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Theater Flooring - Durable Vinyl Theater Floor for Dance and Productions

is featured in vinyl rolls that are 6 foot width. This material is designed for a low glare theater settings. Theater floor is an excellent choice for theatre productions and video shoots, and can be used for all dance types. This durable and long lasting theater flooring vinyl sheet good is available in full rolls in black only. 

Theater floor can be used for all dance types with hard or soft shoes, and is a durable option as a vinyl dance floor surface in professional theatre settings. This theatre floor can be taped down for temporary installations and can be rolled up and stored when not in use. For permanent installations this theatre flooring can be glued down with latex floor adhesive.

Choose our Adagio dance floor for professional dance floor studios that have a tap dancing program as our Adagio dance flooring material is specifically designed for tap shoes.

PLEASE NOTE: This type of theater flooring in rolls of vinyl should never be stored in a flat position, as this will cause the rolls to flatten and may cause rippling in the material when unrolled. This theater flooring material should always be stored in an upright standing position with the material rolled up tight on the roll. 

Tap shoes with aluminum taps will leave black oxidation marks on all vinyl flooring material, this is more noticable with gray colored vinyl flooring. For this reason we do not recommend gray flooring when using this floor for tap dancing. Tap shoes with steel taps will not leave black marks, yet all tap shoes will leave some non-color markings on the floor.

Choose this floor for:

  • Theater Flooring
  • Dance Floors
  • Modern Dance
  • Jazz Dance
  • Ballet Dance

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  • Width: 6' (1.53m)
  • Length: 60' (18.29m)
  • Thickness: 80 mils
  • Colors: Ultra flat black
  • Weight: 250 lbs per roll


  • Semi-Permanent
  • Permanent

For semi-permanent installation, use matching Rosco Vinyl, Gaffers or Rosco Double Stick tape. Consult a professional flooring contractor for advice on permanent installation. Use Rosco adhesives and floor seam welding thread only.

Use with:

  • Latex Adhesive
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • All Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning and Installation PDF

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