height testing.

Because these playground surface tiles come in brilliant colors they can help to stimulate the children's minds during recess and play time. Border ramps are available for around the perimeter of this playground surface tile that provides a safe transition on and off this outdoor play surface where needed.


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Soft and supportive modular playground tiles.

Recycled Content

Temperatures: Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -30° C (-22° F) to + 90° C (194° F). Mat size increases up to 2mm (1/16") in length in temperatures up to 90° C (194° F)

Packaging: Packed in boxes of 20 with the box size being 515 mm (20 3/8") long x 515mm (20 3/8") wide x 150mm (6") high. A full 20 ft container holds approximately 14,600 mats.

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  • Excellent ergonomic and antifatigue qualities
  • Attractive design
  • Closed & open interlock with each other
  • Excellent sound dampening qualities
  • Excellent drainage qualities
  • Lower profile minimizes worry of trips or falls
  • Edge ramps available upon request
  • Guaranteed for five years


  • Dimensions: 500mm (20") long x 250mm (10") wide x 15mm (9/16") High
  • Weight: 700 grams (24oz) each
  • Material: Rubber and flexible P.V.C.
  • Coverage of 1.35 SF per tile


  • Recycled Content
  • Non Slip
  • No Odor
  • Water can seep between the seams where the tiles connect.
  • Outdoor and UV Resistant
  • Anti-Fatigue
Pricing Estimate Table for Playground Flooring Ergo
100 SF - 10x10 Ft area - not including borders $672.00 plus shipping
200 SF - 10x20 Ft area - not including borders $1344.00 plus shipping
400 SF - 20x20 Ft area - not including borders $2688.00 plus shipping

Pricing for Playground Flooring Ergo
20" x 10" x 9/16" Tiles $9.34 per piece - $6.72 per SF
20 Inch Ramps $7.25 per
100 SF+ Request a Quote
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Blue
    US Blue
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Yellow
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Green
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Red
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Gray
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo White
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Black
  • Gym Floor Mats Ergo Beige

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