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Kids Kushion Rubber Playground Tiles

are 2x2 ft in size and range from 2.5 to 3.75 inches thick. These rubber playground tiles are an excellent choice for parks, churches and school playgrounds. Kids Kushion tiles are designed to provide impact attenuation while providing drainage in all climates.

Use Types:
Playground Surface Tiles, School Playground, Churches, Park Playgrounds

Fall Height Rated, IPEMA Approved, Clean Play Surface, Modular Easy Install Tiles

Starting at


/ piece Black

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Playground tiles are an ideal surface for commercial playgrounds, churches, and schools. These rubber playground tiles provide a fall-height-rated surface to provide additional safety from falls from equipment such as swings or slides. Tiles can be installed directly over concrete or on a base of crushed stone or gravel. These tiles are available in a variety of color combinations as well as different thicknesses. Easily replace worn out tiles as you need to. Kid's Kushion playground tiles are available with ADA ramps for wheelchair access.

Playground tile transition pieces, or "ramps," are available for this playground rubber tile in the different thicknesses to match the tile height along with specifically molded inside and outside corner pieces that will finish the rubber playground tile installation.

Made in the USA Recycled Content


  • Park Playgrounds
  • School and Community Playground Tiles
  • Rooftops Rubber Tiles
  • Protective Playground Rubber Surfacing
  • Home Playground Rubber Tiles

Never rake your playground surface again with Kids Kushion playground tiles you can keep a consistent fall height protection for kids on monkey bars, slides, swings and other playground equipment. These protective rubber playground tiles maintain a constant and safe play area unlike sand, wood chips, or other types of loose fill playground flooring. If a tile wears out after years of abuse in a high traffic area, you can simply replace it. This make it very convenient when compared to other surfaces such as poured-in-place rubber.

Ramps are available for playground tiles in various thicknesses to match the tile height. This product also comes with specifically molded inside and outside corner pieces that will complete the installation.

This type of rubber playground tile can be installed with a full glue-down or clip installation method. This product must be installed on a flat, hard surface such as compacted crushed stone, concrete, or asphalt.

Use this product for park playgrounds, schools, rooftops, skateparks, and anywhere you need a protective rubber surface.

The Kids Kushion system provides a level and resilient surface and provides wheelchair accessibility complete with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Ramps (24"x 27"). These have a 1:12 slope, which exceeds the ADA minimum 1:16 grade slope.

To determine which thickness of the Kids Kushion playground tile that is necessary for your application, first determine your"fall height" (aka: "drop height"). Simply measure the height from the ground to the highest platform children would stand on. (By ASTM regulation, this distance is considered your fall height.

This playground tile should not be installed directly on top of dirt or grass. Our only outdoor playground tile that can be installed directly on top of grass and dirt is the Kids Ergo Matta,. This product is a perforated, outdoor, soft plastic product.

The 2.5" thickness is used most frequently both indoors and out. When installed over concrete or asphalt, it provides a drop height rating of 6 ft. The 3.5" thickness provides an 8 ft. drop-height over concrete and the 3.75" thickness provides a 10 ft. drop-height.

In terms of color, black is the least expensive. Standard solid colors are: Azure (blue), Gris (charcoal gray), Terra Cotta (burnt red), and Verde (bright green). These four colors have been carefully tested for durability & longevity. Please note that all colored rubber will eventually fade. These colors have been selected because they withstand the effects of UV sunshine the best. (See Color Chart)

The preferred sub-surface for a Kid Kushion surface is concrete or asphalt, but it is acceptable to install our product on top of compacted dirt or crushed rock. These rubber playground tiles require a stable, solid surface with a grade. This will allow water to drain away from the surface area. You do not want water to puddle beneath the surface for extended periods of time as dips will form and the overall appearance of the surface will not be as pleasing.

Our single-component adhesive works especially well with this product because the same bonding agent present in this adhesive is used in the Kid tile itself. The bond formed will never fail. Of course, you won't be able to remove the tile once you've glued it in place. This is the most economical manner of installing our tiles, as well as the most theft-proof.

Aluminum metal clips must be used over dirt and any surface that is not permanent or completely smooth. The best advantage to the clips is that if you choose to remove your Kid Kushion Playground Tiles from its current location you can; then move them to be installed at a new address. Also, it makes maintenance easier. Oftentimes, one tile will take a more continuous pounding by children's' feet (i.e. bottom of a slide, spot where kids scuff the surface as they "step up" onto a structure). This tile will probably wear out earlier than any of the other tiles and you'll want to replace it. With the clip system, this is much easier to do.

Adhesive and metal clips can be used together. Oftentimes, the aluminum metal clips are used to hold center tiles together while the perimeter tiles are installed with adhesive. In this sceario, one row of center tiles, and the ramps (perimeter pieces) are glued. The result is a surface that is locked together with clips and adhered tightly by a glued-down perimeter.

Adhesive coverage is rougly 60 sq.ft. per gallon; Surfacing requires 3.6 clips per tile. These clips are to be used specifically with Kid Kushion Tiles only (2 1/2", 3 1/2", & 3 3/4" thickness), and cannot be used with ramp pieces. See Installations for more information.

The International Playground Equipment Manufacturers (IPEMA) Association) certifies playground surfacing for specific fall heights as per Federal ASTM-1292-99 testing (for Head Impact Attenuation). CPSC also uses this same test to determine the safety of the playground surfacing.

Kids Kushion is delivered via freight carrier. Please see our shipping disclaimer for more information.

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  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Paint and binders are lead-free
  • All the crumb rubber used is 100% recycled rubber
  • The EPDM particles used for the top 1/4" of the special speckled colors are virgin rubber by definition
  • Kid Kushion Tiles can be produced with a UL Class A or Class B fire rating, if required


  • Recycled Content
  • Non Slip
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Waterproof
  • Made in USA
  • No Adhesive Required
  • Outdoor and UV Resistant

Size and Dimensions:

  • Tile Size: 24x24 Inches, plus or minus 1/8 to 1/4 inch in either direction
  • Ramp Edge Size: 8x48 Inches
  • ADA Ramp Size: 27x24 Inches

Fall Height Rating per Thickness:

  • 2.5 Inches - 6 FT Fall Height
  • 3.5 Inches - 8 FT Fall Height
  • 3.75 Inches - 10 FT Fall Height

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View Installation PDF

View Transition Tiles Diagram PDF

View Cleaning Instructions PDF

Pricing Table
Thickness - Fall Rating Black Colors Speckled Colors EPDM Colors
2.5 Inch - 6 Ft Fall Height $26.30 per piece $27.35 per piece - $6.84 per SF $28.65 per piece - $7.16 per SF $44.60 per piece - $11.15 per SF
3.5 Inch - 8 Ft Fall Height $29.75 per piece $30.75 per piece $32.00 per piece $45.90 per piece
3.75 Inch - 10 Ft Fall Height $30.75 per piece $31.80 per piece $33.05 per piece $47.45 per piece
2.5" Ramp Edge $24.20 per piece $25.80 per piece $27.05 per piece $44.35 per piece
3.5" Ramp Edge $33.55 per piece $36.65 per piece $37.90 per piece $66.55 per piece
3.75" Ramp Edge $34.60 per piece $36.65 per piece $37.90 per piece $69.65 per piece
2.5" ADA Ramps $45.90 per piece $55.20 per piece $56.50 per piece $79.95 per piece
2.5" Aprons for ADA Ramps $38.70 per piece $40.75 per piece $42.00 per piece $56.75 per piece
3.5" ADA Ramps $57.25 per piece $68.10 per piece $69.40 per piece $115.55 per piece
3.5" Aprons for ADA Ramps $40.75 per piece $42.85 per piece $44.10 per piece $71.70 per piece
Tile Clips $0.85 per piece

200 SF Minimum Order on this Product - for smaller projects please consider the - Kids Matta Tiles

Standard Colors

  • Deck Tile Black
  • Deck Tile Blue
  • Deck Tile Red
  • Deck Tile Light Gray
  • Deck Tile Green

Speckled Colors

  • Deck Tile Earth
  • Deck Tile Blue/Black
  • Deck Tile Steel Green/Black
  • Deck Tile Gray/Black
  • Deck Tile Red/Black
  • Deck Tile Tan/Black

Playful EPDM

  • Deck Tile Field
  • Deck Tile Confetti
  • Deck Tile Star
  • Deck Tile Hawaiian Sand
    Hawaiian Sand
  • Deck Tile Field
  • Deck Tile Mountain

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