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July 7,2011

Tomorrows Flooring - In The News

American flooring company, has been mentioned in an article by "Tomorrow's Flooring." Providing coverage on the very latest news, issues and advancements, Tomorrow's Flooring is at the forefront of the industry.

The article explains how sensory flooring technology is being effectively used to project images to provide interactive experiences not normally found in day-to-day life. Often used in educational, social, and rehabilitative facilities, the flooring is helping teach patients and children how to move more effectively and recover their motor skills more quickly.

Greatmats provides low-impact foam flooring ideal to the purpose because it proveides a cushioned surface that can be permanent or moved easily. The tiles come in a variety of different colors and are interlocking so they're stable enough for a wheelchair and soft enough to absorb impact from falls. Greatmats also provides foam flooring for gyms, dance, MMA, and weight rooms as well as numerous other functions.

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