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At Greatmats, you can find of all types that is easy to transport and install. Our trade show floors provide cushion and fatigue relief when standing for long periods of time and provide long lasting comfort for your staff. Greatmats also offers a complete line of flooring cases that make transporting your floor convenient and easy. These cases will store at the trade show booth. Most of our flooring is kept in stock and is ready for quick shipment, coast to coast.

We can help you find the right flooring to satisfy your requirements for booth design look and feel. Consider interlocking trade show carpet, foam tiles, or modular fatigue-relief tiles. We offer trade show flooring that looks like a wood floor but provides the cushion of foam or durability of vinyl. Our interlocking carpet tiles are offered in a variety of neutral and earth tone color schemes.

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Displaying 49-96 of 138 Products
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If you are needing something to support a lot of heavy weight, choose one of our polypropylene or PVC trade show tiles, which offer a few more vibrant color options. For the widest range and brightest colors, you'll want to check out our premium interlocking foam floor mats. Interlocking floor tiles such as interlocking trade show carpet and interlocking foam display floor mats are ideal trade show flooring options for indoor event flooring and expo floors.

We also offer vinyl show floor rolls that are up to 3 mm thick, and rubber flooring rolls up to 1/2 inch thick. If rubber is your material of choice, you can also find rubber interlocking floor tiles that will be much lighter and easier to install. Rolled vinyl or rubber floors are ideal when looking to cover large trade show areas.

Our most popular trade show carpet is our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile which features 12 mm (.47 inch) foam under a durable, long-lasting short hair carpet. It is designed for years of use. Our Comfort Carpet tiles are 5/8 inch (.625 inch) thick and offer a beveled edge option. They are also waterproof and odor proof.

The most sought-after interlocking foam tile flooring for trade shows is our premium 5/8-inch foam floor tile, which comes in 15 color options. Mix and match tiles to create a unique design that will allow you to send a statement with your trade show booth or event flooring. These tiles are waterproof and stain resistant and feature a thatch surface finish. The puzzle-style universal interlock design offers the fastest and easiest installation available.

For that woodgrain look, we have a few different options for you. The Wood Grain Reversible Foam Floor is the most popular foam option with three different wood grain options on one side and a tan thatch surface on the opposite side.

Max Tile Raised Floor tiles offer a plastic base with durable vinyl surface serves well for multipurpose flooring. Max Tiles offer six different wood grain designs in addition to white, black and stone. Both the foam and plastic versions of woodgrain trade show flooring are lightweight, but foam tiles are typically 2x2 feet in size while Max Tiles are 1x1 foot tiles. Our foam wood grain trade show floor tiles are available in 1/2 or 5/8 inch thicknesses. Max Tiles are 5/8 inch thick.

Our polypropylene and PVC trade show flooring options include both raised and flat bottomed tiles. They offer multiple surface textures or patterns as well, including coin, slate, orange peel, flat, bump, leather or diamond tops. Some are rated for loads of more than 20,000 pounds.

For trade show booths that require a look of nature, consider our outdoor deck turf tiles. Both provide a lush grass-like surface and easy installation. The artificial grass turf tiles feature a raised plastic base and snap together installation, while the outdoor deck turf tiles rest on a flexible wood slat base of 25-year treated lumber and are significantly heavier.

Outdoor Trade Show Flooring

For outdoor event floors Greatmats offers a durable, modular, hard plastic, snap-together tiles that can be installed over any outdoor surface including asphalt, gravel or grass. These outdoor event tiles will allow grass to grow underneath for limited periods of time because of this tile's unique drainage holes. Our Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles are 6x24 inches in size and easily snap together for large scale installations. Installation of event flooring is easy with our interlocking tiles and our modular snap together flooring surfaces. Simply interlock or snap the tiles together and, after the show, easily pull the tiles apart for storage.

Depending on the type of outdoor event flooring you choose, it can be stacked on pallets or rolled up for easy transport and storage. Many of our trade show flooring options also serve as strong flooring possibilities for dance, gym and playroom flooring. Surface appearances range from a classic wood flooring to soft, low-profile carpeting to colorful foam or even anti-glare vinyl stage flooring looks to create the perfect fit for your decor.


Shipping of our event floor and trade show flooring material for foam and carpet is via ground service for smaller trade show booths and via freight delivery for larger outdoor special event floor applications.

Greatmats is a national leader in offering trade show flooring to customers coast to coast. If you don't see the specific type of show booth flooring you are looking for, please contact one of our show floor specialists. We are committed to excellence in quality, pricing and customer service and are proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to assisting you with your next trade show flooring purchase.

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