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Rolls of Rubber, Rubber Remnants On Sale

Free Shipping is offered for all listed on this page!

This page lists our rolls of rubber remnants currently available, please click on the pricing tab below to view our in stock remnant rolls of rubber that are ready to ship in a few working days.

These rolls can not be cut to smaller lengths, this material is first grade quality and is brand new. Prices are set at a deep discount as a value to our customers.

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In Stock Remnants Rolls of Rubber, Durable Rolls of Rubber Options

Prices start at $1.60 per SF

Please click the pricing tab for more specifics.

Rolled rubber can be used in home and commercial athletic floors and gyms or weight rooms. Rubber flooring material is durable and long lasting, always clean a rubber floor with a neutral Ph cleaner. Installation for larger jobs is recommended with either a tape down or glue down method. For smaller home installations this material may be installed directly on any hard flat surface without tape or glue. Easily cut this material for a DIY installation using a sharp utility knife.

If you are looking for a deal on rolls of rubber this is an excellent option, click the pricing tab to view our current list of rubber roll remnants that are in stock and ready to ship. The roll lengths shown are set per item and can not be cut down to smaller sizes. The pricing reflected on this page is at deep discounts to our normal pricing for rolled rubber and offers free shipping.

This material in most cases will ship via freight delivery.

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  • Free Shipping
  • Ready for Immediate Shipment
  • Discounted Prices
  • Various Colors Available
  • 4 Ft Wide Material
  • Thickness of 1/4 or 3/8 Inch
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Durable and Long Lasting Flooring Material

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Pricing for Rolls of Rubber Remnants
Item Number Thickness Color Percent Roll Length Price / SF
730235 1/4" BLUE & GRAY 10% 23' $1.15/sq.ft. or $4.60/Lin Ft.
730278 1/4" ORANGE 10% 25' $1.15/sq.ft. or $4.60/Lin Ft.
730251 1/4" Tan 20% 20' $1.15/sq.ft. or $4.60/Lin Ft.
730270 1/4" GRAY 20% 29' $1.15/sq.ft. or $4.60/Lin Ft.
730174 5/16" BRICK RED 10% 20' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730209 5/16" GREEN 10% 20' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730848 5/16" BLUE 10% 20',23' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730849 5/16" GRAY 10% 20' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730853 5/16" TAN 10% 25' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730881 5/16" GOLD 10% 25' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730966 5/16" BRIGHT RED 10% 25' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730968 5/16" EGGSHELL 10% 25' $1.32/sq.ft. or $5.28/Lin Ft.
730102 3/8" ORANGE 10% 15' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730103 3/8" YELLOW 10% 20' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730104 3/8" TEAL 10% 22' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730113 3/8" GREEN 10% 20' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730148 3/8" BLUE 10% 21' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730149 3/8" BRICK RED 10% 15' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730285 3/8" BRIGHT RED 20% 18',20' $1.40/ sq.ft. or $5.60/Lin Ft.
730274 1/2" YELLOW 10% 17' $1.70/ sq.ft. or $.6.80/Lin Ft.
730155 1/2" GRAY 20% 20' $1.70/ sq.ft. or $.6.80/Lin Ft.
730256 1/2" TAN 20% 10',10',10' $1.70/ sq.ft. or $.6.80/Lin Ft.
730266 1/2" BLUE 20% 25' $1.70/ sq.ft. or $.6.80/Lin Ft.
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Black Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Blue Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Brown Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Confetti Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Tan Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Gold Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Green Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Light Gray Rolls
    Light Gray
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Lipstick Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Orange Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Purple Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Raspberry Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Red Rolls
    Brick Red
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Turquoise Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Eggshell/White Rolls
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring Yellow Rolls

    Color Percentage

  • Rolled Rubber Flooring 10% color
  • Rolled Rubber Flooring 20% color