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Commercial Stair Treads

are available from Burke and Endura. Find a complete line with all options and colors available in our line of top quality rubber and vinyl commercial stair treads. Accommodating riser material is available. Stair tread options include: round and square nose, visually impaired, and Uni-Step options. Colors of our commercial stair treads match the colors offered in the commercial rubber floor tiles. Top surface profiles include square, round, smooth and sculptured.

Our stair treads resist scuffing, gouging, cigarette burns, and most chemicals. Not only does rubber provide a beautiful look, it also provides insulation for warmth and extra cushion for walking comfort. Vinyl options available for cost savings. Adhesive for installation is available of this line of stair treads.

We have you covered from the ground up. Burke makes it easy to color coordinate your projects. You have a broad range of standard colors to choose from your installation: 20 Uni-Color System colors, as well as many additional colors. Custom colors are also available with minimum order requirements.

Rouleau® Stair System: Tile, Treads & Risers

Rouleau® blends style, color, and performance into a naturally beautiful floor covering. Rouleau® gives you impressive durability and comfort while creating an impressive look. Its gently raised round and square profiles provide a slip-resistant surface. The unique composition and design of Rouleau® resists scuffing, gouging, cigarette burns, and most chemicals.  

Not only does rubber provide a beautiful look, but it also provides insulation for warmth and cushioning for walking comfort. Rouleau Tile is available in 20 Uni-Color System colors and custom colors may be special ordered.

Burke Marble Stair Treads

With so many colors, patterns, and surface options, it’s easy to choose the Burke stair treads that are right for your installation. And with color-coordinated base, tile, and accessories you can create a perfectly smooth transition from floor to treads.

Burke stair treads come in all the colors and patterns of Marble, as well as custom colors.

Most treads are available in Safety and Visually Impaired configurations so you can meet required governmental regulations while maintaining the resilient, colorful integrity of your original design.

As with all Burke rubber flooring products, durability, comfort, low absorption, and resistance to impact and static loads is assured while maintenance is kept to a minimum. The color chip pattern extends through the entire tread so colors will never wear off.

Burke rubber stair treads are ideal for areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, and government buildings to name a few.


Linear Series Stair Treads have a unique grooved surface for improved traction and good looks.  

A variety of designs are available to meet Federal and State ADA specifications as well as meeting a wide range of budgets.  

12' Rubber and Vinyl Stair Treads are also available.  

Endura: Tile, Treads & Risers

Endura provides impressive durability and comfort. Its unique rubber formulation is highly slip-resistant and helps reduce noise from footfall while increasing comfort. Endura's built-in waxes produce a natural luster that requires no waxing or stripping and lowers maintenance costs.  

Backed by a ten-year warranty, Endura offers one of the best life-cycle flooring values available and is being used worldwide in thousands of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.  

Made in the USA

Applicable Standards:

  • Tile: ASTM F-1344, Class 1A
  • Treads: ASTM F2169, Type TS, Class 2, Group 1 & 2
  • Risers & Skirting: ASTM F1861, Type TS, Group 1, Style A & B

Indentation Resistance:

  • ASTM F970 - .000" residual indent at 250 PSI

Resistance Flame Rating:

  • ASTM E-648, Class 1
  • ASTM E-84, Class B
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  • Material: Vinyl
  • Material Density: 85 Shore A
  • Type: Linear foot
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Length Size: 3', 4', 5', and 6'
  • Thickness: 1/8”
  • Connection: None
  • Edge Type: Straight Edge
  • Ordering Minimum: 200 square feet
  • UV Treated: No
  • Stocked: No
  • Non Absorbent: Yes
  • Ships Out From Warehouse: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Installation: Hard Flat Surface
  • Special Adhesives: BR-711 Rubber floor adhesive
  • Top Texture: Squares, Round, or Smooth
  • Reversible: No

Size and Dimensions:

  • Round - .125" - 18.125" x 18.125"
  • Square - .125" - 18.125" x 18.125"
  • Sculptured - .125" - 18.125" x 18.125"
Stair Treads
Product Lengths VI Strips Relief
1/8" Round Profile 3',4',5',6' Option Round
1/8" Square Profile 3',4',5',6' Option Square
1/8" Uni-Step™ Round Profile 3',4',5',6' Option Round
1/8" Risers (7" height w/toe) 3',4',5',6' n/a none
1/8" Risers (6" cove) 4' n/a none
1/8" Skirting 12"x36" Slabs n/a none
1/8" Skirting (10" toeless base) 4' n/a none
Burke - Endura - Rouleau Stair Tread Pricing per LF
Visual Safety Rubber 10.74 per LF
Visual Safety Vinyl 7.47 per LF
Commercial 250 Rubber 8.23 per LF
Commercial 250 Vinyl 5.95 per LF
Commercial 210 Vinyl 4.93 per LF
Commercial 150 Vinyl 3.11 per LF
Maxxi Treads Rubber 10.33 per LF
Maxxi Treads Vinyl 8.26 per LF
Rouleau Round Profile Rubber 11.00 per LF
Rouleau Round Profile Uni Rubber 14.55 per LF
Smooth Marble Rubber 1/8" 10.54 per LF
Smooth Marble Rubber 1/4" 13.89 per LF
Burke Diamond Treads 13.20 per LF
Endura Solid Color Round/LVS 11.00 per LF
Endura Solid Color Uni Round/Sculptured 14.55 per LF
Endura Solid Color Uni VI Round/Sculptured 19.81 per LF
Endura Flecksibles LVS Square 13.56 per LF
Endura Flecksibles VI LVS Square 18.30 per LF
Endura Flecksibles Uni Sculptured 17.74 per LF
Endura Flecksibles Uni VI Sculptured 24.00 per LF
Request a Quote

For special order stair treads or other stair tread options not listed, please call for pricing.

VI stands for Visually Impaired. Uni stands for Uni-Step. LVS is a square profile.

Color options tend to match same product in floor tiles.

Volumne discounts apply, Contractors please call for special pricing.
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 502 Brown
    502 Brown
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 597 Mocha
    597 Mocha
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 527 Clay
    527 Clay
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Light Beige
    206 Light Beige
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Malibu Sand
    001 Malibu Sand
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 509 Nutmeg
    509 Nutmeg
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 607 Cranberry
    607 Cranberry
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 701 Black
    701 Black
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 523 Black Brown
    523 Black Brown
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 660 Rocky Slate
    660 Rocky Slate
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 217 Charcoal
    217 Charcoal
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Gray Fog
    204 Gray Fog
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 208 Light Gray
    208 Light Gray
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 663 Sky Gray
    663 Sky Gray
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 505 True Blue
    505 True Blue
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 323 Bluebonnet
    323 Bluebonnet
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 506 Tahoe
    506 Tahoe
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 254 Light Teal
    254 Light Teal
  • Endura Rubber Solid color Malibu Sand
    331 DarkForest
  • Endura Rubber Solid color 875 Navy Night Blue
    875 Navy Night Blue

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