Rubber flooring is available in several different thicknesses

Rubber Flooring – Which thickness is best for my home or commercial gym?

Rubber flooring is the most popular surface for home and commercial gyms. This is due to a number of reasons including durability, affordability, and the insulative properties that rubber brings to a gym. Rubber tends to deaden sound and feels much warmer to stand on than harder surfaces.

Once you’ve determined that you would like to use and you know if you want rolled or tiled rubber, it’s time to determine the thickness you need for your facility.

As a general rule, we make these recommendations:

1/4" rubber: This product is great for areas where heavy equipment such as treadmills or elliptical machines will be used. It will do great job of protecting both the machinery and your floor from being scratched. It is also durable enough to withstand dropped weights if they are VERY light. You will also find 1/4" rubber in high traffic areas such as aisle ways.

8mm / 3/8" inch rubber: There was a time not long ago when 3/8" rubber was the standard thickness used in most home and commercial facilities. However, the standard is starting to shift towards 8mm. This is due to the fact that 8mm is less expensive as well as slightly lighter than 3/8" material. Because it’s a little lighter, the shipping costs for 8mm are less than 3/8". This becomes more noticeable as you begin to buy larger quantities. From a performance standpoint, the difference between 8mm and 3/8" rubber is negligible.

Either 8mm or 3/8" rubber is great for weight rooms where weights between 50-75 lbs will be used on a regular basis.

1/2" rubber flooring is adequate for facilities where weights over 100 lbs will be used but not deliberately dropped on a regular basis.

3/4"-1" flooring is generally reserved for areas where power lifting will done. These thicknesses are usually more than most people need unless there is a great deal of dropping weights of more than 100 lbs on a regular basis. (Such as in dead lift or clean-and-jerk areas.)

If you have additional questions about the thickness of rubber you will need for you weight lifting area, please call our customer service representatives.

How thick your rubber flooring should be depends on how you'll use it.